Today's Tips

30 Days to Dropping a Pant Size!
Today's Routine: Lunges- Stand with your arms at your sides. Step forward with one leg until your knee is about one inch from the ground. Stand up and alternate.Keep your back straight and be sure that you are not hyper extending beyond the knee.

Cure your sweeet tooth
Make your own healthy snack pack using nuts, seeds, and different cheeses.

30 Days to a Better You
Keep a Journal of what you do each day and how you feel, share some of those entries with us, and don't give in to peer food pressure!

Ways To Burning Fat & Staying Thin
Try poaching fish, chicken, or eggs and using them as snacks throughout the day

Kick your weight loss efforts into high-gear in 2013--once and for all! With this little trick in your back pocket...losing weight can be so won't even feel like you're trying. Get started!

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