Your Amazing 6-Week Ticket to Freedom from Diabetes, Pre-Diabetes, and Belly Fat

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Dr. Fred's Perfectly Easy--and FUN!--Diabetes Solution Kit.

Dear Friend,

I've built my practice around helping people lose weight and escape the deadly diabetes snare...and when I start patients on my program, I always tell them the same thing:

"I know you can do this - because I did."

That's right: My experience with weight loss began long before I ever became the "diet doctor to the stars."

You see, I grew up in what I consider a very normal Italian-American family. Loving, close-knit...and completely obsessed with food. We ate pasta and bread with every meal...and we ate all the time.

Needless to say, we were all overweight - my parents, my two older sisters...and me. But that was the norm in my family, so I never thought much about it. Until I hit high school.

By the time I was 15 years old, I was a whopping 240 pounds, plagued with asthma and allergies, and the brunt of many cruel jokes amongst my peers. I knew I had to do something.

Then it hit me: As much as I loved and respected my parents, I was in charge of what foods I put in my body. And by choosing different ones, I could change the way I looked. (Of course, I could also completely revitalize my health and the way I felt...but at 15, I was mostly concerned with appearance!)

So I started that very day. Six weeks later I'd lost 60 pounds.

Once you decide, like I did, that you're ready for a change...

Getting thin--and ditching diabetes for good -
is almost TOO EASY using my program

I don't mean to sound glib...but, listen - here in Manhattan and out in the Hamptons where most of my patients are, people are rich - and they want things to be easy. So I knew any program I recommended had to require minimal effort...otherwise, they simply wouldn't do it. (After all, you can't hire someone to lose weight for you. Believe me, they've tried!)

I wrote my best-selling book, The Hamptons Diet, with that in mind--and people all over the world (not just my celebrity clientele) have had phenomenal results following it.

And now I've designed an equally easy--but astoundingly effective--program specifically to help put an end to the fastest growing health epidemic in the world.. Diabetes.

You see, problem blood sugar is at the very core of almost every other serious health threat there is - including heart disease and cancer.

And you don't even need to have full-blown diabetes...if your blood sugar is even a little off kilter, make no mistake - you're at risk for these devastating diseases.

Balance it, and you could save yourself from a lifetime of agony and illness.

It's that simple.

And now, you can get all the details on how to stop diabetes from destroying your health...your future...and your life when you subscribe to my national monthly newsletter, Logical Health Alternatives.

Every month in Logical Health Alternatives, I'll share the latest news on diabetes and other health topics. I'll tell you what's REALLY going on in the medical field, behind the scenes (most doctors don't want to give their patients this insider information, but when it affects your health--you deserve to know).

I'll spell out exactly what it all means for YOU, and give you practical, logical solutions that will continue to transform your health day after day, year after year--no matter what your age.

As part of your subscription, you will also receive everything you need to get started on my diabetes program. Each easy step is all spelled out in your free bonus report, Living Diabetes-FREE in JUST 6 WEEKS!

Plus, you'll also receive four more FREE reports that will help make those six weeks to diabetes freedom even easier, by showing you how you can...
  • Escape the deadly diabetes myths that could sabotage your success
  • Silence your sweet tooth and curb your cravings in just 3 days
  • Get better, faster results using fewer supplements
  • Be excited about food again, with two full weeks' worth of my own personal favorite recipes. (If your mouth isn't watering by the time you're finished reading them, I'll eat my hat! Well, maybe not. But I will tell you where you can find many more that are bound to tickle your taste buds.)

All of this and much more can be yours absolutely FREE when you subscribe to Logical Health Alternatives.

Remember -it's never too late to reinvent your health.

Imagine feeling better at 60...70...80 (and beyond!)
than you did in your 30s and 40s

This is what can begin to happen just six short weeks from now, when you've put the deadly threat of diabetes behind you once and for all.

And things will just keep getting better and better every month, with the common-sense approach to healthy living you'll find inside the pages of my Logical Health Alternatives.

So please, take a moment and subscribe now. It will be the best thing you've done for your health in years.

