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Medical institutions across the country are
now making a shocking admission
Over 40 Million adults
are silently fighting
“Immunity Rot”
And if you’re over 55
you’re one of them!
Learn the telltale signs of this growing health concern and
fight back with a brand new breakthrough giving hope to millions

Just 20 years ago it would have been hard to imagine…

But medical institutions across the country have recently awoken to a startling new health phenomenon.

A silent health concern that is currently affecting an estimated 40 million aging Americans…

It slowly and quietly ages your immune system… impacting everything from your sleep to your energy to your strength.


If you live in America, you may be more
vulnerable to its effects than almost
anywhere else in the world

Both the CDC and NIH have admitted this is happening… And three separate international conferences have convened to try and understand it.

But the information you’re about to see in this short presentation could be your best chance to help combat this growing health concern.

Hi, I’m Karen Reddel, President of Dr. Pescatore’s NuLogic Nutritionals.

And while most doctors are just now beginning to understand this new health reality…

Dr. Pescatore has been investigating ways to stop this immune concern for over two decades.

He calls it “Immunity Rot” and if you’re over 55, it directly affects you because it naturally creeps up on you as you age.

And if you ignore its early signs like so many others do…


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More Information

You might never see it coming

And by then it’s already impacting your energy, sleep, joints, skin, muscles, —Your entire body.

But in the next few minutes you’re going to hear about a brand new breakthrough specifically designed to help you tackle immunity rot head on.

It was developed by Dr. Pescatore and his team not only to help you support your immune system against immunity rot, but also help…

  • Skyrocket your energy levels with improved well-being
  • Breeze through the winter months without  a second thought
  • And boost your overall youth and vitality to newfound heights

But first, let’s start at the beginning…

Around the turn of the 20th century
doctors began to notice a disturbing phenomenon…

Advances in medicine were allowing us to live longer than ever before… But our immune systems simply weren’t keeping up.

Over a century ago when the average lifespan was just 40 years, this wasn’t a problem…

But now we’re living more than twice as long… Well past our immune system’s “expiration date”.

The medical term is Immunosenescence… the natural effect of aging on our immune systems.

And doctors are still scrambling to understand it.

Because it’s something they simply hadn’t foreseen… And now it’s quietly changing everything.

Scientists have clearly catalogued its negative effects on adults over 55…

Studies have been funded…

And in 2009 the first of three separate international medical conferences was quietly convened to discuss it.

The beginning stages usually begin to appear after your 55th birthday.

You may feel tired, sluggish …or just plain “worn out”.

And it only gets worse from there—eroding your immune system every year…

And that’s just the decline seen from a normal aging body…

There are multiple factors that can also take a toll on your immune system’s health.

And if you live in America, they’re almost impossible to avoid!

1. Stress:

According to a 2009 Carnegie Mellon study, American stress levels have shot up by 30% in the last 3 decades alone.

And everyone from the Mayo Clinic to the American Psychological Society, have warned that stress can take even more out of your immune system

2. Poor Diet:

Harvard Medical School warns that a poor diet can also weaken your immune system.

And with the CDC reporting that over 1/3rd of Americans are currently considered obese…I think it’s safe to say that’s more bad news for Americans.

3. Lack of Exercise:

The CDC reports as many as 80% of Americans aren’t getting the recommended amount of daily exercise…

And unfortunately it’s wreaking even more havoc on your immune system.

So you’re starting to see why Dr. Pescatore wonders…

Immunity Rot:
Is this the biggest American health
concern of the 21st century?

Every day, age and the American lifestyle in general are eating away at your vital immune system… sapping your energy, youth and strength.

It’s one of the main reasons why aging adults feel so… well, old!

But the good news is you don’t have to…

You can age with energy, with pep and vitality. But to do it, you need to take care of your immune system on a regular basis… not just during certain times of year.

And that’s exactly why Dr. Pescatore and his team have devoted so much time trying to combat immunity rot.

