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Picking Off
Baby Boomers
in their Prime
Including the 18 most shocking symptoms
and how to stop them!
Dear Unsuspecting Friend,

High blood pressure...Elevated cholesterol...Problem blood sugar...Bone loss...Sexual dysfunction.

I’ll bet you know someone taking prescriptions for all these conditions. Maybe you face the avalanche of pill bottles every time you open your own medicine cabinet.

But let me fill you in on a secret Big Pharma is desperate to keep tightly under wraps...

Renowned medical experts spanning the globe have come to a shocking consensus--every single one of these sinister syndromes can be tied back to ONE HIDDEN CAUSE.

In fact, as you’re about to discover in this exclusive report...

There’s almost no disease or health worry that isn’t directly related to this SECRET HEALTH MINEFIELD

And in just a moment I’ll tell you how you can get the inside scoop on the jaw-droppingly EASY cure to this hidden killer.

That’s right—CURE.

But first, there’s a list of 18 critical symptoms that one world-renowned M.D.—Dr. Fred Pescatore—has identified that could make all the difference between a life worth living...or sudden death.

Is your body shouting out a

Are you, or a loved one, displaying any of the following symptoms?
(check all that apply)

Under eye circles
Cold hands and feet
Leg Cramps
Varicose veins
Sleep problems
Lack of energy
Shortness of breath
Digestive distress
Swelling of ankles
Thinning of the skin/premature skin aging

Are you, or a loved one, currently suffering from any of the following conditions?
(check all that apply)

High blood pressure
Elevated cholesterol
Problem blood sugar
Bone loss
Sexual dysfunction
Vision loss
Hearing loss

You checked a total of  symptoms!

If you checked one or more of the above 18 symptoms, please keep reading. (And of course, if you haven’t seen a doctor yet, you should.)

These seemingly harmless symptoms could be signaling a much BIGGER, DEADLIER problem...

A problem with a vital part of your body that’s tragically ignored...

little-known system toiling away deep inside your body

And keeping this system in good working order has everything to do with whether you live long enough to see your children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren march across the stage to “Pomp and Circumstance” ...or keeling over without warning into your bowl of cornflakes one morning.

In fact, every single living cell in your body depends on this system for survival. And according to an article in the renowned alternative medicine journal Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, “The experts all agree that improving [it] is essential to enjoying a long and healthy life.”

Which means this system MUST be in TIP-TOP SHAPE—at all times!

Without it, your brain withers, your sex life shrivels up...

And every other critical organ in your body is essentially left gasping for air.

And yet, no one is talking about it!

All you hear about are prescription “Band-Aids” for symptoms of the obvious diseases like heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, impotence, etc...

But meanwhile, you can tackle all these conditions by focusing on the one common thread.

It’s called your microcirculation, or your microcirculatory system.

And unfortunately, like most precious objects, your microcirculatory system is extraordinarily delicate. It doesn’t take much to throw its health off balance. From lack of nutrition to everyday blood-sugar swings. Even that innocent piece of toast you had for breakfast can set off a deadly chain of events that can sneak up and destroy it.

And before you know it, you’ve become another victim of this HIDDEN KILLER. And those seemingly innocent symptoms listed earlier have SNOWBALLED into full-blown microvascular disease. Followed by those all-too-familiar diseases that come with it.

Heart disease, stroke, diabetes, memory loss, sexual dysfunction—and more. They all link back to the health of this critical system. And it makes so much sense it’s shocking to think it’s not the first thing doctors look for!

After all, it’s the tiny capillaries and blood vessels that feed all your important parts. If these micro-feeders start to break down...


There’s just no doubt about it—microvascular disease is a killer. According to estimates made by the World Health Organization and Harvard University over 183 million people are at risk worldwide.

Scientists are just starting to unravel the mysteries of this stealth assassin. And, as it turns out, research is showing that focusing on maintaining—and repairing—your microcirculatory system, or your small blood vessels and capillaries, may be the first step in reversing some of the most devastating complications of today’s major diseases.


One brilliant M.D. has
solved this lethal riddle

World-renowned physician Fred Pescatore, M.D., has discovered a way to stop this deadly avalanche at the source.