Fred Pescatore, M.D.

P.S. Be sure to check out all the FREE BONUS reports and additional subscriber benefits below! And of course, your subscription is completely guaranteed. If at any point you'd like to unsubscribe, simply give us a call and my publisher will refund the remaining balance of your subscription fee - anytime, no questions asked. And the FREE BONUS reports are yours to keep.

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With the ongoing support and guidance Dr. Fred will give you
in your monthly issues of Logical Health Alternatives--

Forget Diabetes FOREVER!

When you RSVP to this exclusive invitation to learn the secrets of Dr. Fred's high-profile clientele, you won't just be getting Dr. Fred's Perfectly Easy--and FUN!--Diabetes Solution Kit, outlining detailed information on how to indulge your way to turning the tables on diabetes--and get slimmer, sleeker, and healthier than ever in the'll also get even more life-changing privileges, such as...

  1. Monthly issues of Dr. Fred's Logical Health Alternatives newsletter. Every month, you'll get ongoing support, practical advice, and critical news you need to know about to safeguard your health and the health of your loved ones--directly from the pre-eminent doctor leading the charge against diabetes and obesity.

  2. Dr. Fred's Reality Health Check e-letter. Dr. Fred's commitment to you and your health goes way beyond a once-a-month you'll also get daily e-mail updates from him, keeping you informed on the very latest health news and how it affects you and the people you care about.

  3. Full access to Dr. Fred's Online Archive, loaded with his vast research on every health concern imaginable. Search by topic to get a comprehensive, tailored collection of Dr. Fred's insights and advice on the things that matter to you--and your loved ones--most.

  4. Exclusive insider's scoop of Dr. Fred's guest appearances on TV and the radio. Shows like The View, Rachael Ray, and Today have sought Dr. Fred out for his expert health advice. You'll get news of upcoming appearances and hear how they went. As well as access to clips and recordings.

  5. Meticulous screening of health products and supplements. He may be the go-to M.D. of showbiz trendsetters, but Dr. Fred never jumps on any health bandwagon as it's passing by...he carefully researches new supplements and products that hit the market to see what really works. And he'll keep you informed of which products simply don't live up to the hype.

  6. Special deals and discounts on products and supplements you CAN trust. No one should have to forego something that could help them look, feel, or live better because it's too expensive. When Dr. Fred finds a product or formula he believes in, he makes sure that it's readily available--and AFFORDABLE--for his subscribers.

And it's all backed by our satisfaction guarantee that you'll get the results you're looking for--or just say the word and we'll issue you a full "no-questions-asked" refund on your unmailed issues.

See below to get all the details on your FREE GIFT: Dr. Fred's Perfectly Easy--and FUN!--Diabetes Solution Kit that will get you started on the path to the best health you've ever experienced... Find out how outrageously FUN it can be to defeat diabetes and obesity, with

Dr. Fred's Perfectly Easy--and FUN!--Diabetes Solution Kit:

Your Amazing 6-Week Ticket to Freedom from Diabetes, Pre-Diabetes, and Belly Fat

You're about to receive--for FREE--all the details of Dr. Fred's New Hamptons Health Solution, the program stars travel thousands of miles to get, starting with...


Volume 1:
Diabetes-Free in Just 6 WEEKS:
Your Complete and Exclusive, Step-by-Step Guide to Dr. Fred's NEW Hamptons Health Solution

NEXT GENERATION SOLUTION for Type II Diabetes All those useless years of deprivation are finally OVER...starting here and now!

Because the very same doctor who's rescued so many celebrities from diabetes--beloved Dr. Fred--has found the secret of how to make your ravenous appetite help you defeat this killer...

This exclusive information has never been published before!

But because Dr. Fred wants to save the lives of as many people as possible, he's now giving it away for FREE to individuals who will use this astonishingly self-indulgent information responsibly, and actually follow the six simple-but-life-changing secrets that make it work.

This plan demolishes old-fashioned low-carb, low-fat, and low-calorie dieting as we know it. In fact, you must start by forgetting the very idea of DIETING. This is simpler--and more decadent--than anything you've ever will be so easy, no doubt you'll call it, "a six-week vacation."

