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2014-05-01 - As much as a third of the population has diabetes or prediabetes now. Well another recent study showed that the right diet and regular exercise (and especially both together) can delay the progression from prediabetes to diabetes.

2014-04-29 - A new study found that high levels of a pesticide metabolite called dichlorodiphenyldichloroethylene (DDE) come with a higher risk of Alzheimer's disease. More than four times as high, in fact.

2014-04-28 - A team of French researchers recently discovered that popular pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides are a whole lot more dangerous than manufacturers disclose.

2014-04-25 - According to a brand new report from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, cases of diabetes and pre-diabetes have doubled since 1988--affecting as much as 30 percent of the population.

2014-04-24 - There are three factors that research has shown make immunosenescence worse. And these three factors run absolutely rampant in this country.

2014-04-22 - This winter was like the villain in a horror movie. Every time you thought it was dead, it clawed its way back. But after one more snowy setback last week, I think Spring has finally sprung here in New York. And I couldn’t be happier about it. Except for one important detail.

2014-04-21 - A new study found that postmenopausal women who supplemented with calcium and vitamin D for two years had significantly lower LDL cholesterol levels than women who didn't. Yes, I'm talking about significantly lower "bad" cholesterol.

2014-04-18 - Stop whatever you're doing. Go find your dog. Give him a good look. And tell me... is he overweight?

2014-04-17 - With all the marvels of modern medicine, so many people are fooled into thinking that surgery is a largely risk-free endeavor. But the truth is shocking, to say the least.

2014-04-15 - The U.S. Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) recently commissioned an eye-opening report. It put some pretty shocking price tags on the money this country could save if the healthcare industry would only put more emphasis on prevention.

2014-04-14 - Why Whole Foods isn't as wholesome as you think (and where you should be shopping instead) The Farm Bill, Big Agribusiness, Big Soda, Big Pharma. I've given lots of lip service to all of these corrupt influences in the past.

2014-04-11 - Whey protein shakes are something of a secret weapon of mine. They can be a real ace up your sleeve when you're trying to lose weight. I'm always recommending them as a hunger-busting meal replacement or just for an extra boost of protein during your day. But that's not all whey is good for. Just take a look at the results of this recent study...

2014-04-10 - It seems like only yesterday all the major media outlets declared that the multivitamin was dead. Well, I've got some important news for all those naysayers... New research shows that taking a simple multivitamin every day can significantly lower your risk of developing cataracts.

2014-04-08 - I know I talk about vitamin D a lot in this space. But there's a very good reason for that. Vitamin D supplementation saves lives. That's not an exaggeration. It's a research-proven fact. And today, I'd like to discuss the latest study to top the ever-growing pile of evidence in its favor.

2014-04-07 - This crop comes courtesy of Time magazine. It contained a couple of eye-popping features on the subject of children's health. These articles exposed a number of horrific realities threatening kids in this country. Yet not one of them made the front page.

2014-04-04 - I tell you all the time you should be taking Probiotics. And if you don't already, clinically proven allergy relief is just another reason to start doing so today.

2014-04-03 - According to some scientists, our warmer planet is going to come with more pollen. And I mean a lot more.

2014-04-01 - It's probably happened to you before. You tell your doctor about the vitamins and supplements you take. And he or she says there's just no proof that they're doing anything for you. (Or worse, they warn you that your supplements might actually be harming you.)

2013-12-31 - Men who want to dodge prostate cancer already know to fill up on lycopene-packed tomatoes.But new research suggests that older women might want to start following suit. Because as it turns out, regular tomato consumption may cut a woman's risk of breast cancer after menopause.

2013-12-30 - By now, staying away from refined sugar and processed, packaged junk foods is a no-brainer for you. (At least, I hope it is.) But sometimes 'good' and 'bad' food choices aren't so clear cut. Chocolate and coffee are perfect examples of this gray area.

2013-12-27 - I recently heard from a reader named Steve in New Hampshire. And his comments were so on-point that I felt compelled to share them with you--and anyone else with the good sense to take his message to heart.

2013-12-26 - As I'm sure you've noticed, the news I share comes from across the globe--not just within this country. And I came across a very funny headline the other day that I couldn't wait to share with you: 'The Australian vegetarian: Thin, sober and moody.'

2013-12-24 - Here's a great story that's in startling contrast to the supplement debacle over at the Children's Hospital of Pennsylvania. And I couldn't think of a better time to share it than Christmas Eve. Because it certainly captures the giving spirit of the season.

2013-12-23 - I was amazed by a fascinating bit of research I stumbled upon the other day. Enough that I immediately thought you should know about it too. Fair warning: Some of the more technical details are difficult for even me to understand. But the gist of it couldn't be clearer--or more exciting.

2013-12-23 - It's safe to say that most conversations about reducing fracture risk focus on women and calcium. So the details of this recent study on preventing broken bones are sure to elicit a double-take. And that's a good thing. Because the conclusion is something that older men in particular should take note of.

2013-12-20 - I've talked about the importance of gut flora many, many times in this space. It's something of a pet topic of mine. So this latest bit of research obviously caught my attention... even though the results were anything but a surprise.

2013-12-19 - Here's some more 'breaking news' from the American Heart Association: 'Too many Americans are physically inactive or, at best, insufficiently active.' What, has the AHA been hiding out in a nuclear fallout shelter for the past 30 years while we, as a nation, have been ballooning to supersized proportions?

2013-12-17 - The American Heart Association (AHA) has finally admitted that doctors should be counseling their patients on physical activity. As you could probably predict, I find this recommendation...amusing. Especially since many physicians and other health care providers simply don't exercise themselves.

2013-12-16 - Why does it seem like the people who are in charge of our health are always the last to tell us the truth? (Unless, of course, you count their version of the truth--which is often anything but.) Case in point: The American Heart Association (AHA) is only just now recommending that doctors start assessing their patients' physical activity levels on a regular basis.

2013-12-13 - It may not be a fountain of youth. But if you've got heart problems, magnesium could be the next best thing.

2013-12-12 - I need you to see the following headline exactly as I saw it. Because frankly, its contents shocked and horrified me: Cardiac abnormalities common in obese kids with fatty livers. I really just couldn't believe how many things were wrong with that one sentence.

2013-12-10 - The American Diabetes Association (ADA) recently issued some new nutritional guidelines. And this time, it appears that the focus is on overall eating patterns and patient preference. (As opposed to any single dietary 'prescription,' that is.) In other words, these clowns haven't got a clue. Shocking, isn't it?

2013-12-09 - It looks like we can blame high blood sugar for something else--diminished cognition and brain health. And this risk isn't limited to people with diabetes, either. As a recent study shows, even non-diabetics face memory loss from increased glucose markers.

2013-12-06 - When I tell you that coffee is good for your blood pressure, you'll probably think I've gone crazy. But guess what? New published research shows that it is. But don't make a beeline for Starbucks just yet. Because there's a catch.

2013-12-05 - I think I may be Dr. Aseem Malhotra's biggest fan. No, really. His latest opinion piece is just that good. It appeared recently in the British Medical Journal. And if you can fall in love with an editorial, well consider me head over heels. So I hope you'll excuse me while I take a few moments to gush.

2013-12-03 - Air pollution is ugly. It's oppressive. And it's a scourge on the environment. But so far, that hasn't been quite enough to incite any real action against it. If anything, it's only gotten worse. So maybe this latest bit of news from the World Health Organization's International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) will finally spark some change.

2013-12-03 - Your mind works better after a good night's rest. We all know that. But a recent study is shedding light on just how much better adequate sleep is for your brain. And let's just say that the benefits run deeper than a more productive morning.

2013-12-02 - I've spoken about the broken nature of U.S. farm subsidies before. But in the light of a recent New York Times article I read on the subject, I thought it warranted a little more exposure.

2013-11-29 - Nuts are a staple feature of my New Hamptons Health Miracle for a reason. They're low-carb and packed with good fats and protein--a real lifesaver when you need a quick snack in a pinch. They're also a real lifesaver in general. At least, if the latest results from the famous Nurses' Health Study is any indication.

2013-11-28 - Despite the outrageous new statin recommendations making headlines this month, there are still plenty of recent developments to be grateful for this Thanksgiving. In fact, I'm gleefully reveling in the next bit of news I'm about to share.

2013-11-26 - 'We've been undertreating people who need statin therapy in this country.' Yes, that's an actual, real statement from one of the 'experts' behind the new guidelines recently released by the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology. Guidelines that could double the already staggering number of people currently taking statins in the United States.

2013-11-25 - If a single daily supplement could help to keep your brain 'young' by keeping your memory sharp and your white matter intact--wouldn't you want to take it?

2013-11-22 - Beauty may only be skin deep. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't concern yourself with wrinkles. In fact, they could tell you a lot about the state of your health.

2013-11-21 - So you remember that ridiculous new policy I told you about on Monday? Well, I hope those fools at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia are reading this. Because maybe, just maybe, they'll realize what a gigantic mistake they're making.

2013-11-21 - Talk about some good news. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is funding the very first large and definitive clinical trial on vitamin D supplementation.

2013-11-19 - I don't know if you've heard, but there's a catchy new name for people like you and me. People who actually care about where their food comes from, and what happens to it on the way to their plate. And who are heavily invested in making others care, too.

2013-11-18 - I really don't know what to say about this latest piece of news. On one hand, I hate it. On the other hand, it might inspire some necessary changes. So let me just tell you the story. And then I'll explain my ambivalence.

2013-11-15 - The rules of the Mediterranean diet are simple. Focus on foods like fish, lean protein, nuts, fresh veggies, and healthy fats and oils. Sound familiar? It should. Because it's very similar to my New Hamptons Health Miracle.

2013-11-14 - It's 9 you know how many polyphenols you've ingested so far today? No, really. Do you? Because if not, you might want to start paying a little more attention.

2013-11-14 - You know how much I love blueberries. They're low in sugar. They're packed with antioxidant-rich polyphenols. And research shows that they can take on everything from Alzheimer's to heart disease. But does that make a blueberry muffin healthy? Of course not.

2013-11-12 - Results of a new study published in the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association showed obese and overweight adults with knee osteoarthritis can significantly reduce knee pain and boost function. All they have to do is lose weight.

2013-11-11 - Older women may be able to reduce their risk of death from invasive breast cancer, simply by taking a multivitamin and mineral supplement. And we're not talking some small amount of protection, either. We're talking a 30 percent reduction in mortality risk. I'd say a number like that deserves some front page, above the fold coverage, wouldn't you?

