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The art of “micro-science” is moving at breakneck speeds…
and has now made the ultimate discovery

The origin of
Head-to-toe VITALITY
hidden deep within
your own body!

No matter what your age—
YOUTH starts here!
And this ONE PILL WONDER may help

Dear Friend,

Imagine…the key to unlocking longevity is coursing through your body right now!

It could be the greatest link ever discovered for supporting optimal health from head to toe…
  • Heart health that thumps
  • Vision like crystal
  • Must–have Memory
  • Healthy Blood pressure
  • Hawk-like Hearing
  • Sexual stamina like a thoroughbred stallion
  • Surging Strength
  • Endless Energy
  • And so much more…

No matter what your concern, this could be the answer you’ve been searching for…and it may be as simple as flipping on a switch and seeing your whole-body health light up like a Christmas tree!

It all comes down to one hidden link you’ve never heard of before—

One microscopic secret that every organ, muscle, and critical tissue has in common. And it’s been shockingly overlooked by nearly everyone! Until now…


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More Information

Finally, that “Ah-ha!” moment
longevity researchers have been searching for!

It’s led to a new natural wonder that could help revolutionize your health.

More on the one-pill wonder you won’t want to miss in just a minute. But first…

Allow me to introduce you to the one hidden cause—that microscopic secret that links your whole-body health from head to toe…

And the unique power of the smallest BIG secret in your body.

It’s called your MICROCIRCULATION.

And I would bet anything your doctor has never mentioned it. Despite the fact that science shows this critical system could be the key to head-to-toe vitality.

Fortunately for you and me…one M.D. has dedicated nearly two decades to understanding it. And he’s convinced—this is the most important step you can take for your health right now.

His name is Fred Pescatore, M.D. Or as his patients lovingly refer to him—Dr. Fred.

Dr. Fred has helped thousands of people regain their youthful vitality through his high-demand practice in Manhattan, his best-selling books, and his groundbreaking newsletters.

He has spent nearly three decades researching and perfecting his natural approach to optimal wellness. And his success often comes down to one critical talent…

Dr. Fred has a knack for seeing the BIG picture when it comes to your health.

Though in this case—the very small picture might be a better a term.

Your microcirculatory system is different than the commonly known parts of your cardiovascular system (or your macro-circulatory system)—and in Dr. Fred’s opinion—much more important.

You have veins, you have arteries, and then…you have a very special network called the microcirculatory system.

It’s your microcirculation that helps feed the health of your veins and arteries…and all your important parts!

Just how “micro”are we talking here?

It’s a system so microscopic, cells have to pass single file through each tiny capillary. In fact, it would take 10 of these specific capillaries stacked on top of one another to equal the width of just one human hair!

And, it’s extremely intricate. Your microcirculatory system is made of the smallest passages known to man—but they’re practically endless. In fact, the entire system could stretch out over 60,000 miles…

"Dr. Fred, thank you SO much for helping to improve our lives! GOD BLESS YOU!!"
--Bonnie Myers from Kennsington, PA

Meet the man behind this MODERN-DAY MIRACLE-Fred Pescatore M.D.

Dr. Pescatore is a traditionally trained physician practicing nutritional medicine in Manhattan and the Hamptons. He is the author of six books, including the New York Times best-seller, The Hamptons Diet and the number one best-selling children's health book, Feed Your Kids Well.

He is the president of the International and American Association of Clinical Nutritionists and a proud member of the American College for the Advancement of Medicine. He also serves as a health expert to major network television shows like The View, Rachel Ray and Today.

Now, after years of research and investigation, Dr. Pescatore is revealing his findings on what he believes is the most important system in your body-and how you can easily take care of it.

Read on to see how YOU can protect your youthful vitality today!

So it’s easy to imagine just how CRITICAL this system is to your overall health—from head to toe!

So critical, in fact, that it’s frightening to think that some doctors don’t fully grasp its importance. All they focus on are your larger arteries, veins, and your heart. Which are all important, of course…but this is the system that helps support all of those! And it’s VITAL for maintaining optimal health.

Which is why Dr. Fred worked so hard to develop a new breakthrough to help address the health of this system at its core. And it’s so easy, it’s a wonder why doctors everywhere aren’t following the science and recommending it in droves!

And when this system is fully supported, it’s like throwing back the curtains and letting the sun pour in on your whole-body health!

Sex—Muscles—Joints—Bones—Memory—Blood pressure…
Every one of them STARTS AND ENDS with this hidden system!

You want to build strong, lean muscle that makes you feel YOUNG, sexy and confident?

You can’t do it without this hidden system.

You want to keep your sex life “on demand,” and solid as granite rock?

You can’t do it without this hidden system.