With a Natural Triple Threat that helps beat back this Baby Boomer danger.

A precise combination of just three very special—and POTENT—natural extracts. From grape skins, lemon peels, and pine trees of all things! They might seem like unlikely bedfellows...but together, they pack a powerful punch.

Each one offers a unique, powerful, FAST way to start repairing the damage that the Baby Boomer killer may have already caused in your own body.

And while these super-critical extracts aren’t making mainstream headlines—they ARE readily available! You just need to know where to look.

And from there, Dr. Pescatore developed a truly ingenious method to...

Make sure this stealth killer
never comes back

A simple, easy way to nourish and protect the fragile, microscopic parts that make up your body’s most critical—and most overlooked—system. 

So it can go back to doing what it does best...

Dr. Pescatore’s all-natural triple threat combined with his full-proof method of nourishing your most critical system is the most sure-fire way to pile years onto your life—and life to your years.

And it doesn’t just armor your body’s most precious system. You can actually help repair it.

Which means wiping out the HIDDEN KILLER at the source is a SNAP. And Dr. Pescatore’s patients have put it to the test. With breath-taking results.

And now you can, too!

Dr. Pescatore would like to send you all the details on his Natural Triple Threat cure for safeguarding your microcirculation—and your future.

It’s all laid out in precise detail inside the pages of Dr. Fred’s Triple-Threat Cure: How You Can Wipe Out the Hidden Killer Picking Off Baby Boomers in Their Prime. And today you can get this report absolutely free, as part of Dr. Pescatore’s complete 7-volume Library of Shockingly Simple Healing Miracles.

I’ll tell you how to claim this lifesaving free gift in just a moment.

But first, just as Dr. Pescatore has used his wealth of knowledge and experience to shut down the Hidden Killer picking off Baby Boomers in their prime...he’s just getting started. He’s also discovered a groundbreaking new way to put a stop to another leading killer—of multiple generations. And he’s ready to share it with you here in this special free report.

Please, keep reading to discover how to protect yourself and your loved ones—for generations to come by learning how to...

Unlock your body’s own STUNNING natural ability to

It sounds crazy, but it’s all possible thanks to one tiny little rodent...

Wake Forest University researchers nicknamed it Mighty Mouse. And “mighty” is putting it mildly...

Despite being injected with 20 million of the most vicious cancer cells on earth, this tiny creature never showed a single sign of the disease.

When they examined some of Mighty Mouse’s cells under a microscope, researchers made a startling discovery. Something that almost never happens.

20 million cancer cells—GONE

That’s right. There wasn’t a single trace of cancer in the mouse.

And it wasn’t just a one-time fluke...

Mighty Mouse’s children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren (and so on) all remained cancer-free, too. Even when researchers upped the number of cancer cells they injected to a whopping 2 billion.

In other words, buried deep in the Mighty Mouse family genes was a mysterious...

Natural immunity to cancer

And now Dr. Fred has discovered a way you can get it, too.

All thanks to an extraordinarily powerful, yet precise substance called Alpha G.

It’s virtually unheard of here in the land of “cut, poison, and burn” cancer care. But Alpha G is the active ingredient in the No. 1 natural cancer treatment used in over 700 clinics and hospitals in Japan.

Unfortunately, “authorities” in this country refuse to acknowledge the powerful potential of ANY natural therapy for treating cancer. With billions of dollars invested in cancer drug research, there’s just too much money at stake.

But as Dr. Pescatore will tell you, not only is this treatment as thoroughly researched as ANY pharmaceutical cancer drug...it actually works better!

Because, unlike chemotherapy drugs, this natural Alpha G-rich remedy can...

Revive your body at its core

Instead of killing off cancer cells directly (and everything else with it), Alpha-G works by igniting the most tenacious immune cells in the human body—Natural Killer (NK) cells.

In fact, the specialized Alpha-G remedy used in Japanese hospitals doubles—even triples—NK cell activity in just two weeks.

Studies show it works—
and works FAST—
to reverse even the most hopeless cases

Like Maryann’s.