2013-11-08 - It's hardly surprising that more and more farmers are abandoning tobacco as their cash crop. But I bet you'll be surprised when you hear what might be growing in its place, if one California businessman gets his way

2013-11-07 - The news I'm about to share with you was a surprise to me--and not a pleasant one. So I can only imagine how many other people will be caught off guard by this troubling discovery.

2013-11-05 - I know better than anyone how crucial it is to be sensitive to obesity issues. But at the same time, I'm discouraged by some of the mixed messages I've been coming across lately.

2013-11-05 - I always love it when mainstream medicine finally catches up to my way of thinking. But it never ceases to amaze me how long it actually takes.

2013-11-04 - As I predicted, the calcium controversy continues to brew. And I'm sure it's leaving a whole lot of people confused about what to do with their supplements. So let's take a look at the latest developments.

2013-11-01 - I don't tend to get excited over studies on lab rats. I'll take one human study over 10 animal studies any day of the week. But this one? Well, this new research from Connecticut College is too good not to share.

2013-10-31 - I firmly believe that the health of your GI tract plays a critical role in almost every major medical condition. This fundamental principle has always served as one of the cornerstones of my practice as a doctor. And I'm thrilled to report that hard science has finally confirmed that--dare I say it--my 'gut reaction' was right on point.

2013-10-29 - If you want to be happy for the rest of your life... well, then you can count on having a few extra years under your belt too. Because that's just what a new study found

2013-10-29 - Shorter, more rigorous workouts give you more bang for your exercise buck. And they fit quite readily into an already jam-packed schedule. But they're also hard. Really hard. So for patients with heart disease, they've largely been considered off-limits. Until now, that is.

2013-10-28 - You'd think the whole world would have caught on by now. But in case anyone missed it, artificial sweeteners can make you fat, just like sugar. In other words, they aren't heaven-sent miracles that prevent obesity. They won't even help you lose weight.

2013-10-28 - In the quest for good health, moderation is usually the name of the game. And sleep is no exception. Obviously, this is one case where less isn't more. But more isn't always better, either. In fact, it can be just as harmful.

2013-10-25 - FINALLY! I cannot tell you how long I've waited to read an article like the one I came across last week. In fact, I'm having a hard time containing my excitement as I write this. Could a brand new day really be dawning?

2013-10-24 - I was overweight as a child. Actually, let me clarify: I was fat. I'm sure I've mentioned it before. It's a painful part of my past that I'll revisit as many times as it takes. Because if I can prevent just one more child from having to suffer the way I did--not only as a child, but with the scars that still remain--then it's worth it.

2013-10-22 - I'd venture to guess that all of my readers are actively doing things to stay healthy and prevent cancer. Why would you be reading this, otherwise? I just wish that more people were doing the same. Case in point: A new report showed that as many as three in every five cases of endometrial cancer are entirely preventable.

2013-10-22 - Whoever cooked up the campaign to walk for breast cancer had the right idea in more ways than one. Because if you get your feet moving, you won't just be raising awareness of this deadly disease. You'll also be lowering your risk.

2013-10-21 - Here we go again. Another day, another celebrity with a health crisis. A huge portion of today's stars are part of the baby boomer generation. So it's about the time we can expect them to start dealing with regular health problems and not just ones that require rehab. But this latest announcement really caught my attention. For all the wrong reasons.

2013-10-18 - BMI might be the standard for weight assessment these days. But that doesn't mean it's the best one. Or even that it's always accurate. For one thing, it doesn't tell you anything about your body composition. That means that people with a lot of lean muscle and little fat may be classified as overweight when they're anything but.

2013-10-17 - As you know, I am a big fan of Dr. Ohhira's probiotics. Dr. Ohhira's features prebiotics, probiotics, and bacteriocins--amongst other great properties. All of these components result from its unique fermentation process. And you won't typically find them in other probiotic products.

2013-10-17 - There are so many reasons to make sure you're getting plenty of vitamin K1--flexible arteries, strong bones, and a lower risk of diabetes, just to name a few. And new research is adding one more benefit to this already impressive roster.

2013-10-15 - Just when you start to think that all of those supplements you take aren't doing anything for you... Along comes a study proving just how right you are. Most recently, a brand new meta-analysis showed that supplementing with B vitamins can cut stroke rates significantly.

2013-10-15 - Everyone knows exercise is a powerful form of heart protection. But just how powerful? As part of a recent review of over 300 clinical trials featuring nearly 340,000 subjects, researchers compared the effects of conventional drug therapy with good old exercise on four of this country's leading killers. And guess what?

2013-10-14 - I've designed a lot of nutritional supplements over the course of my career. So when I see promising research on a new ingredient, I always get excited. This latest research is no exception. And the breakout ingredient of the moment is (drum roll please)...

2013-10-14 - Another recent study shows that extracts from the fruit of the African baobab tree may also offer blood sugar benefits. As a food, baobab fruit's antioxidant power and nutrient profile are impressive. It's packed with polyphenols and fiber. And it's a rich source vitamin C, riboflavin, niacin, pectin, and citric, malic, and succinic acids.

2013-10-11 - I'll never understand why so many people think junk food equals happiness. Honestly, could anything be further from the truth? But if you want some scientific proof, read on.

2013-10-10 - Every once in a while I have a patient who insists that he or she is following my New Hamptons Health Miracle to a 'T' and exercising regularly but the spare tire around their midsection just isn't getting any smaller. And their muscles aren't getting any bigger. Nine times out of 10, it turns out that people in this situation aren't actually eating enough protein.

2013-10-08 - According to new European research, blueberry flavonoids (the antioxidant compounds that give plants their pigment) can boost vascular function in healthy men. The best part? These are conclusive, gold standard studies. So the results really can't be ignored.

2013-10-07 - Leave it up to the Europeans to be much more sensible when it comes to tackling a serious medical issue--in this case, obesity. And statistically speaking, Europe isn't even nearly as fat as the U.S. Which just proves the old adage that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. (All puns intended.)

2013-10-04 - Ever heard of telomeres? They're the protective protein complexes that cap your chromosomes. But as you age, your telomeres shorten, and their ability to protect your chromosomes weakens. Simply put, every snip to your telomeres brings your body one step closer to disease.

2013-10-03 - Women aren't the only ones jumping on the BRCA testing bandwagon. Shortly after Angelina Jolie made her big announcement this spring, a 53-year-old British man made headlines for being the first male BRCA2 carrier to undergo preventive prostate removal.

2013-10-03 - Nuts are a staple of my New Hamptons Health Miracle. They're also my first suggestion when anyone asks about satisfying snacks to reach for in a pinch. So when I come across news like this, of course, I have to share it with you.

2013-10-01 - Last week, I took a little time to reveal the sugar content of a few popular sports and energy drinks. Because it bugs me to no end that so many companies are getting away with calling their products healthy--when they're really anything but. Obviously, the booming beverage industry isn't the only offender here. Not by a long shot.

2013-10-01 - FODMAP stands for Fermentable Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides, and Polyols. These are dietary sugars that can exacerbate IBS symptoms. Below is a list of the most common sources of FODMAPs. Avoiding these foods can make an enormous difference if you’re suffering from IBS.

2013-09-30 - I know I've said it before, but I really do love hearing from you. Maybe you've got an opinion on a recent study I've shared. Or a question about a specific health concern you're dealing with. Or--my personal favorite--a thrilling success story to celebrate. Either way, I hope you'll think to drop me a line about it.

2013-09-27 - A migraine is more than just a headache. It's a debilitating condition that can knock you off your feet for hours--sometimes days. To make matters worse, there's no clear cause. Or cure. But a new study points to one potentially powerful solution. And I can't say it surprises me at all.

2013-09-26 - It's hard to imagine a heart disease test could predict your risk of dementia better than an actual dementia test. But according to recent research, this is one fact you can file under 'strange-but-true.'

2013-09-26 - I know I talk a lot about the benefits of exercise--especially when it comes to keeping your brain healthy. Still, now seems like a good time to remind you it's not just physical exercise that makes the difference down the road. An active mind is just as important

2013-09-24 - By now, you know you shouldn't be drinking soda. And I'm hoping you also know that you shouldn't be tipping back bottles of Gatorade or Red Bull either. These sports and energy drinks offer a lot more than just electrolytes or caffeine. They're also packed with sugar.

2013-09-23 - Just the other day, I was talking to someone who mentioned that they decided to stop eating bread and give up refined sugar. And I couldn't have been more pleased to hear it. But then he mentioned in lieu of eating ice cream or cookies, he turned to dried fruit--like cranberries, pineapple, and figs--as "healthy" alternatives to sweets instead.

2013-09-20 - My fair city may have lost the battle against oversized sodas. (For the time being, at least.) But those of us who are committed to restoring the health of our denizens are still fighting the war against obesity and diabetes. And for once, I'm happy to report a pretty thrilling victory for our side.

2013-09-19 - I took some time on Monday to talk about a major pet peeve of mine. Namely, how people reward themselves with food after workouts. (And more often than not, with food they really shouldn't be eating.) Today, I want to talk about a scientifically proven solution to this little problem.

2013-09-17 - We all want to do what's best for our children. So why aren't we feeding them more fish oils? A new study showed that school-aged children in the United Kingdom have omega-3 levels that are way below the minimum recommendations for adult heart health.

2013-09-17 - While we're on the subject of childhood nutrition, let's talk about another very serious problem: plastic packaging.

2013-09-16 - I always love when people start to exercise more. What I don't love is hearing about how they reward themselves with more food afterwards. Because here's the thing: It takes a whole lot of running, walking, biking, or swimming to burn off that Starbuck's pumpkin scone. More than even reasonably active people are likely to be doing on a daily basis.

2013-09-13 - If I told you to go chew on a clove of garlic, you'd probably think I'd lost my mind. And I'll admit, it does sound strange. But it could also cut your risk of lung cancer nearly in half. So hear me out.

2013-09-12 - I've been walking everywhere since the beginning of the summer. I have no idea how far into the winter I can make this last. I just know I'm going to keep it up as long as I can. Yes, it makes my travel time a little longer. But you know what? It's worth it.

2013-09-12 - Want to ward off high blood pressure in your golden years? Then you better get to work--in your community, that is.

2013-09-10 - In case you're not familiar with the term, GRAS is short for 'generally recognized as safe.'It's a designation the FDA grants to ingredients that it deems suitable for widespread, unregulated use. But as it turns out, a product's access to GRAS status has very little to do with its safety. And everything to do with its profitability.