Do you want to maintain a rapid fire recall memory that impresses yourkids and never leaves you saying “umm…I forget?”

You can’t do it without this hidden system.

When it comes down to it, your microcirculation is a major factor in delivering vital oxygen and nutrients to every area of your body.

Think about it—let’s say you wanted to deliver a hand-picked birthday present to your friend—something you just know they’re going to go crazy over.

Your friend lives in San Francisco and you live in Washington D.C. No problem—you’d simply use an overnight postal service.

But here’s the problem—the mail courier can only use interstates and highways—no lanes, no avenues, no boulevards, no small town suburban streets. The present…it’s never going to make it.

Your microcirculatory system connects every aspect of your health—hand-delivering energy and oxygen to your muscles, joints, bones, organs—even your individual cells!

I think you get the picture—this is critical to your health—and I’ll show you even more incredible details about it in a moment—but now I want to share some fantastic news…

Finally, there’s something you can do to help support this life-giving secret!

your hidden system’s REJUVENATING POWER.

Dr. Fred has never underestimated the importance of your microcirculation. If he had his way—it would be far from “hidden.” It would be the first thing every doctor in America talks about when a new patient enters the office.

That’s why he has crafted a very unique breakthrough that specifically addresses what could be the most important aspect of your health. It’s called CircuLogic.

As you’re about to see—before a multivitamin, before a heart health supporter, even before something as essential as a vitamin C pill—this could be the most important breakthrough you’re likely to find. Just one capsule of this breakthrough taken three times per day can support your youthful vitality like nothing else.

How can I be so sure about that?

Simply put—without a healthy, strong, youthful microcirculatory system—everything you do for your health could be wasted.

And EVEN WORSE—what if you ignore it like so many others?

It’s possible you could think of this “hidden system” as the very fine line between vitality…and aging.

It zips oxygen to every square inch of your body…it rushes nutrients to the trillions of cells that need it most.

So if these microscopic passages get kinked, if they become weak, if they become sticky and clogged—it could turn into the very root of aging.

When it comes to cardiovascular support, doctors and patients get hung up on the BIG passage ways—like the coronary arteries that feed the heart.

But a few M.D.’s aren’t buying it. As was written in the Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients:

“The experts all agree that improving microcirculation is essential to enjoying a long and healthy life.”

In fact, the same article points out, “The most common thread in premature [aging] is impaired microcirculation.”

Youthful vitality or aging before your time—
How do you stay on the right side of this very fine line?

It’s easier than you think. Of course you want to eat a healthy diet. Of course exercise is going to help. But there’s something MORE you can do.

Dr. Fred’s premium microcirculatory breakthrough—CircuLogic—provides a game plan for your body’s critical hidden system.

This is one of the very first breakthroughs ever designed specifically for microcirculation. And it starts by helping to…

UNSTICK your “crazy glue” cells!

When we’re talking about passage ways that are only 1/10th the size of a human hair—it’s not hard to see why it’s so important to keep blood flowing smoothly.

But it’s even more important than you think—

Part of the inflammation process involves “sticky cells.” They’re supposed to come along and help “section off” an injured area to provide relief and help rebuild.

But as researchers are learning—it’s equally important that the inflammatory process doesn’t overact and last too long. And there are certain nutrients that can help support a healthy inflammatory response throughout your body.

Some of those nutrients work directly within your circulatory system to promote a healthy inflammatory response. That’s where the first secret in CircuLogic’s breakthrough formula truly shines.

Panax notoginseng is a root extract that has been used for centuries as part of an optimal health regimen. But only recently have scientists discovered its very unique secret.

It can inhibit the adhesion of these “crazy glue” cells.

A mouse study reported in the journal Clinical Hemorheology and Microcirculation revealed that effective components of panax notoginseng significantly reduce the number of adhesive cells in blood samples. This means it may help keep inflammation in check throughout the body.

But this potent extract goes much further by…

Promoting healthy, blood flow…

Providing antioxidant protection…

And it has also been studied for its effects on brain and eye health!

With panax notoginseng you’re promoting a healthy inflammatory response, helping to keep your blood flowing smoothly and—fighting harmful free radicals all at the same time.

But CircuLogic is barely out of the gates…

with a blood flowing “tag team”

Dr. Fred understands just how critical your microcirculatory system really is—and that’s why he’s not skimping on a single breakthrough.

In this case—make that two.

Diosmin is a special flavonoid that’s isolated from hesperidin. Both have the incredible ability to help promote a healthy inflammatory response and fight free radicals.  

But while some formulas might include diosmin or hesperidin, Dr. Fred feels it’s important to include both for a premium “tag team” punch.


Because both promote the tone and strength of your veins like few substances known to man.