She went to a neurologist for headaches and vertigo. And was devastated to learn she had an inoperable brain tumor. Imagine her terror at hearing the news she “could die at any time.” But Maryann had heard of the Alpha-G miracle—and figured she had nothing to lose by trying it.

Thank goodness she did!

Three months later, her brain tumor had shrunk by HALF. And less than a year after her initial death sentence, Maryann’s cancer had completely disappeared.

Today she says, “My physical condition is good. The headaches are gone. I can move around energetically every day.”

And there are NO energy-zapping or nauseating side effects!

In fact, if you’re undergoing traditional cancer treatments—like chemotherapy—Alpha-G can help alleviate the infamous side effects.

Combine that with the super immunity you get from the Alpha-G cure and you’ve got...

A one-two punch against cancer
that no other remedy on earth can match

And, as you’ll learn in Dr. Pescatore’s Library of Shockingly Simple Healing Miracles, not only is the Alpha-G cure the most promising cancer breakthrough in the past 150 years...it’s also the easiest.

While it’s used mostly in Japan...Alpha-G is now readily available in the U.S. It doesn’t cost an arm or a leg (or your immune system!). And it’s easy to use.

You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home. But it’s absolutely critical to make sure you’re getting the REAL DEAL, from a reputable source—and that you’re taking it correctly.

Dr. Pescatore will give you all the essential details—including sources and doses—in his Library of Shockingly Simple Healing Miracles. I’ll tell you how to get it as a totally FREE GIFT in just a moment, along with some of Dr. Pescatore’s other staggeringly simple cures for today’s most devastating diseases.

But first, let me tell you about the man who’s making these shockingly easy healing miracles possible for thousands around the world...

Lovingly known by his devoted patients simply as “Dr. Fred”

Fred Pescatore, M.D., is, hands-down, one of today’s most sought-after medical experts. He’s been featured on The View, The Today Show, ABC News, The O’Reilly Factor, Day and Date and Rachael Ray. He’s the author of numerous best-selling books. He’s also President of The International and American Associations of Clinical Nutritionists.  

And Dr. Pescatore has gained such tremendous respect in the medical community for one very simple reason. He has single-handedly taken on all of the biggest health disasters of the century. And all of the tedious protocols for treating them. And revealed the outrageous truth.

Getting—and staying—healthy
doesn’t have to be hard!

It’s true! And Dr. Pescatore’s patients are living proof.

He’s shown them how to dine in decadence every single day...How to get better results from exercising less...And how to solve those nagging health concerns once and for all.

Without a single drug.

Patients like...

And these are just a few examples of the thousands who have escaped the mainstream drudgery. Who feel better than they have in decades and are living life to the fullest every day.

All thanks to the jaw-droppingly simple solutions of Dr. Pescatore.

And it’s high time you knew about them!

So today, he wants to share them with YOU, too. Inside his Library of Shockingly Simple Healing Miracles. And today he’s offering this invaluable resource—containing 7 full volumes of health-transforming solutions—to you as an absolutely free gift. Including the Natural Triple-Threat Cure for the Hidden Killer of the Baby Boomer generation AND the Alpha-G Miracle for cancer. Keep reading to learn how to claim your free gift.

No doubt Dr. Pescatore is a true innovator. He’s on the front lines of natural medicine, forging new ground against the mystery diseases stumping modern medicine (ones like the Hidden Killer I told you about earlier).

But he’s also had overwhelming success curing some of medicine’s most notorious health villains. And if his easy solution for outsmarting cancer seems too good to be true, well...

Just wait until you see what he can do for diabetes…

A cure so powerful, yet so simple,
ditching diabetes for good is almost EFFORTLESS!

Forget about the needles, the “sawdust and grass clipping” diet, and the potentially lethal blood sugar drugs. The supposed “global health authorities” are beating a dead horse with these useless tactics.

All the while, Dr. Pescatore’s patients are defeating diabetes every single day. And you won’t believe how they’re doing it!

Are you ready for this one? All you need is …

A hearty appetite!

Because Dr. Pescatore’s breakthrough is all about using your body’s most powerful cravings to help you defeat diabetes once and for all.