2013-09-09 - I know I'm always telling you to start watching your blood sugar long before it creeps up into diabetic territory. And if I sound like a broken record today, so be it. Some points bear repeating. And this is one of them--because new research is showing yet again that there's an incredible amount at stake.

2013-09-09 - With all the focus on fad diets and fat-burning miracles, it's easy to forget that the best weight loss strategies aren't about getting skinny. They're about getting healthy. So it's always good to get a little reminder of just how powerful shedding a few pounds can be. And the results of one recent study definitely fit that bill.

2013-09-06 - Apigenin is a flavonoid that's abundant in the Mediterranean diet. The latest research shows that this compound can kill malignant cells by taking away their ability to escape programmed cell death. Now, apigenin's unique cancer-fighting powers are at the center of another recent study--this time focusing on one of the deadliest forms of the disease.

2013-09-05 - It is downright pathetic that I have to write about this problem again. Especially since I've been talking about it for years now. But given the results of a recent study, clearly, it's a message that bears repeating.

2013-09-05 - Researchers recently assessed the soft drink consumption of nearly 3,000 five-year olds from 20 large, U.S. cities. Findings revealed that nearly half of the kindergarteners drank at least one soda per day--while 4 percent drank four sodas or more on a daily basis. But that's not even the worst news.

2013-09-03 - Some people use caffeine as a stimulant to self-medicate an underlying case of adrenal fatigue. For those patients, I come out rather strongly against coffee drinking. But for everyone else? Let's put it this way--coffee's nowhere near the villain that some self-professed health gurus make it out to be.

2013-09-03 - I talk a lot about the importance of sleep. And this latest bit of research is a perfect example of why. A new study shows that a single sleepless night could send you reaching for more junk food. And not just because lack of sleep stimulates hunger, as previous studies have shown.

2013-09-02 - I can't tell you why this news is only making headlines now. It's something that most of us in the complementary medical field have known for quite some time. And I hope it doesn't surprise any of you, either.

2013-08-30 - The jury's still out on whether or not a good breakfast will help you lose weight. But with research like this, you'd still be wise to think twice before skipping it.

2013-08-29 - Here's your strange-but-true fact of the day: Research has established a link between height and cancer risk. Who knew? I sure didn't--which is why I just had to share the results of a new study with you. (And why I kind of wish I was shorter now.)

2013-08-28 - I've mentioned homocysteine before--in particular, how high levels of this amino acid are linked to heart disease. But the tiny blood vessels in your eyes are just as susceptible to this substance's negative effects. On the bright side, the solution might be simpler than you think.

2013-08-27 - I know how much everyone likes chocolate. (I even enjoy it myself on rare occasions.) So I'm always happy to see cocoa making headlines. Especially when they're as promising as the ones I came across recently.

2013-08-26 - Ever had a doctor or nurse tell you that you can get all the nutrition you need by just eating food? I'm sure you have. It's a dishearteningly common misconception.

2013-08-23 - I recently received a comment from a reader in Houston, Texas--one that I feel is important to share with you today.

2013-08-22 - In case you haven't heard, researchers fried up the world's first lab-grown burger ever earlier this month. No, those headlines weren't a joke. (As much as you might want them to be.) And of course, you had to know I was going to comment on them.

2013-08-22 - You know I don't put much weight in animal studies. But the results of this latest bit of research on sugar are too alarming not to share.

2013-08-20 - So you know how yesterday I was talking about gluten intolerance, intestinal environments, and autism? Well, look what we have here... some brand-new research, with results that couldn't be timelier if I planned them.

2013-08-19 - Finally, there's some sense being made in the medical community. You might remember that one of the areas of medicine in which I'm very active--and about which I'm very passionate--is the treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).

2013-08-16 - Why eat a hamburger when you can have a steak? Well, I've got one good reason for you.

2013-08-15 - Surprise, surprise. Looks like the benefits of fish oil are in the news again! Well, the news we care about, at least. Only this time, the headlines aren't about prostate cancer. They're about breast cancer.

2013-08-15 - If you've been a reader of mine for a while, then you'll recall that I'm a big fan of testosterone replacement. You probably also recall that I don't just recommend it for men. The fact is, women have just as much to gain from addressing low T--including a sharper mind after menopause, according to one recent double-blind study.

2013-08-13 - I don't always love the exercise itself. But I certainly love the way it makes me feel. And I also love the health benefits that come with it. That's why I make a point of being consistent with my workouts. Because if you put in the time necessary to achieve results, you will reap the rewards. And that's especially true if you're diabetic, according to one recent study.

2013-08-13 - I get that not everyone can afford--or is even physically able--to spend hours working out at the gym. That's one of the reasons why I'm always urging you to take a daily walk. It might be hard to believe that a simple stroll around the block could make a big difference to your health. But that's why I want to share the results of a recent study with you.

2013-08-12 - A few months ago, I briefly touched on the subject of fasting. Since then, I've noticed that the conversation surrounding this new approach to 'dieting' has continued to heat up. So I thought I'd take some time today to revisit the topic--and more specifically, to look at the science behind fasting and how it affects those with obesity and diabetes.

2013-08-09 - You know how I feel about fast food. I've ranted about it enough times by now. So it might shock you that I have something good to say on the subject today. In fact, this latest development is downright groundbreaking.

2013-08-08 - Recently, I had the pleasure of popping into the Bronx Botanical Garden for a visit. They were running a show about medicinal herbs. And I expected to be unimpressed. This is textbook stuff for me, after all. But surprisingly, the trip was quite informative.

2013-08-06 - Numbers don't lie. That's especially true where this nation's health is concerned. and I feel that it's an important part of my job to make sure that people are aware of that fact.

2013-08-05 - After the omega-3 debacle I told you about last week, I'm happy to be able to share some exciting news from the prostate cancer community. This study was presented at the American Society of Clinical Oncology--so it's quite a big deal.

2013-08-05 - By now, you know I'm a huge proponent of hormone therapy. And I've been especially vocal about my support for testosterone replacement. The fact is, your health depends on optimal testosterone levels. And as one recent study shows, so does your comfort.

2013-08-02 - Herlinda Garcia was 54 when she had a benign tumor removed from her left breast. Doctors later diagnosed her with terminal stage 4 breast cancer. And in the months that followed, she struggled through eight rounds of chemotherapy... before a new set of scans revealed that her initial diagnosis was one big mistake.

2013-08-01 - There is no drug on the planet that doesn't come with a cost. (And I don't mean the financial cost, either--though that's nothing to sniff at.) Statins are no exception to this rule. And as we're beginning to find out, they're actually among the worst offenders.

2013-08-01 - Remember a few weeks ago when I wrote about abuse as a risk factor for food addiction? Turns out, recent research has exposed another contributing cause. And, well... let's just say it doesn't surprise me at all.

2013-07-30 - We can all agree (or at least, my readers can) that sugar causes death. I have been writing about this, and warning my patients about it for years. And even the mainstream media is starting to catch on. But the case against diet soda? Well, it's going to take a little more work to get the word out on that one.

2013-07-29 - In case you haven't already heard, a controversial study recently made some major headlines. The claim: A group of scientists have 'confirmed' a link between long-chain omega-3s--in other words, fish oil--and an increased risk of prostate cancer. I know, I know. I'll just let that sink in for a minute. Because I realize how utterly ridiculous it sounds.

2013-07-26 - You probably already know that bad bacteria cause tooth decay. But here's something I'm guessing you haven't heard: Good bacteria may be a key to cavity prevention. Let me explain...

2013-07-25 - Physicians at the 2013 meeting of the American Medical Association (AMA) voted overwhelmingly to label obesity as a disease. On the face of it, there's not much to argue with here. Tackling obesity definitely involves behavioral modification--and sometimes even medication and even surgery. But still... does that make it a disease?

2013-07-23 - Japan recently withdrew its national recommendation to vaccinate young girls against human papillomavirus (HPV)--a very common virus with strains linked to both genital warts and cervical cancer. The reason? Mounting public concerns over the shot's adverse effects.

2013-07-23 - When will the American Heart Association tell me something I don't already know? Although I have to say, I'm happy to see that they're at least getting their facts straight for a change.

2013-07-22 - Sometimes you just have to feel bad for red meat. Wherever there's a negative health outcome in question, it always seems to be right there to take the fall. When, ultimately, red meat really is an innocent bystander that just happens to look guilty.

2013-07-19 - Sure, most people know they should clock in eight hours of sleep every night. But that doesn't mean they do. The reality is that most busy professionals are lucky if they can score six hours of shut eye on the average weeknight. And unfortunately, this comes with consequences to your health.

2013-07-18 - Magnesium has been one of the mainstays in my arsenal for many conditions. But especially for heart problems. And I guess I've had the right idea. Because according to a new meta-analysis out of Harvard, higher levels of magnesium can reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease.

2013-07-18 - You know why I'm always bugging you about that after-dinner hike around the block? Because the fact is, it might be the most important 15 minutes of your day.

2013-07-16 - The right lifestyle choices pay off in powerful ways. This isn't a foreign concept. It's a well known fact that study after study continues to support. Obviously, this particular case requires a little more pleading. So I'm going to do my part today with the help of some new research on the power of positive change.

2013-07-15 - After reading stories like the one I just read, you seriously have to wonder what rock some doctors are living under. The first line said it all: 'Physicians are deeply divided over the efficacy of complementary or alternative medicine (CAM).'

2013-07-12 - A word to the wise: Make sure you're getting plenty of pyridoxal--better known as B6. A new study of 500 Japanese subjects between 21 and 66 years old showed that higher serum pyridoxal concentrations were linked with lower levels of 8-OHdG--a key marker of DNA-damaging oxidative stress.

2013-07-11 - Despite themselves and their severely limited world-view, mainstream medical institutions sometimes do the right thing. Most recently, the American Medical Association (AMA) began its push to remove sugar-sweetened drinks as items covered by the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

2013-07-11 - I've mentioned the benefits of green tea more times than I can count at this point. But the research just keeps coming in. So let me share the latest with you now.

2013-07-09 - Over the last half century, research has linked fish oil to better cholesterol levels, balanced blood pressure, and improved vascular function. And that's just the short list. Now, a new study is showing that fish oil is able to do all of this in part because it lowers the toll that mental stress takes on your cardiovascular system.

2013-07-08 - A lot of people have a hard time thinking of food as a source of addiction on the same level as alcohol, nicotine, gambling, etc. And the reason they give is always the same.