Dr. Pescatore was…

  • Elected President of the International and American Association of Clinical Nutritionists
  • Authored numerous New York Times bestselling health books
  • Appeared on countless television shows including the O’Reilly Factor, Rachel Ray and the Today Show.

But he may have just hit upon his greatest accomplishment to date.

Because after countless years of research, time and study… he’s helped create one of the most simple and effective ways to support your immune system against immunity rot.

A once-a-day formula known as ImmuneLogic.

And tackling Immunity Rot head on isn’t just about immune support for the future... it’s about how you feel right now.

Just imagine…

  • Dusk to dawn energy propelling you through your day
  • A restful night’s sleep without the tossing and turning
  • A renewed sense of youth, strength and vitality
  • Increased confidence in any weather, any season or any part of the world

ImmuneLogic helps you support and renew your entire immune system… and your entire body!

And it does it differently than any product you’ll find on the market.

ImmuneLogic does not “boost”
your immune system
That’s actually one of the worst things you can do!

For years, the medical community has only had one answer for dealing with one of the most complex systems in your entire body… Boost it.

But Dr. Pescatore and recently Harvard Medical School have warned that blindly boosting your immune system may actually make no sense at all.

Your immune system is made up of billons-upon-billions of cells which all need to be working in perfect harmony in order to keep you in tip-top shape.

And blindly dumping more cells into the mix can tip this delicate balance dangerously off kilter… Plus, it doesn’t begin to cover the vast complexities of your immune system.

It’s like trying to repair the International Space
Station with duct tape and chewing gum…

Restoring the statue of David with Super Glue and thumbtacks

Or touching up the Mona Lisa with spray paint and white out.

But as long as this “boosting bonanza” continues to rake in money, that’s exactly what your garden variety pharmacy is going to offer!

But thanks to ImmuneLogic, now you can finally…

Fight back against Immunity Rot
with a brand new breakthrough
in natural immune support

Because ImmuneLogic combines 5 of the most cutting-edge immune supporting ingredients around the globe.

And each one performs a complex function to help keep your immune system healthy and defend against immunity rot.

First Line of Support:
Combat Immunity Rot on the front lines!

Immunity Rot starts its assault on one of your immune system’s greatest weapons… Natural Killer (NK) Cells.

Natural killer cells are part of your body’s first line of defense and play one of the most important roles in keeping you healthy.

But immunity rot slowly makes them weaker and weaker…

That’s why when Dr. Pescatore heard of a rare tree found deep in Russian forests that helps counteract this process he knew he had to track it down.

It’s known as the Larch Tree…

And in vitro studies show that Larch tree extract may help enhance the activity of NK cells…

That’s exactly why ImmuneLogic packs a whopping 216 mg’s of Larch tree extract in every single capsule!

And that’s just for starters… ImmuneLogic doubles down on your protection with a…

Second Line of Support:
Seek and Destroy

Larch tree helps support your immune system like nothing else on the planet. ImmuneLogic also provides a second aspect of immune support:

A fortified army of T-helper cells.

T-helper cells roam your bloodstream constantly on the lookout for unwanted invaders that may have slipped past your NK cells.

But just like NK cells, your T-helper cells start to slow down and weaken as age and immunity rot starts to take hold.

That’s why ImmuneLogic combines the power of 20 mg’s of Japanese Maitake PD Fraction® with 70 mg’s of Beta 1,3 Glucans.

Both have been shown in preliminary lab research to help support healthy T cells activity.

So get ready to feel a rush of energy and vigor surge through your body.

And we’re still not done!

For your third and final layer of protection, ImmuneLogic employs a…

2-Tiered Emergency Failsafe
for ultimate immune support!

This is what sets ImmuneLogic apart from dime-a-dozen immune “boosters”.

When you simply pump up your immune system you open yourself up to possibly even more damage! Because your immune system naturally causes oxidation and inflammation …

This is great for eradicating bacteria and germs but if your immune system is over-performing, this same stress can be aimed at healthy tissue and cells…

This can be taxing for your skin, joints, muscles, heart… your entire body!