And now, Dr. Fred is going to change all the onerous rules for you too...

Inside the pages of this special report, you'll discover how to re-create the very same diabetes solution that's taking the Hamptons by storm in the privacy and convenience of your own home--outrageously fast and incredibly easily.

Dr. Fred will tell you exactly HOW to indulge your way to being healthier than you've been in decades, with simple instructions, guiding you through every leisurely step.

Plus, you'll be thrilled to discover... NEXT GENERATION SOLUTION for Type II Diabetes
  • There aren't dozens of rules to follow! Just six simple, easy-to-remember guidelines are all you need to know.
  • One readily available and delicious food has helped Dr. Fred's patients lose more weight, beat more diabetes diagnoses, and achieve better results than any drug or supplement.
  • How you can turn up the heat of your body's secret fat-burning furnace by eating MORE!

And it's not just the number on the bathroom scale that will improve...

Dr. Fred's incredibly simple, fast, FUN solution goes to work FAST to reverse Type II diabetes AND all its deadly side-effects too--plus many other health nightmares as well, from coronary heart disease to high blood pressure and more...

And this is the first time the complete details of this program have ever been made available to anyone outside of his exclusive Hamptons clientele. It will not be sold in stores, downloadable on Amazon or otherwise available to ANYONE but a select number of health-conscious individuals.

So don't wait! RSVP now and claim your spot in Dr. Fred's amazing NEW Hamptons Health Solution.

Volume 2:
Dr. Fred's Decadent Diet-Free Recipes

If you've been struggling to eat what you're "supposed" to--only to get fatter and sicker, listen up!

Now, finally, you can forget about depriving yourself. With Dr. Fred's New Hamptons Health Solution, you can indulge your way to a slimmer, healthier, diabetes-free future.

You won't believe what's NOT off limits! And Dr. Fred will give you all the details on how you can start enjoying your food again, with things like...
  • Deep, Dark and Delicious Chocolate Desserts
  • 15 Minute Weeknight Feasts
  • Magnificent Make-Aheads (and Freeze-Aheads!)
  • No Cook Cuisine sure to please
  • Oh Yes, You CAN! ("Diet" Impossibilities)

And you don't have to banish carbs from your life forever. In fact, certain kinds can actually help you. You'll find out which ones, along with deliciously decadent recipes that will help you... NEXT GENERATION SOLUTION for Type II Diabetes

Banish breakfast boredom with eye-opening surprises like...Craveable Crab Quiche...Creamy Dreamy Nut Muffins...Mouth-watering Macadamia Pancakes topped with Strawberries and Whipped Cream...Scrumptious Sausage Scramble

Long for lunches filled with "forbidden" favorites like...Tempting Taco Salad...Sinfully Smothered Hot Dogs...Luscious Lemon-Tarragon Chicken Salad...Mediterranean Couscous Salad...Savory Stuffed Peppers

Dine in decadence every night, with meals like...Heavenly Ham Casserole..."Cheater's" Chicken Cutlets...Breathtaking Beef Stroganoff...Fantastically Fresh Tomato Bread Salad with Country-Grilled Chicken...Sinfully Stuffed Pork Chops...Artichoke and Shrimp Chowder

Savor every "sinful" bite of desserts like...Dark and Decadent Fudge Brownies...Too-Good-to-Be-True Peanut Butter Cookies...Ridiculously Delicious Raspberry Cheesecake Squares...Forbiddenly Frozen Chocolate Mud Pie

Volume 3:
Diabetes MYTHS that Could Kill You!

NEXT GENERATION SOLUTION for Type II Diabetes Left unchecked, diabetes can cause horrors you've only seen in slasher movies. First, you can lose your toes, then your feet, then your legs, then your arteries, kidneys and liver--until there's nothing left of you but a starving, dying ghost of what used to be a fun-loving, life-embracing human being. But, unfortunately, conventional diabetes treatment isn't much better. In fact, the cruel and unusual punishment mainstream M.D.s prescribe isn't just ineffective...some of its side effects are just as bad as doing nothing at all!