2013-07-05 - Books, newspapers, letters, you name it--they're all headed the way of the dinosaur. More and more people spend their entire day plugged in. And surprise, surprise... it's messing with our body's natural rhythms.

2013-07-04 - Today is Independence Day. So I'm assuming there are plenty of fireworks, cookouts, and other 4th of July festivities on the books for you. But before we all kick off the holiday, I'd like to take a moment to reflect on the 'reason for the season,' as it were. And I can't imagine a better way to do that than with the results of an incredibly affirming new study.

2013-07-02 - I know I've mentioned this here before, but I suffered from asthma as a child. In fact, the condition means enough to me that I dedicated an entire book to the subject. (Aptly titled The Allergy and Asthma Cure, because I firmly believe you CAN rid yourself of this condition for good.) So when I come across news like this, I just have to share it with you.

2013-07-02 - A recent British study looked at more than 2,000 adults over the age of 65. The goal was to see how serum vitamin D levels correlate to respiratory disease risk. Not surprisingly, results showed that subjects with severe D deficiency faced double the risk of respiratory disease that those with the highest vitamin D levels.

2013-07-01 - Obviously, most parents don't put root beer floats in their babies' bottles. But given the skyrocketing rates of childhood obesity in this country, I think we can all agree that the real problem is a lot bigger than a few attention-seeking outliers. And a new study shows that parents need to start paying attention to it.

2013-06-28 - There's a strong history of colon cancer in my family. So it's safe to say that I take the need for proper screening seriously. The standard recommendation is to get one every 10 years. But I'm well aware that most people aren't even that diligent. This is a very serious problem. And here's why...

2013-06-27 - I realize that blood pressure drugs are a necessary evil for many. So I simply want to encourage you to take a closer look at the drug you're taking... and see if you might be able to at least reduce your dosage by trying a different treatment approach.

2013-06-27 - While we're on the subject of medication risks, here's another one for you: If you happen to be on blood pressure drugs, low levels of vitamin K1 may pave the way to arterial calcification. (That's artery hardening, in plainer language.)

2013-06-25 - As much as I talk about supplements in this space, I don't think I've ever talked about spirulina before. But in light of the new study I came across recently, I'd say that now is as good a time as any.

2013-06-25 - It's official. This country has a drug problem. According to a new study from the Mayo Clinic, a staggering 70 percent of Americans currently take at least one prescription drug. That's a significant jump from the already shocking 48 percent of Americans who were on medication just five years ago.

2013-06-24 - I'm not sure if I mentioned this trial before. But if so, it's definitely worth mentioning again. Researchers just wrapped up the second phase of research into a nutrient formulation designed to combat Alzheimer's disease (AD) and cognitive impairment. And let's just say the results are very promising.

2013-06-21 - There's a reason resveratrol is practically a household name. Actually, make that thousands of published, peer-reviewed reasons. So how about one more?

2013-06-20 - If this doesn't get you to the gym, I don't know what will. According to a new study of more than 17,000 men, cardio-respiratory fitness (CRF) offers a good indication of cancer risk--and also risk of dying from cancer.

2013-06-20 - While we're on the subject of cancer prevention, here's a good way not to get results: eating frozen broccoli. A team of researchers recently sampled three different commercial frozen broccoli products. And they made a very revealing discovery.

2013-06-18 - Looking back at this era of medicine 100 years from now is going to be very interesting. Because the fact is, we know way less about how to treat people than we think we do. We just assume we're right about so many things. And yet, every day, new studies come along to prove just how wrong we really are.

2013-06-17 - It's hard to believe the 'low T' conversation that dominates wellness circles today was once practically nonexistent. Research continues to show just how big a problem low testosterone is, while the incredible benefits of replacement are touted far and wide. So allow me to share the latest set of findings with you.

2013-06-17 - It's a classic chicken-or-the-egg scenario. We've known for a while that obesity is linked to low vitamin D--and that boosting intake of this vital nutrient can help to cut excess body fat.

2013-06-14 - Remember Vioxx? Merck pulled this popular prescription painkiller from the market over a decade ago. Why? Because it was causing heart attacks and stroke with long-term use. But if you think the threat to your heart health vanished with Vioxx, think again. Because it appears that long-term, high-dose use of everyday NSAIDs may be just as dangerous.

2013-06-13 - I have been talking about allergies and asthma for many years now. As you might recall, I wrote a whole book about it. And in that book, I talk about the role that too much cleanliness can play in allergy and asthma development.

2013-06-13 - Psoriasis is notoriously tough to treat. It's an immune-mediated, inflammatory skin disease. Which means obesity absolutely makes it worse. But that doesn't mean it's hopeless. New research shows that losing weight may help to reverse it.

2013-06-11 - Many women have come to see me because they've had difficulty conceiving. And I'm happy to report that, with dietary changes and nutritional supplementation, many of these same women were eventually able to become pregnant.

2013-06-10 - It seems that a big-time panel of government scientists has concluded that low-sodium diets are unsupported by research. Which means that current guidelines surrounding salt intake are full of hot air.

2013-06-07 - There are a handful of supplements I just can't do without. As you might recall, CoQ10 is one of them. And new research is illustrating, yet again, why this nutrient has been such a long-standing staple in my practice.

2013-06-06 - As you may know, Dr. Atkins took a lot of slings and arrows for his opinions--even though many of them hold true to this day. That's one reason why I'm thrilled to see research continue to vindicate the low-carb lifestyle.

2013-06-04 - I recently ran across a new topic I thought would be fun to comment on. Well, okay, not exactly fun. But certainly interesting. And ironic, considering the fact that we wouldn't even be having this conversation without the help of the World Wide Web.

2013-06-04 - Cancer isn't exactly full of silver linings. That much goes without saying. So when I came across this next bit of news, I really couldn't wait to share it.

2013-06-03 - Well it's about time someone put two and two together and didn't come up with three. According to a new study, easy access to sugary food and drinks is at least partially to blame for skyrocketing diabetes rates across the world.

2013-06-03 - A new cohort study out of UCLA showed that surgery or radiation therapy aren't always the best choices for men up against prostate cancer--especially if they're dealing with other health issues.

2013-05-31 - I like to think I've done a pretty decent job of debunking all those low fat diet myths by now. Fat is your friend--simple as that. And eating plenty of it is a requirement if you want to get and stay healthy.

2013-05-30 - Remember a few weeks ago when I talked about the many uses of melatonin? Well recently, I learned about another surprising benefit of this popular natural sleep aid. It seems that melatonin may also help to alleviate PMDD. Never heard of it? Let me explain.

2013-05-30 - If you want to lose weight, you can't have your cake and eat it, too. (At least, not literally.) But according to one new study, a daily dose of fish oil could offer the next best thing.

2013-05-28 - So much nutrition and health gospel spreads through word of mouth. Often, these truths are simply based on conjecture and "common" knowledge. Which means that, in fact, they may not actually be true at all. At the end of the day, it can be tough to distinguish facts from beliefs in this business. That's why I want to tell you about an interesting article that I came across recently.

2013-05-27 - I often ask my patients to make huge changes to their habits. And I don't think it's unreasonable at all. I feel most people, given enough support, can make really big changes like this--ones that can dramatically alter and extend their lives. And they can stick with these changes, too.

2013-05-27 - If you've been a reader of mine for a while, you know how I feel about milk. Simply put, kids don't need it. It's loaded with sugar. It's not even their best source of calcium. (That honor goes to dark leafy greens.) And according to new research, a different mineral may be more essential to your child's bones, anyway.

2013-05-24 - For once, the American Heart Association is actually saying something I agree with. The AHA released this rare gem of a statement a couple of weeks ago now. In it, they assert that pet ownership is linked to lower rates of heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

2013-05-23 - News about Angelina Jolie’s double mastectomy is everywhere. What concerns me the most is that the press is praising Ms. Jolie for mutilating her body. Not in the wake of a breast cancer diagnosis, mind you--but in an effort to prevent the disease, which she may never have gotten. But the cost of this form of risk management is obvious. And very weighty.

2013-05-21 - News flash: According to a recent report, physically fit doctors who practice what they preach are more likely to urge their patients to take up regular exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle. Not that it takes a rocket scientist to figure that out.

2013-05-21 - I sing the praise of probiotics all the time. These good bacteria nourish your gut--and in doing so, they fight disease from what is arguably the epicenter of your body's health. But what nourishes the good bacteria? Prebiotics, that's what. And as one new study shows, they're just as important.

2013-05-20 - I've talked a lot about bisphenol A (BPA) here in the past. It's a seriously toxic substance to your health. And I never drink or eat anything out of plastic because of it. But I need to mention it again. Because a recent study I came across reinforces why BPA is so important to avoid.

2013-05-17 - Maybe you've heard of the Age Related Eye Disease Study (AREDS) before. If not, let me fill you in on the details. The National Eye Institute funded this study, which wrapped up in 2001. And it showed that a high-dose combo of five different nutrients--vitamin C, vitamin E, beta-carotene, and the minerals zinc and copper--can put the brakes on age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

2013-05-16 - I don't usually get too enthusiastic over animal studies or test tube experiments. They're just not as hard-hitting as even the most preliminary human research. So I don't tend to write about them--at least not at great length--very often. But when I come across good news about chocolate? Well, I just can't resist.

2013-05-16 - Green tea is on everyone's favorites list nowadays--including mine. One of the reasons for this is its sky-high flavonol content. But if you just don't like tea, that doesn't mean you have to miss out on its benefits. At least, not according to the results of one recent study.

2013-05-14 - I know I talk about diabetes in this space quite a bit. Not only because it's an epidemic... but because there are just so many natural ways to combat this deadly disease.

2013-05-14 - Metabolic syndrome is completely reversible with the right lifestyle changes. And, as new research shows, with the help of one key supplement in particular.

2013-05-13 - You know that old cliché: The left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing? Well, the latest research on L-carnitine--a compound that's abundant in red meat and dairy products, and which helps your body convert fat into energy--illustrates this particular turn of phrase pretty perfectly.

2013-05-10 - I'm no fan of starvation diets. But a day without food never killed anyone. And believe it or not, it can do your body a lot of good.

2013-05-09 - Fish oil is the unsung hero of the nutritional supplement industry. Yes, everyone knows about it. And most people know they should be taking it. But the newest, most trendy supplements keep stealing all the omega-3 thunder. So I consider it my duty to step in and pick up the slack.