This is why you need a balanced approach to immune support.

And it’s also exactly why ImmuneLogic includes 250 mg’s of Dimethylglycine (DMG) and 100 mg’s of Olive Leaf Extract to counteract these effects.

While both are considered anti-oxidants…

The olive has long been revered for its anti-oxidant power.

This addition to ImmuneLogic helps keep your heart healthy and pumping strong…

And Olive leaf extract also may help counteract the inflammatory response of the immune system…Which may help keep your skin clear and luminous and your joints smooth and comfortable!


From your heart to your energy…
skin, muscles and joints
ImmuneLogic rushes new life to
your entire body!

And helps keep away the life-draining effects of immunity rot on a cellular level.

In the coming years you’ll see more and more products devoted to combating this growing concern.

But ImmuneLogic is one of the first and only natural breakthroughs designed specifically to fight immunity rot.

And it couldn’t be simpler to use!

Some immune products on the market expect you to scarf down as many as 8 tablets in a 24 hour period!

But ImmuneLogic can work with as little as one capsule a day!

That’s it!

There’s no foul-tasting powdered drink to mix or invasive nozzle to stick up your nose!

This incredible new formula may work on multiple levels to help you maintain your immune health but…

Just one capsule a day of ImmuneLogic
could change your life!

Think about it…

With just one capsule in the morning you could start to feel completely re-energized …

You could feel new life and vitality surging through your muscles…

While at the same time helping to keep your skin smooth, your joints comfortable.

Not to mention feeling new confidence in your immune system during work, play or any time of year!

But don’t take it from me. Dr. Pescatore would like to say a few words to you about ImmuneLogic himself.

Hi, I’m Dr. Fred Pescatore and today may be the first time you’ve heard of this strange health phenomenon…

But behind the scenes of the medical community…

“Immunity rot has quietly become one of the most
important health issues of our time.”

Dozens of studies have been funded...

International conferences have been organized to better understand it...

It’s also a health concern that I’ve spent over 20 years researching.

Whenever certain patients come into my office feeling sluggish, rundown or having trouble sleeping… It’s one of the first things I check for.

And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen patients make a complete turnaround...

And that’s exactly why I’ve developed ImmuneLogic.

Immune Logic was designed specifically to defend against the complex issue of immunity rot...

While at the same time, maintaining the delicate balance your immune system needs to function properly.

And it’s one of the only products on the market I believe can fully defend you against this growing health concern.

Thanks for listening, now Karen is going to tell you how you can become one of the first in the country to get your hands on this groundbreaking new formula.

As you can see, this is a health issue Dr. Pescatore feels very strongly about…

That’s why he spent so much time researching ImmuneLogic and included unique ingredients from around the world.

This formula was designed specifically to combat the growing health concern of Immunity Rot.

And we don’t want you to have any doubts about seeing what a huge difference ImmuneLogic can make in your life…

That’s why when you click below and order right now, you’ll receive…

Dr. Pescatore’s “Stop the Rot”
100% guarantee!

That’s right, you can try this brand-new formula today with no risk!

If you don’t feel a new rush of energy, an increased vitality and a stronger ability to stay healthy and above the weather no matter what time of year... Simply let us know and we’ll refund 100% of the purchase price (minus shipping) at any time.

That’s right, you can try ImmuneLogic as long as you want… 2 weeks, 2 months, 2 years—it doesn’t matter!

If you don’t feel a night and day difference in your health we’ll refund the purchase price, no questions asked!

So place your order right now and be one of the first in America to get the full support against immunity rot your body needs.

Say goodbye to sleepless nights and sluggish mornings…

Feel more secure in your health during the winter months…

And finally feel the difference ImmuneLogic can make in your energy, vitality, youth and most importantly your immune health.

Don’t put it off another second…

Simply click below and place your order now and we’ll rush you a brand new bottle of ImmuneLogic… completely risk free!

You have nothing to lose, so place your order now!

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