That’s right.

Golden fried chicken…gooey chocolate brownies…
and other “off limits” decadent treats can actually
HELP cleanse your body of diabetes

And Dr. Pescatore will tell you how it works—in luscious detail—for FREE, in his Library of Shockingly Simple Healing Miracles

You’ll also discover…

But it gets even easier. And—dare I say—FUN!? Because Dr. Pescatore has also discovered a single, secret ingredient that makes his diabetes defeating cure…


This was the kicker that changed everything.

Multiplying the power of his already-potent cure. Negating the need for steely discipline, because…

Now you can CHEAT and get away with it

He calls it his “Secret Super-Charger” (or SSC, for short). 

SSC is a secret ingredient—a delicious natural, ultra-healthy, relatively inexpensive plant extract with near-magical health-promoting powers. The plant is native to Australia, and “freakish” is truly the word for it

It goes to work melting that stubborn belly bulge and balancing see-sawing blood sugar in a matter of DAYS. Just take a look at what it’s done for Dr. Pescatore’s patients…

How does it work? Well, SSC blows away any other superfood you may have sampled in its enormous proportion of monounsaturates. These are the “good fats” that help make olive oil so sensational, and SSC is nature’s richest source of them bar none...

So why not let Dr. Pescatore give you the secret of SSC—and so much more that can wipe out your diabetes for good. Just click on the button below right now, and say “YES!” to claim your Library of Shockingly Simple Healing Miracles as an absolutely FREE gift with your subscription to Dr. Pescatore’s Logical Health Alternatives newsletter. (It’s jam-packed with 7 full volumes of life-saving cures just like this one!)

Claim my FREE Bonus Library Now!
Claim my FREE Bonus Library Now!

Claim my FREE Bonus Library Now!

Take it from someone who knows …

United Nations Official
credits Dr. Pescatore for Saving His Life

“I’m a peacekeeper for the U.N. and I’m constantly hopping on jets to Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe. And I take my meals on airplanes or restaurants, often in times of high stress.

By age 55, I was 90 pounds overweight, I had diabetes, and even my face has broken out into a rash.

My wife had diabetes too. We felt weak, tired, often exhausted. Quite candidly, we were scared for our lives. So we both went to see Dr. Pescatore.

I didn’t need much convincing, because Dr. Pescatore is well-known at the U.N. I personally know three other coworkers whose lives he helped turn around. Still, I was shocked when he told me what I could eat, and how much! But we saw results immediately, and month by month, the news just got better. My fasting blood sugar dropped 35 points.

Today I’m free of diabetes and 90 pounds lighter, WITH NO MORE RASH! And I’m completely off all medication.

My wife is diabetes-free too and she looks years younger. I’m told we both do.

Dr. Pescatore’s secrets work “on the road” wherever I go, all over the globe. I can choose the most delicious meals on the menu, at restaurants worldwide.

This stuff really works.”

----Randolph Miller, New York, NY

And it’s not just your blood sugar that will improve with Dr. Pescatore’s shockingly simple remedies…

From heart disease to high blood pressure and more. Just sit back and watch as…

on your blood panel—better!

Jack did it—and now you can repeat his healing miracle, too!
In as little as 6 weeks

Imagine your relief when, shockingly all by itself,  your LDL dives down, your HDL zooms up…Triglycerides, C-reactive protein, and blood pressure?

One morning soon you could wake up and WOW. These heart health markers you’ve spent decades trying to get a handle on won’t just be NORMAL but closing in on…


Sound impossible? Well, let me read a brutally honest and very moving letter to YOU recently written by one of the smartest, most successful investment bankers on Wall Street.

Jack Birney has zero time for bull—but he dropped everything at the end of a busy day to record exactly what happened to him when he saw Dr. Pescatore. Because he wants people everywhere to know…


Dear Friend,

I still can’t believe it, whenever I look in the mirror and see that new guy staring back. Who could believe that, not that long ago, my cholesterol was 304, my blood pressure was too high and climbing, and I weighed more than 300 pounds. I had “heart attack” written all over me and I knew it.