And the new diabetes guidelines are little more than an invitation for doctors to prescribe even more drugs than they already people who may not even need them! In this FREE report, you'll learn...
  • How the mainstream prescription-heavy approach doesn't prevent diabetes--and can actually lead to serious problems.
  • Why pre-diabetes may be more dangerous than diabetes. You could be walking around with it right now and not even know it! Here's how to tell.
  • Which numbers are just as important as your blood sugar reading.

Volume 4:
Dr. Fred's Decadent Dining Out Plan:
How to Eat Out Every Day, Still Lose Weight AND Defeat Diabetes

Love to dine out? Of course you do!

Luckily, Dr. Fred's program is easy to follow no matter where you are--from a five-star restaurant, to your neighborhood diner, and--YES!--even your favorite fast food joint! NEXT GENERATION SOLUTION for Type II Diabetes

And you'll be chowing down to your heart's delight on your old menu favorites--things you thought you'd never be able to order again.

Imagine...NO MORE side-salads with dressing on the side for your main course...NO MORE turkey burgers sans mayo, cheese, or bacon...and NO MORE "no thank you" for dessert!

In fact, with the handful of simple tricks Dr. Fred will outline in this special report, eating out will be even more enjoyable than before--guaranteed! NEXT GENERATION SOLUTION for Type II Diabetes

Volume 5:
Dr. Fred's 3-Day Sugar Cure:
Start Reversing Diabetes in just 72 Hours.

For the first time since his first appearance on The Rachael Ray Show, Dr. Fred will reveal to you the secret to defeating the ONE thing that's secretly contributing most to your diabetes--starting in just 72 hours.

In fact, this is the ONE secret that will get you started fastest, like the first stage of your Diabetes-Beating rocket.

You'll get the tips, hints, and details--as well as the encouragement--you need to turn the tables on what's secretly fattening you out of the game for good.

And you'll get it all in one handy reference guide that you can refer to throughout the process until you're "over the hump."

Volume 6: ** FAST REPLY BONUS!**
Dr. Fred's Amazing Hamburger Cure:
How I Cured My Own Obesity for Life, With the Help of America's Favorite "Junk Food"

I always tell my patients, "I KNOW you can do this--because I did it too."

You'd never think it to look at me now, but believe it or not, when I was 15, I weighed in at a whopping 240 pounds. And was miserable because of it. Believe me, I know, there's little worse than being an overweight teenager.

I've personally been called every cruel name that you overhear--human whale, fatty, jelly belly, thunder thighs...and I've felt the shame that ill-health, lack of energy and self-hatred that overweight people endure.

For a long time, I thought it must be in my genes. But eventually, even I licked it!

With the help of one of America's favorite junk foods, HAMBURGERS!

And now YOU can do it, too, I guarantee it! And, I guarantee, it will be EASY!

Just be sure to reply within the next 10 days, so you can get all the details for FREE, inside the pages of this special bonus report.

Volume 7: **FASTER REPLY Bonus**
Dr. Fred's Celebrity Cheat Sheet for Even FASTER Results:
Without Eating Less or Lifting a Finger!

NEXT GENERATION SOLUTION for Type II Diabetes Well, maybe you do have to lift a finger--maybe even two or three--but that's about it!

Dr. Fred's clients often need to get looking and FEELING great in a hurry, to be close-up ready in time for a career-making shoot.

In this report, he'll give you the same 20 tricks he gives his celebrity patients to speed up weight loss and drop your blood sugar even quicker--all in the blink of an eye!

Volume 8: **SUPER SECRET Bonus**
SSC: Dr. Fred's Secret Super Charger

In this special report, you'll get all the details on SSC: Dr. Fred's Secret Super Charger. The top-secret superfood that, even in tiny amounts, can help ignite weight loss like the blasting cap in a crate of dynamite. The TRICK that makes Dr. Fred's plan so easy, it almost seems unfair! NEXT GENERATION SOLUTION for Type II Diabetes

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