2013-05-07 - Before you reach for that bowl of Special K, get a load of this. According to new research, eating a protein-rich breakfast can help to control your appetite all day long and cut back on evening snacking.

2013-05-06 - I've been trying to convince the world that fat is not the enemy for as long as I can remember. But the tide has been slow to change. So I'm always happy when new studies surface to support my cause.

2013-05-03 - You might think that sunshine and supplements are the only ways to get more vitamin D. And if so, you'd only be half wrong. It's true that, in general, food isn't a great source of this vital compound. But there are a couple of exceptions to this rule. And a new study is shedding a little light on one in particular.

2013-05-02 - For most people, melatonin is synonymous with sleep. And that's about it. But there's actually much more to melatonin than you might think.

2013-04-30 - I use the word 'sedentary' a lot when I'm sharing studies with you. Usually to denote a simple lack of exercise. So imagine my surprise when I found out that I've had it all wrong. Because telling someone to exercise and telling someone to be less sedentary are actually two very different things.

2013-04-30 - This might be the only time something good ever came out of eating white bread. But it's not the only time research has revealed the benefit of berries--especially when it comes to high blood sugar. So let's just say the results bear repeating.

2013-04-29 - I am so excited to tell you about this study that I can hardly type fast enough. Not because the results are good. But because maybe, just maybe, they will finally prompt the legislation that this country so desperately needs.

2013-04-26 - I've made it part of my job to act as an unofficial PR rep for eggs. Because they really are a practically perfect food. Yet for some reason, mainstream medicine just won't admit that they've had it wrong all these years. Maybe this latest discovery will finally shut up all the noise that keeps coming from the anti-egg camp.

2013-04-25 - Mammography... as you know by now, I'm not a big fan of the technology. Well, let me take that back--at least, partially. Mammograms have saved countless lives. And that is fantastic. But I do disagree with the number of mammograms that we recommend to women. And with the age at which we recommend them.

2013-04-23 - Sometimes I feel as if I'm writing for 'Weekend Update' on Saturday Night Live. The headlines I find myself encountering are just that comically obvious. Among the latest: Kids with easy access to sweet drinks are five times more likely to overindulge.

2013-04-23 - Your children's habits today set the stage for their health tomorrow. It's a fact that's been repeated so many times, it's practically become a cliché. But that's a shame... because it's also very true. And it doesn't bode well for today's out-of-shape kids.

2013-04-22 - For years, diabetes been one of the deadliest and most problematic diseases affecting our population. And yet, more often than not, other conditions take center stage in the national dialogue. It's high time diabetes started getting its share of the spotlight.

2013-04-22 - I know I don't need to sell you on the health benefits of fruits and vegetables. But with summer on its way, I couldn't let this latest discovery go without sharing.

2013-04-19 - Of all the scams Big Pharma is running on this country, osteoporosis drugs--like Boniva, Fosamax, or Forteo--definitely rank among the worst. Not because they don't do what they say they will. They increase bone mass, alright. But because they also raise your risk of fractures.

2013-04-18 - I know I discuss vitamin D a lot. But really, you just can't get away from it. There's an overwhelming amount of research out there now--all of it showing just how much good the sunshine vitamin can do for you. And the latest addition to this body of evidence is no exception.

2013-04-18 - It goes without saying that the more tools doctors have to identify Alzheimer's in its earliest stages, the better. And that's why I'm happy to report the results of a new study that recently appeared in the Journal of Internal Medicine.

2013-04-16 - How many of your conventional medical doctors have ever recommended you take CoQ10? I'm going to guess not many. In fact, they're much more likely to prescribe you statin drugs...and call that a 'solution.' This backward thinking comes with consequences.

2013-04-15 - You know I'm a big fan of exercise. I also believe that even a little exercise is better than none at all. But while that may be true, a new study I came across makes it pretty clear that, at least where exercise is concerned, less definitely isn't more.

2013-04-15 - There was a time when coffee wasn't considered much more than an unhealthy vice. It was a crutch for to wake you up in the morning. But now, times are different. New research continues to blow coffee's bad reputation out of the water. And to distinguish it as a real disease-fighting dynamo, instead.

2013-04-12 - Having trouble fitting into your jeans? You might want to spend a little more time in bed--because according to new research, even a few late nights could make you fatter. And fast.

2013-04-11 - I think I must spend half my career saying 'I told you so.' And this is another one of those moments. Another instance where complementary medicine has been so far ahead for so many years that it almost counts as malpractice for all the conventional doctors who've been out of the loop.

2013-04-09 - You may not know this, but there's currently a randomized, double-blind trial underway to investigate the benefits of chelation therapy against coronary artery disease. It's called the Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy (TACT). And so far, results look promising... which, of course, has the 'powers that be' very concerned.

2013-04-08 - It's time to set the record straight on calcium supplementation, once again. There are so many conflicting stories out there that I think it's important to tackle this issue one more time, for safety's sake.

2013-04-08 - I've talked a lot about the dangers of overdiagnosis in these updates. Usually, with respect to cancer screening, and the serious risks of unnecessary treatment. But that's not the only area where debates over screening protocol are taking place.

2013-04-05 - Here's a new spin on the term 'solar power' for you. A team of researchers recently looked at a dozen people with severe vitamin D deficiency. They used an MRI to evaluate how long it took subjects' calf muscles to recover after exercise, both before and after D supplementation.

2013-04-04 - Those of us in the integrative medical field have been using vitamin C and seeing the benefits for decades. So when a recent analysis came out that examined over 70 studies on the use of vitamin C, imagine my disbelief at the conclusion.

2013-04-04 - By now, you know my feelings about sugar. But if you think my unwavering disapproval extends to chocolate, you'll probably be happy to hear that you're wrong.

2013-04-02 - With decades' worth of research under our belt at this point, there are some issues where the jury really isn't out anymore. And the value of hormone replacement therapy is one of them.

2013-04-02 - If you do it right, hormone replacement can change your life. And if you do it wrong? Well, it looks like you could be signing up for a life-changing stint in the operating room.

2013-04-01 - Call me smug. But I have to smile a little when studies come out that talk the same trash that I talk--whether it's about the USDA, statin drugs, or (my personal favorite) sugar. It's especially nice when this trash talk comes with a constructive takeaway. That's one reason why a recent study on the danger of soda--and the benefit of coffee--was so exciting to me.

2013-04-01 - You can't go wrong with a cup of green tea. This brew's benefits border on legendary at this point. But believe it or not, new research shows that your morning coffee might actually offer you a little more bang for your buck--at least where stroke prevention is concerned.

2013-03-29 - I've long lamented the fact that, as a society, we just don't take enough time to enjoy our food. We eat in our cars. We eat in front of the television. We'll happily eat anywhere and anytime, it seems, except sitting down at a table during mealtime. And you know what? It's making us fat.

2013-03-28 - I've stood behind the safety of testosterone supplementation for years. In fact, it serves as one of the core tenets of my practice. Long-term hormone replacement is one of the only ways to restore a man's testosterone levels back to the ideal range. If done properly, it's not dangerous. And it certainly won't raise risk of prostate cancer, like some people claim.

2013-03-26 - An amazing new study just came out about the power of citicoline. And anyone concerned about preserving their memory--in other words, everyone--should take note.

2013-03-26 - You can go ahead and add your brain to the long list of body parts that can benefit from green tea.

2013-03-25 - The tide is finally beginning to turn against sugar. And I've got to say, I'm pretty excited about it. Hard evidence of sugar's role in this country's runaway obesity epidemic continues to accumulate. And people are at least starting to pay attention to it for a change.

2013-03-22 - I'm sure I don't need to remind you of my disdain for fast food. But the results of this new study are too disturbing not to share. So I'm going to do it anyway.

2013-03-21 - Doctors who are dogmatic about their own misconceptions are inexcusable. To be wrong when you are a lay person is one thing. But perpetuating myths when you're in a position of power? It bugs me to no end. And yet it happens all the time.

2013-03-19 - I'm not here to debate the potential causes of autism. Because the truth is, we just don't know what's behind it. But there are some things we do know--like how to decrease the risk of having an autistic child. And that's exactly what I'd like to talk to you about today.

2013-03-18 - Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. At no time has that saying been more appropriate. Because a new study has shown that dietary changes can be remarkably effective in reducing inflammation--and in as little as six weeks, too.

2013-03-15 - The official start of spring is only a week away. And that means the return of warm weather, longer days... and hay fever. But before you plan on spending the next nine months indoors, listen up.

2013-03-15 - Having read recent articles on the benefits of Pycnogenol, I have considered purchasing from you. To supplement what I have read I have gone to the health food store to discuss its benefits. While they speak highly of the product, the two times I have discussed it each time the supplement advisor has asked whether I have tried grape seed extract which has, as he/she states, the same benefits at significantly lower cost.

2013-03-14 - I'm not the biggest fan of formula. But babies need to eat. And for the sake of all of those children whose mothers can't or choose not to breastfeed, I'm glad that the debate over DHA supplementation is finally over.

2013-03-14 - Trying to get the upper hand on out-of-control blood sugar? Well new research shows that you might have a new ally in an old holiday favorite.

2013-03-12 - Most findings from the Women's Health Initiative make front page headlines--that's how big-time this study is. And yet, one discovery surfaced without any of the usual fanfare. In fact, there was barely a peep from the media at all.

2013-03-12 - You know how this winter brought one of the worst flu seasons in the last ten years? Well, it turns out that the CDC's annual flu shot juggernaut didn't really soften the blow.

2013-03-11 - I've gotten pretty good at just ignoring all of the anti-egg nonsense out there. But even so, I'm really hoping that the new research I'm about to share will put this tired controversy to bed once and for all.

2013-03-08 - Too often, my patients assume that artificially sweetened soda is the lesser of two evils. And it's easy to see how they'd make this mistake. It's called 'diet' soda, after all. But the lack of calories doesn't make it less dangerous. And in reality, nothing could be further from the truth.

2013-03-07 - Contrary to what conventional 'wisdom' dictates, diet does have an influence on the progression of cancer. And in this area, my mentor Dr. Robert Atkins was truly a pioneer. Which is why I'm thrilled to see that, yet again, his work will be vindicated.

2013-03-07 - Last week, I told you all about the embarrassingly bad advice that passes for U.S. News and World Report's most recent collection of the 'Best Diabetes Diets.' The sheer ignorance of these rankings is frightening. So I'd like to settle this issue today with a little bit of real science.

2013-03-05 - I never watched television as a child. I was one of those snobby, inner-city kids who had more important things to do than watch TV. These days, however, I can't get enough of it. So it pains me to type these next few sentences. But I'm going to do it anyway.