I lived in denial until one evening I came home to my wife and two kids. And it hit me like a ton of bricks, “If I die, what will happen to THEM?”

But what could I do? Not drugs! People take drugs and tell you “My numbers are better!” But they’re still fat, they still look like hell and who are they kidding? It’s a fool’s game. So when I heard about Dr. Pescatore, I thought “This is my man!” He never gave me a single drug and I’m on no drugs now.

His secret could not have been simpler. He didn’t even ask me to exercise! And I still can’t believe the results.

Every single medical measurement HAS IMPROVED AMAZINGLY:

  • I’ve lost about 75-80 pounds, and kept it off now for two years.

  • My cholesterol is 163, with the good type up and the bad stuff down.

  • Blood pressure 110/80, and I know I’m looking better, because…

People at work keep telling me “
Jack, you look 25 years younger!”

And the great thing is, my health keeps getting even better, every month!

If you want to be free of cholesterol problems, free of high blood pressure… if you want to be there for your grandchildren—please, just give this great doctor a try. I still can’t believe how simple it was. But one thing I know. It works!


Jack Birney, New York, NY

Isn’t it time YOU repeated Jack’s miracle?

Isn’t it time you knew how Dr. Pescatore’s patients have put all their health worries to rest for good?

You’ll get all these piece-of-cake cures—and much more—inside Dr. Pescatore’s 7-volume Library of Shockingly Simple Healing Miracles.

Just click YES right now, and let me tell you how you can get all the astonishing (and astonishingly easy!) details absolutely FREE.

But first, I’ve got one more of Dr. Pescatore’s shockingly simple cures to share. And this one may be the most miraculous of them all…

The tree bark CUREALL
for sunburn, stroke…
And everything in between!

This is Dr. Pescatore’s No.1 recommendation for every patient he sees. No matter what ails them.

In all his years dedicated to overturning the mainstream medical dogma and developing the simplest—most effective—healing cures, Dr. Pescatore insists he’s never come across one quite as PERFECT as this.

Because there’s simply no easier way to make such an enormous impact on every aspect of your health. From the top of your head to the tip of your toe!

Even deadly serious conditions like Alzheimer’s and hypertension are no match for this natural remedy. And you’d never guess the source…

This virtual cure-all comes from one of nature’s oldest, simplest materials…

Tree bark, of all things!

But before you start chipping away at the old maple in your backyard, hang on just a second!

We’re not talking about any old tree bark here. No, this one is highly unique. And it grows ONLY in a specific region along the European coast of the Atlantic Ocean.

But as exotic as it might sound, this tree bark cure (TBC, for short) may be the easiest solution of them all. Because…

There’s almost NOTHING it can’t do

From the outside in and back again, this remarkable extract works wonders for what ails you…

Nature’s own ALLERGY medicine—silence those hay fever symptoms without the brain fog or heavy head!

And that’s just the beginning
of what TBC can do for you!

Just look at what else this Tree-Bark Cure is capable of…

And these are just a few more entries on TBC’s mind-boggling roster of benefits.

So where can you get it? And how much do you need?

Remember, not any old extract will do. And, believe me, there are LOTS of imposters out there trying to make a buck.

But Dr. Pescatore will help you find a source you can trust. And he’ll give you all the other critical details on TBC right now—in your absolutely FREE gift.

Oh, and remember the HIDDEN KILLER of Baby Boomer generation? Dr. Pescatore will show you how TBC ties in to that, too!

It’s all inside his exclusive Library of Shockingly Simple Healing Miracles. I’ll rush your free Library to you today—all I need is for you to say yes right now to a subscription to Dr. Pescatore’s Logical Health Alternatives newsletter.

Claim my FREE Bonus Library Now!
Claim my FREE Bonus Library Now!

Claim my FREE Bonus Library Now!

And you’ll be glad you did. Because your free Library of Shockingly Simple Healing Miracles is not just an invaluable resource for you and your loved ones. It’s a virtual survival guide. One that could help take you…

From bedridden to bursting with energy—
without lifting a finger!