They both help protect the youthful tone of your veins as well as promote proper inflammatory response throughout your body.

Think of these two as a construction crew coming in to make sure your passage ways are up to code. And once they do—VITALITY and VIGOR can soon follow.

Take a look…

Over 4,500 patients were given a patented micronized blend of 900 mg of diosmin and 100 mg of hesperidin. Over a six-month period, continuous clinical improvement in vein health was found throughout the study, as well as improvements in quality of life scores for participants.

And that’ why Dr. Fred included 250 mg of diosmin and 25 mg of hesperidin in every dose of CircuLogic.

And there’s much more…

While everyone else is ignoring your “hidden system”…
CircuLogic is 110% dedicated to your body’s greatest source of vitality!

If it’s backed by science and proof—Dr. Fred is including it in his exclusive breakthrough.

Just think—this is one of the very first formulas ever created with your microcirculation in mind.

And with an arsenal this complete—it will be the last one you ever need.

Take a look…

The power of Pycnogenol®Hand-selected for its amazing antioxidant skills and power to promote a healthy inflammatory response—this pine bark extract is also a well-studied superstar for vascular health.

Controlled clinical trials of dosages of 100-200 mg per day have been published that demonstrate the symptomatic improvement of blood circulation and platelet function, and it also helps maintain healthy blood pressure already within the normal range.

In fact, it even affects your body’s endothelial function—the microscopic cells that line the inner wall of you blood vessels.

The spice of life—Turmeric! It gives curry its signature yellow color—but that’s the least of turmeric’s ability. This is one of the world’s great antioxidants. Plus, nothing is more important to your “hidden system” than maintaining a healthy inflammatory response—and this spice helps your body do just that.

An all-encompassing body protector—Quercetin. This antioxidant flavonoid found in red grapes and green tea is a MUST HAVE for your body’s microcirculation. One double-blind, placebo-controlled  study of 93 subjects taking 150 mg of quercetin per day for 6 weeks showed that it can help you maintain healthy blood pressure, as well as decrease the oxidation of LDL cholesterol.

CircuLogic contains 50 mg of quercetin per dose, and along with a healthy dose of magnesium and Bioperine—CircuLogic is the premium choice for your “hidden system” of health.

And by keeping your microcirculation supported and rushing vitality from head to toe…

Nearly EVERY area of your body can get the incredible benefits!


Bone density…
Sexual vitality…
Joint health…
Respiratory health…
Blood pressure…
Muscle strength…

They ALL depend on your microcirculation for truly OPTIMAL health.

Just imagine—by nourishing this one system, nearly every area of your body can get cutting-edge support as well!

Cutting-edge science, PREMIUM BREAKTHROUGHS and
a formula that is SECOND TO NONE

CircuLogic is an entirely unique formula. It’s anti-aging on a level science hasn’t quite seen before.

Every ingredient in CircuLogic has been hand-picked because of the vital support it gives to your microcirculatory system—the very system that has such a HUGE impact on your body’s functions.

You could certainly go out—track down these ingredients on your own and buy them individually to make sure you’re getting the same power that’s found in CircuLogic…but why would you?

Not only are all these cutting edge breakthroughs right here in one easy place for you—but it’s FAR more affordable than tracking them down and paying for them individually. Just take a look…

If you went to your local vitamin shop and tried to purchase CircuLogic’s nutrients—you’d be in for some sticker shock, to say the least…

Panax Notoginseng...............$10.50

Total receipt...............................$87.14!

But today, you can have this revolutionary formula (all without having to track down every last ingredient) for $69.95.

That’s almost a $20 savings on a solution that offers you the ultimate WHOLE BODY support.

And it all comes with a 100% money back guarantee?
Supporting your body’s “HIDDEN SYSTEM TO HEALTH”
is easier than ever!

Most people NEVER realize just how vital microcirculation is to their overall health.

Today, you are getting an exclusive opportunity to get the breakthrough formula specifically created to support and enhance this extremely important system. 

Dr. Fred wants you to experience what taking care of it can truly do for your health. Because when your blood is flowing smoothly and your cells and organs are getting the oxygen and nutrients they need…

Your energy, your clarity, your vitality
can be at their peak.

Don’t miss this chance. CircuLogic is a first-of-its-kind formula, but it could become the most important formula you ever take. All you have to do is order below now.

And just to make sure you really understand how important this ONE breakthrough is to your health—you’ll get a 100% ANYTIME SATISFACTION GUARANTEE with your purchase today.

That’s right. If you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll refund 100% of your money at any time (less shipping), no questions asked.

So what are you waiting for? Click on the button below now. Support your WHOLE BODY health in a way that hasn’t been possible until this very moment.

Get the vitality RUSH that CircuLogic can bring to your life today!

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