2013-03-05 - Vitamin D deficiency has hit epidemic proportions among all demographics in this country. But obese kids are at especially high risk.

2013-03-04 - I've been telling you for ages that the food you eat is making you sick. And now, it looks like it's official. This new report exposes the most common culprits of food-borne illness. It's drawn from a decade's worth of data. And it contains information you should probably keep handy.

2013-03-04 - Pathogens aren't the only factors that can make your food poisonous. In fact, the meal that you're eating is only as safe as the dish it's served in. That's the takeaway of one new study appearing in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

2013-03-01 - If you're like most women, the 'change of life' feels more like a nightmare that just won't end. But contrary to popular belief, hormone replacement isn't your only option for relief.

2013-02-28 - Here's a term I wish I had thought of: 'diabetes of the brain.' The lead author of a fascinating new study coined that brilliant phrase. And the results of the research that inspired it are startling, to say the least.

2013-02-28 - A new look at some old research speaks to the point I've continued to make about dietary fats over the years. Namely, that saturated fats aren't the real villains to your heart's health.

2013-02-26 - I'm not sure who makes up all those 'top ten' lists you'll find floating around the internet. But I can tell you that the people who write about diets are usually wrong. Typically, they're registered dieticians. And despite their apparent credentials, they generally have no idea of what a healthy diet is.

2013-02-25 - At last, someone other than me is exposing the whole-grain scam. And since this time, it's coming from Harvard, perhaps people will listen.

2013-02-25 - Question: Hate to bother you, but would like to get some health info on Smuckers Simply Fruit jelly…and I know I can trust your info. Thanks. –Sam P., McCaysville, GA

2013-02-22 - There aren't many diseases more devastating than amyotrophic lateral sclerosis--better known as Lou Gehrig's disease, or just ALS. In most cases, there's no known cause. And in all cases, there's no known cure. But scientists may have discovered one way to delay the onset of ALS. And the simplicity of this strategy just might surprise you.

2013-02-21 - Next time you have a headache, don't reach for the Tylenol. Instead, try supplementing with a little extra vitamin D.

2013-02-21 - Your teeth and your arteries aren't the only places you have to worry about plaque. Build-up of beta-amyloid in your brain is also a well known hallmark of Alzheimer's disease (AD). But a new pilot study is shedding some light on how two simple nutrients can help to keep this deadly development at bay.

2013-02-19 - You might recall that both fish oil and CoQ10, are on my list of 'desert island' supplements that everyone should be taking. And with study results like the ones I'm about to share, it should be easy to see why.

2013-02-19 - I'm sure I've mentioned the importance of zinc before. For one thing, it's a key element in testosterone production, which makes it especially important for men. (Though women definitely benefit, too.) But new research is focusing on another one of zinc's famous roles--namely, as a cornerstone of your body's immune system.

2013-02-18 - I don't mean to sound overly cynical. But I've said it repeatedly: The government doesn't have your health in mind--despite what they'd have you believe. Case in point: the FDA's latest attempt at modern food safety regulation. It's a perfect example of just how much priority they give the public.

2013-02-15 - You might think the only thing garlic and high blood pressure have in common is a hit TV show about sexy vampires. But you'd be wrong. Garlic has been a well known heart health remedy for a while now. And a new study out of Australia only adds more weight to this aromatic onion's roster of cardiovascular benefits.

2013-02-14 - Yes, I realize that I talk about exercise all the time. But working out has transformed my life in so many positive ways that I like to spread the message as often as I can. So indulge me while I share yet another new study that shows it's never too early to get in shape...

2013-02-14 - It's time to trade the couch for the mat, in more ways than one. At least, that's the takeaway of one new study on the mental healing power of yoga...

2013-02-12 - Don't get me wrong. I think sugar in all its forms is pretty much the scourge of the earth. But can we stop pretending that all sugars are the same? Because the high fructose corn syrup we've been force fed over the years--the same sugar that has paved the way to the obesity epidemic--is by far the worst.

2013-02-12 - Everyone knows that a good night's sleep helps you think more clearly. But the quality time you clock every night could have a bigger impact on your brain than you think. And new research shows that this is especially true as you age.

2013-02-11 - I'm happy to report that the smear campaign on calcium is finally winding down. Well, almost. Let me explain.

2013-02-11 - The last century has been a real windfall for vitamins. We know more about their benefits now than ever before. And what's even more exciting, we're really beginning to reap the rewards of this science.

2013-02-08 - Insulin-dependence may not sound so bad. In fact, you might even think it’s easier to take a shot of insulin than to take on type-2 diabetes the drug-free way. (Which, luckily, is absolutely possible.) But a new study shows that this is a deadly misconception.

2013-02-08 - I am fatally allergic to treenuts and you say to use macadamia nut oil and eat all treenuts for my problem. So, what do you say now!?

2013-02-07 - It wasn’t long ago that I last warned you about the dangers of PFOA. But I’m compelled to mention it again. Because a panel of public health scientists just concluded that there are 'probable links' between PFOA and six different diseases…

2013-02-06 - Q. I've tried Stevia, and even though I know that it is a natural sweetener, it still leaves a metallic taste in my mouth...what about Palm Sugar? I've read that it is the only sweetener available to diabetics that won't cause harm. Is this true?

2013-02-06 - Q. I enjoy and respect your daily information. What is your opinion on titanium magnet bracelets for adding range of motion and overall increase in comfort from stiffness? Personally, I wear one and receive benefits. But is there any medical support to this?

2013-02-05 - Here’s an absurd little tidbit for you to chew on: According to a recent meta-analysis, being overweight might help you live longer. But a closer look at the research reveals that this conclusion isn’t quite as straightforward as it seems…

2013-02-04 - Here’s a tip for all you women out there. Start stocking your fridge with berries. Because a new study shows it could quite literally save your life.

2013-02-04 - Patients often approach me with panicked questions about the latest sensational headline to turn the health world on its head. One of the more recent of these is the claim that daily multivitamins cause cancer. This is wrong on so many levels it’s hard to know where to begin. But you have to start somewhere. So I’ll address the science first.

2013-02-01 - Coca-Cola wants you to know something. It's not responsible for fueling the national obesity crisis. And those soda machines they keep stocked in schools across the country? Well, it's not their fault kids are getting fatter. In fact, Coca-Cola is here to help. At least, that's the message of the first installment in their latest ad campaign, laughably called 'Coming Together.'

2013-01-31 - The negative implications of the Farm Bill are clear as day. And yet, when's the last time the media pointed out that our government is practically funding the obesity epidemic with this legislative nonsense? It just doesn't happen. But maybe that's about to change.

2013-01-29 - 'Keeping the weight off' is easier said than done. And the fact is, people usually do gain it back. But lucky for us, a few fancy researchers at Stanford University have come up with a 'new' approach to addressing this problem...

2013-01-28 - A new study shows that a sunny smile could save your little one a few scary trips to the dentist. Of course, I'm referring to vitamin D. And more specifically, to a recent review of over two dozen clinical trials, featuring more than 3,000 children.

2013-01-28 - Other doctors often wonder why I test every single one of my patients for food allergies and sensitivities. My answer? Because more often than not, the tests come back positive.

2013-01-25 - If the idea of a healthy cookie seems like an oxymoron, that's because, well... it is. But don't expect that to stop the Girl Scouts from trying to sell you one--or rather, several boxes of them.

2013-01-24 - My ideas about the right way to eat are hardly 'fringe.' If you ask me, they're just plain good sense. Yet somehow, high-carb diets still don't get the kind of censure they deserve. And that's why I'm so excited to share this next bit of news with you--even though it's anything but good.

2013-01-22 - Now that it's the New Year, everyone will be clamoring to lose that weight. And wouldn't you know? There's a new drug on the market to help you do just that.

2013-01-21 - The shocking rise in the number of children diagnosed with autism in this country is a big concern of mine. I treat many children with this condition--usually quite successfully--through diet and nutritional supplementation. And I've seen many diagnoses reversed, and children removed from the spectrum, even when parents were told there was no hope for them.

2013-01-18 - Tomato soup is an old favorite in the pantheon of mid-winter comfort foods. And a new study shows that it might offer the same soothing benefits to your blood pressure, too.

2013-01-17 - Home may be the place where good habits begin. But according to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), a little more recess at school could also make a big difference.

2013-01-17 - Here's a shocking revelation for you. Teens that spend a lot of time sitting around watching TV or playing computer games are more likely to stuff junk food in their mouths.

2013-01-15 - Lean men can reduce their risk of hip fractures just by consuming more carotenoids. At least, that's the takeaway of a new Chinese study...

2013-01-15 - We used to think osteoporosis only really affected women. We also assumed that obese people had a lower risk of the disease, on account of carrying around all that extra weight. But things have changed.

2013-01-14 - News flash: High fructose corn syrup makes you fat and will give you diabetes. And yet, no one seems to want to listen to either science or reason where this stuff is concerned. Despite all the alarms that research continues to set off with every new study.

2013-01-11 - I want to break from my usual routine this Friday to share an amazing comment I received last week. It comes from a reader named Merry in Kansas--and let me say, it made my day

2013-01-10 - Lots of people complain that their energy dips during the colder, darker months. And the results of a new study reveal one possible reason why. Too little sunshine could be dragging you down.

2013-01-10 - Looks like vitamin D is making headlines again. And in these darkest days of the year, I can't think of a better time to share the latest news about the sunshine vitamin.

2013-01-08 - And now, an example of misguided science at its most absurd... It seems Spanish scientists have found the answer to high blood pressure. Just fill up on their new low-salt, low-cholesterol cheese

2013-01-08 - If you're a regular reader of my Reality Health Check (or my monthly newsletter, Logical Health Alternatives) then you probably already know a little bit about C-reactive protein, or CRP. Namely, any good visit to your doctor should include a test for it. In fact, when I treat my patients, the CRP blood test is one that I follow quite closely.

2013-01-07 - 'This week will see the launch of a fat-busting new Pepsi variant that is targeting the health conscious.' I can't even repeat that sentence with a straight face. I mean honestly. When are soda companies going to realize that there's nothing they can do to convince the truly 'health conscious' that their product is anything but garbage?

2013-01-04 - A little tip for all of you men: Stop eating simple carbs. They'll wreak havoc on your blood sugar. They'll make you fat. And a new study shows that they pave the way to prostate cancer, too.