At least, that’s how easy it will seem when you follow Dr. Pescatore’s shockingly simple approach to healing. You’ll feel healthier than you have in decades—in just the bat of an eye.

No-sweat, no-worry, no-problem solutions like…

And the reason you should trust Dr. Pescatore to be your guide on the most important (albeit the easiest) journey you’ll ever make?

For starters, he’s already led the way for hundreds of high-profile patients. From celebrities to foreign dignitaries and even royalty! Many of his patients are wealthy enough to enlist the help of any of the big-name gurus out there. And they specifically seek out Dr. Pescatore over all of them.

BECAUSE he’s made getting healthy so effortless.

Already, people like YOU are marveling at just how quickly
Dr. Pescatore’s simple cures REALLY work

HEALED MOM! “I regard your [advice] as the best and easiest to stick to. My mother-in-law was starting to look as though she was not well. She has been on diabetes medication for 5 years and her various tests were still high. I passed on your advice and in six weeks she lost 5 kilo (10 lb) her blood pressure, and tests are normal. All this was achieved with your [secrets]!”
Graeme C., Australia 

SAVING LIVES! “Thanks so much for helping to save our lives! GOD BLESS YOU!” Bonnie M.

LIFE CHANGED! “I don’t remember how I came across your information. But THANK GOD for that!! I’ve gotten many others in the past, but I find yours THE BEST OF ALL. With real, useful info and advice. Many THANKS!!!” Georgia P.

“ITIS”S DISAPPEAR! “I took Naproxen daily to manage my ‘itis's.’ When I undertook your approach, these chronic inflammatory maladies left my tired old body once and for all—and I realized the power of really sensible [advice]… I am a 66 year old CAD patient…and my life is good! Thanks in large part to listening to you. If the world really knew how simple it is to gain control of one's health…it would be a healthier, happier place. Thank you ever so much!” Josh M.

BEST AROUND! “Your advice is the best I’ve read for curing diabetes!” Isabelle B.

So if you OR any loved ones are suffering, isn’t it time you tried the easiest thing imaginable?

Just RSVP right now by clicking on the button below.

Plus, when you say YES right now, I’ll also include…

on your subscription to Dr. Pescatore’s newsletter,

Logical Health Alternatives

Dr. Pescatore’s research never stops. There’s always news to share on the latest new cures. And he’s committed to giving you the same support and encouragement he gives his patients. Everything you need to keep your success going. And that’s exactly what he’ll do in Logical Health Alternatives.

Every month, he’ll share all the details on more of his miracle cures. Including the latest news on the hottest health topics. He’ll tell you what’s REALLY going on in the medical field, behind the scenes. (Most doctors don’t want to give their patients this insider information, but when it affects your health—you deserve to know).

He’ll spell out exactly what it all means for YOU, and give you simple, practical solutions that won’t bog you down or leave you defeated and discouraged.

Imagine feeling better at 60…70…80 (and beyond!)
than you did in your 30s and 40s

This is what could begin to happen mere days from now, when you’ve put Dr. Pescatore’s shockingly simple approach to healing to work for you.

That’s right—it’s never too late to reinvent your health.

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Claim my FREE Bonus Library Now!
Claim my FREE Bonus Library Now!

Claim my FREE Bonus Library Now!

It will be the best—and EASIEST—thing you’ve done for your health in years.

To your healthy future,

Karen Reddel

Logical Health Alternatives

Results you can see—and feel!

Dear Logical Friend,

Following bad advice that doesn’t work simply doesn’t make sense. But from now on, you’re going to feel better, look better, and live better than you’ve ever dreamed possible—because you’ll be following my simple approach to health.

You’ll be amazed and just how easy it can be to get (and stay) healthy.

If not, then just let us know and we’ll refund every penny of the unused portion of your subscription fee—anytime, no questions asked.

And you can keep my Library of Shockingly Simple Healing Miracles!

Just keep in mind that my publisher may never make an offer this generous again—so be sure to RSVP now.

To your healthy future,

Fred Pescatore, M.D.

Claim my FREE Bonus Library Now!
Claim my FREE Bonus Library Now!

Claim my FREE Bonus Library Now!