2013-01-03 - I have treated so many cancer patients in my career. And the ones who take total control over their disease--rather than the other way around--are the ones who survive.

2013-01-01 - Should auld acquaintance be forgot... Happy New Year!!!! Well, I'm not sure about forgetting old acquaintances. But I do think we should try to forget some of our poor eating habits.

2013-01-01 - I don't really subscribe to the whole "healthy snacking" mantra that pervades modern dieting advice. Mostly because, if you're eating right in the first place, you won't feel the need to snack.

2012-12-31 - If you're not already taking fish oil along with that prenatal vitamin, it's time to start now. Because a new review of over 75 different studies shows that you might be at risk for postpartum depression.

2012-12-31 - There's no question that depression is a serious risk factor for both mother and baby. But the results of a new review suggest that selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs, for short) aren't the best course of treatment.

2012-12-28 - If it seems like I write a lot about obesity and diabetes, that's because, well... I do. Fact is, the world would be a thinner, healthier place if we didn't have to struggle with either of these deadly conditions. But unfortunately, that's just not the world we live in.

2012-12-27 - By now, you know how I feel about exercise. Let's just say I'd never discourage you from "sweating to the oldies." But I have to share the latest good news about the darling of the supplement industry, curcumin. (You know... the compound that gives curry powder its trademark yellow color.)

2012-12-25 - First, I'd like to wish a Merry Christmas to everyone out there who is celebrating today. I hope you're all enjoying a relaxing, happy, and healthy holiday. And while you're at it, why not make it a green one, too?

2012-12-25 - When you're up against cancer, the mere thought of getting out of bed and taking a brisk walk might sound exhausting. Especially in the wake of energy-robbing chemotherapy treatments. But research shows that this is precisely when aerobic exercise is most important. In fact, it might be the simple secret to shaking off cancer-related fatigue.

2012-12-24 - According to a recent report appearing in The Lancet, obesity rates have risen by 82 percent worldwide, affecting every country except sub-Saharan Africa. And the resulting health burden now outpaces that of hunger by a long shot...

2012-12-24 - The holiday season is always an extremely stressful time. But if you're battling with your weight, it can be downright scary.

2012-12-21 - Beans, beans, the magical fruit, the more you eat... the lower your blood sugar. At least, according to one new bit of research.

2012-12-20 - It's shocking to me that I even have to write about something as completely avoidable as childhood obesity. But facts are facts. We live in a world where more than a third of all children are overweight or obese. So obviously, it's a problem that requires some serious attention.

2012-12-18 - You've probably heard of the "French paradox" before. Despite their notorious fondness for saturated fat, the French still have healthier hearts than Americans. The medical community has long attributed this phenomenon to France's voracious consumption of resveratrol-packed red wine. But new research is showing that this might not be their only surprising secret to good health.

2012-12-18 - A new review recently appeared in The Lancet. In it, a team of British researchers concluded that, compared to controls, routine screening cuts relative risk for breast cancer mortality by about 20 percent. And it prevents one breast cancer death for every 235 women screened. But the news isn't as good as it sounds...

2012-12-17 - For years, I've warned that consuming too many artificial sweeteners could make you fat. I believe that they stimulate hunger and appetite in a way similar to sucrose and fructose. The results of a new study bear that theory out.

2012-12-17 - Carotenoids are antioxidant compounds that give fruits and veggies their bright pigment. And this new analysis included nearly 80 percent of the available published data on the connection between this class of nutrients and breast cancer.

2012-12-14 - Eyes, feet, heart... there's no shortage of body parts to put on your watch list when you wind up with diabetes. And now you can add your ears to that tally. Or more specifically, your hearing.

2012-12-13 - I constantly hear people say that they can't find the time to exercise. And this is especially true during the hectic holiday season. But a new study shows that devoting even six minutes of your day to exercise could help your holiday memories last that much longer.

2012-12-13 - I hate it when over-the-top-commerce strips the true meaning away from our traditions. And in case you haven't noticed, this is what has happened with the entire holiday season when it comes to eating...

2012-12-11 - Want to lose weight without dieting? Go with your gut. True, that might not sound like the smartest plan for anyone struggling to zip their jeans. But hear me out.

2012-12-11 - There was a time when people thought chemicals would be the answer to all of our problems. Now, they are the problem. And a deadly one, at that.

2012-12-10 - It's easily the most horrifying use of balloons I've seen yet. In case you haven't heard, modern technology has come up with a new gruesome way to battle obesity. Just insert a chain of balloons into your gut!

2012-12-10 - I can't decide whether I'm alarmed by or excited about a bit of news I recently read. Maybe a little bit of both. It seems as though scientists are close to being able to control intestinal enzymes responsible for breaking down starchy foods. In fact, they may be able to turn these starch-digesting enzymes on and off. And this might allow the scientists to selectively block enzymes responsible for glucose release.

2012-12-07 - If mine is the only voice of reason to be heard here, so be it. I'll say it one more time. Enough with the juice already!

2012-12-06 - A hot cup of tea isn't a hard sell this time of year. In fact, there's nothing cozier on a cold winter day. Or healthier, based on the results of one recent study.

2012-12-06 - I have always loved Europe--and not just because of my Italian heritage. I suppose one could argue against their social net... But I know I would love to have six weeks of paid vacation, family leave time for both parents, and a medical system that may not be as good as ours for catastrophic care, but is pretty equivalent for the everyday things. Not to mention the fact that their system isn't overburdened with obesity and diabetes like ours is. So they must be doing something right.

2012-12-04 - By now, you know how I feel about Pycnogenol ®. Simply put, everyone everywhere should be taking it. The powers of this antioxidant-packed pine bark extract have been the subject of tons of research. And its benefits are undeniable.

2012-12-04 - The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently added eight more drugs to its "watch" list, due to potentially serious safety concerns. The new drugs to make the list include ones used to treat conditions like cancer, epilepsy, hypertension, and malaria.

2012-12-03 - By now, most people know that empty carbs will leave you fat and hungry. A hearty serving of protein, on the other hand, will fill you up and help keep you lean. So if you want to get slim and stay slim, obviously, more protein is a must.

2012-12-03 - There's been quite a bit of good news on the benefits of nutritional supplements lately. And since so few mainstream news outlets are willing to share this news, I'm ecstatic to do it. Take a recent study published in the journal Nutrition Research, for example. It showed that increased blood levels of coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) and vitamin B6 are associated with a reduced risk of coronary artery disease (CAD).

2012-11-30 - With all the expensive cancer drugs on the market these days, it's hard to believe that something as simple as a bowl of kale or broccoli could dramatically boost your chances of beating this disease.

2012-11-29 - I know I've been giving a lot of lip service lately to beverages you shouldn't be drinking. (Soda... juice... sadly the list goes on.) So let me take a minute to tell you what you can--and should--drink more of: green tea.

2012-11-29 - Now that the human bio-genome project has been completed, we are starting to see so many interesting studies coming from this information. Those of us in the alternative medical world have been discussing the importance of gut bacteria for decades. And finally (hopefully), the rest of the medical community will realize that these bugs that live in and on us do play a key role in health.

2012-11-27 - In case you didn't hear, a recent study took a crack at vitamin D's longstanding reputation as an immune builder. It was even published in the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).

2012-11-27 - If you've been reading the Reality Health Check for a while, by now you've undoubtedly caught on that there is a study to prove or disprove just about anything. Take the latest headline I came across, for example: "Move more...but please don't eat less: Why industry should stress 'calories in' to fight obesity."

2012-11-26 - When are the so-called nutritional "experts" going to learn that fat is not inherently bad for us? In fact, it's a critical nutrient--particularly for our brains, which are made up primarily of fat. Fat and protein have been taking the blame for the problems caused by carbohydrates and sugar for way too long. Hopefully a new study from the Mayo Clinic is one more step in the right direction.

2012-11-23 - I thought I'd heard it all. But as misguided medicine goes, this latest bit of research definitely sets the bar.

2012-11-22 - Forget to take your multivitamin? That might be all the more reason to remember next time... at least, if the results of one recent study are any indication.

2012-11-22 - Ah, Thanksgiving. The only day of the year where you can doze off after you eat and no one bats an eye. But maybe napping shouldn't carry such a stigma the rest of the year after all...

2012-11-20 - I've talked before about the dangers of chemicals and the toxic burden they place on your body. Now, a new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that the danger isn't just for adults. Obese children and adolescents have a higher concentration of bisphenol A (BPA) in their urine than their healthy-weight peers.

2012-11-20 - New research points to a super simple way to keep your heart health on track. Get more vitamin D.

2012-11-19 - I will never forget when I was an intern and my attending was from England, where they practice a very different type of medicine than we do. He wanted to know why a particular patient had been prescribed so many medications. His comment was so great, it has stuck with me to this day. He said "she's on so many medications, if you shake her, she will rattle."

2012-11-16 - Did you know that diabetes doubles your risk of serious gum disease? If the answer to that question is no, you're in good company. According to a new survey, 66 percent of US adults are unaware of the strong links between high blood sugar and dental problems.

2012-11-15 - I've been saying all along that the answer to fat is more fat. And wouldn't you know? A new study proves that I'm right... in more ways than one.

2012-11-15 - Today I bring you a horrifying tale of mad scientists, genetically engineered creatures, and innocent children in danger. The worst part? This scary story is also true.

2012-11-13 - Each year a group called the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) hosts an annual meeting. This year's meeting (the 48th) was in Berlin, Germany. And while I didn't attend, you can bet I didn't miss their biggest announcement...

2012-11-12 - ...well, you know how the saying goes. But you won't find me throwing that phrase around. At the end of the day, sugar is sugar, whether it's from fruit or a factory. And apples are full of it.

2012-11-12 - As we get deeper into cold and flu's a good time to share one more risk factor you may want to address. If you or someone you love is taking a statin drug for cholesterol, research shows you have a higher risk of developing pneumonia. And depending on your age and overall health status, pneumonia could be worse for you than the cholesterol you're taking the statins for!

2012-11-09 - I've said it before and I'll say it again: Walking more could save your life. You might think I'm being hyperbolic. But I'm not. I'm just pointing out the obvious takeaway of a new study from researchers at St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto.

2012-11-08 - Expensive creams and plastic surgery might promise the fountain of youth. But it looks like the real secret to staying young is a lot less glamorous.

2012-11-08 - You've heard me say before how the over-prescribing (and mis-prescribing) of pharmaceutical medications is a leading cause of death in the United States. Well, it seems things are worse off than anyone could have imagined--at least if our neighbors to the North are any indication.

2012-11-06 - "Is Big Pharma getting too much flak from doctors?" No, that's not a sarcastic question. It's an actual headline from a recent report I came across, which details doctors' declining trust in the pharmaceutical industry.

2012-11-06 - If you want to stay healthy, it is becoming clearer and clearer that you have to keep your blood sugar under control. In fact, a new study shows that even blood glucose levels in the high end of the normal range appear to cause some significant problems.

2012-11-05 - The link between your gut bacteria and your immune health is only one of many examples of how the health of your gut ties into your overall health. New research is shining a light on one of the lesser known threats of a poorly populated GI tract. And the implications are humongous, in more ways than one.

2012-11-05 - Cold and flu season is upon us. And I am very thankful to be able to say I haven't suffered from either in as long as I can remember. So either my memory is going or I've had a good run. So before it's too late, I thought I'd tackle the topic of flu shots...

2012-11-02 - You know that long-standing recommendation to get your "five a day" of fruits and veggies? Well, that might be good enough for the government. But they'd have to add a couple extra servings to that daily minimum to make me happy.

2012-11-01 - Finally, a form of snacking I can get behind. If you have a tough time fitting an hour or even 20 minutes of exercise into your schedule, listen up. Experts say that short, 10-minute bursts of activity--ironically called exercise "snacking"--may be all you need to keep your fitness in check.

2012-11-01 - "It's never too late to start" and "don't give up" are two of my favorite clichés--at least in talking with patients. And now a new study makes them even more relevant. And proves what I've been saying for years. Staying fit during middle age can help lower your risk of developing chronic disease. Including diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, and heart disease.

2012-10-30 - The faster you eat, the fatter you get...and if you want to slim down, you've got to slow down. This is already diet gospel, no matter who you talk to. But now, a new study is showing exactly how much influence a little extra chewing can have on your eating habits.

2012-10-30 - I always like to think of autumn as a time of renewal and self-evaluation. As I get older, I like to ponder the future and what it may look like. But, this year, I decided to make a drastic change in my life and move.

2012-10-29 - You wouldn't believe my surprise when I opened the most recent issue of JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association). Inside was a positive study on the use of nutritional supplementation.

2012-10-29 - Magnesium may not be as "sexy" as the latest industry darlings like green tea or green coffee bean extract. But a recently published meta-analysis shows that it's just as hard-working...even against deadly conditions like cancer.

2012-10-26 - Sorry, but I can't help but wrap up the week with one more truth about soda... Guess what? It makes you fat. And it's killing our country, pound by sugar-fueled pound. Yet somehow, we're still debating the wisdom of legislation that places restrictions on the sale of sugary drinks.

2012-10-25 - Damning evidence on the dangers of soda keeps flooding in. This week, the soda industry has even more explaining to do, thanks to a new study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition...

2012-10-25 - In another bit of news that didn't make front page headlines...the state of California recently added ammonia sulfite, or 4-MI, to its list of cancer-causing chemicals. 4-MI is a coloring additive commonly used in fizzy drinks. And California is now requiring on-can warnings if levels are over a certain threshold.

2012-10-23 - There is almost nothing I like doing more than exposing the food industry for what it really is. An industry based on profits just like any other. With absolutely NO consideration to how what they're churning out actually impacts our health. And today, I've got a great mind-opening example.

2012-10-22 - I've been a big fan of eating gluten free for decades. In fact, a true gluten-free diet is essentially at the core of my New Hamptons Health Miracle. That is, eating foods that are by their very nature free of gluten--not gluten-free bagels or gluten-free candy bars.The reason I bring this up is because of a recent study that says the prevalence of celiac disease (CD) in the United States may be more common than originally thought.

2012-10-22 - Beta-blockers are high on my list of drugs to avoid for a lot of reasons. They contribute to fatigue. They slow down your metabolism. They can even trigger asthma attacks. And as if all that wasn't enough, one new study shows that they're practically useless, too.

2012-10-19 - You won't believe what the folks at Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) have pulled off. An amazing satire of the Coca-Cola bears that conveys everything I've been talking about with regard to sugar for years!

2012-10-18 - Too often, conventional wisdom is ludicrously wrong. Like recommending artificial sweeteners to diabetics. Or telling dieters to eat less fat. But sometimes, popular advice is just plain good advice. And the universal acknowledgment of the health benefits of omega-3s definitely falls under that dishearteningly tiny umbrella.

2012-10-18 - The cell phone debate rages on and it's not about the Droid vs. the iPhone (although I know which one I would pick). I'm sure you're aware of the ongoing concerns about the use of cell phones and the risk of brain tumors. Now, finally, an investigative arm of Congress has said it's time to take a fresh look at the 15-year-old standards on radiofrequency energy from mobile phones.

2012-10-16 - No, pizza is not a vegetable. And it looks like U.S. schools are starting to get the message... though not nearly fast enough.

2012-10-16 - If you think the whole GMO debate is bad, you won't believe this... Your next hamburger may be grown in a laboratory! When I read stories like this, I get filled with glee...because I can't wait to see how messed up this is going to be for our health and what kind of cancer this will cause. When did we decided that we were larger-than-life beings (dare I say God) to feel empowered to create food from where it didn't exist?

2012-10-15 - Chalk this one up to it's never too late. If you or someone you know is 75 or older, listen up! New research shows simple lifestyle choices could add over 5 years to your life.

2012-10-12 - I've mentioned my beef with asthma inhalers before. Inhaled steroids simply haven't been proven safe for long-term use. Quite the opposite, in fact. Studies have linked them with everything from weight gain and diabetes to osteoporosis.

2012-10-11 - I remember watching "Arsenic and Old Lace" in black and white with my mother. If you haven't seen it, it's about two spinsters who poison their suitors to death with arsenic. Well now it appears that arsenic is found in a wide variety of rice and rice products.

2012-10-09 - I see too many patients who complain about not being as sharp or as quick witted as they once were. Or about “brain fog.” Still others complain about not being able to remember why they went into a room. It might not sound like much of a big deal, but this ordinary forgetfulness can snowball into full-blown dementia.

2012-10-09 - I've talked about "fat genes" before. And, coming from a long line of overweight people myself, it's a subject I've taken a great deal of interest in. Which is why a recent online debate at the British Medical Journal caught my attention.

2012-10-08 - I get a lot of questions from patients and readers about alcohol. And, believe it or not, alcohol is included in my New Hamptons Health Miracle. In fact, I believe alcohol has significant health benefits. But people are usually flabbergasted when I tell them that I DON'T recommend red wine.

2012-10-08 - It looks like the answer to that question might depend on how often you're popping over-the-counter pain relievers.

2012-10-05 - "It's a new reason to visit more often."That's what Cindy Goody, Senior Director of Nutrition at McDonald's USA, had to say about the fast food giant's latest favor to the American public. So what exactly is this new and exciting reason to visit this notorious fat factory more often? Soon, under a pair of golden arches near you, you will see a collection of obscenely high calorie loads displayed in bright, shining lights.

2012-10-04 - Here's yet another "genius" announcement from two groups we would all do better without--the American Heart Association and the American Diabetes Association. They have issued a joint scientific statement giving a cautious recommendation to the use of non-nutritive sweeteners to help people maintain a healthy body weight and for diabetics to aid glucose control.

2012-10-04 - I know I preach a lot about the importance of vitamin D. But it really is that necessary. And so are my constant lectures about it, considering how few people manage to maintain even acceptable levels of the sunshine vitamin.

2012-10-02 - Or rather, what goes up can come down. At least as far as the numbers on your scale are concerned. New research shows that you can forget what you might have heard about yo-yo diets ruining your metabolism. Even if you have a history of extreme weight gains... and losses... and gains... you can still get fit again. No excuses.

2012-10-02 - It's fascinating to me that we have not heard much from the pharmaceutical industry in this fight about the Affordable Care Act. They are just sitting back and enjoying their billions of dollars without worry, because they know it isn't going to affect them at all.

2012-10-01 - Yoga is an amazing practice that has been around for centuries. It's especially well-suited for older adults as a way to stay healthy and fit. And now new research highlights its potential.

2012-10-01 - I've mentioned before that lathering up with antibacterial soap is probably the worst possible way to wash your hands. These chemical-laden cleaners do more harm than good for a couple of reasons. And the fact that they're sure to contain triclosan is just one of them.

2012-09-28 - No, I'm not referring to the planet...though this latest study on statins is definitely "out there."

2012-09-27 - I have been talking about this for months now. And at times have taken a lot of flak for my stance on this issue. But I am super happy with the outcome. New York City has passed the first U.S. ban of oversized sugary drinks. This is its latest controversial step to reduce obesity and its deadly complications in a nation that is fatter than ever.

2012-09-27 - Here we go again. Just when I thought the Great Egg Debate had ended for good, another half-baked study shows up to stir the pot one more time.

2012-09-25 - It's been a killer mosquito season. Literally. I doubt anyone's missed the panicked headlines. West Nile virus--an infection spread through the bites of infected mosquitoes--gripped the country in epidemic fashion this summer. And it likely won't let go until those little bloodsuckers are gone for the year.

2012-09-25 - Fall is here. And that means cold and flu season is back again. But you don't have to roll the dice on a toxin-packed flu shot to make it to spring unscathed. And you don't have to don a biohazard suit to stay healthy through the holidays, either.

2012-09-24 - A new study shows that having a drink now and then might just be the key to preventing osteoporosis.

2012-09-24 - It's beginning to look a lot like 1984 out there--and I don't mean punk rock hair and body piercings. You see, it appears Big Brother isn't just a reality TV show anymore. And if you think New York City's ban on sodas larger than 16 ounces is a direct violation of people's right to be obese--oops, I mean their civil rights--then here's something that's sure to make your head spin...

2012-09-21 - Selenium is one of those "sleeper" nutrients that you don't hear much about. But it's critical to good health. There's been some impressive research supporting selenium's role in cancer prevention. And now a new study puts a spotlight on selenium for diabetes.

2012-09-20 - If you've been reading my Reality Health Check for a while, you know that I get livid about soft drinks and artificial sweeteners. School lunch programs that claim pizza qualifies as a vegetable make me crazy.

2012-09-20 - This is one bit of information that every woman in America needs to know about. A new study suggests that eating carbohydrates increases the risk of breast cancer.

2012-09-18 - We've known for a while that curcumin can fight inflammation and help repair oxidative damage to cells. But it may also be the newest breakthrough in diabetes care, too.

2012-09-18 - I've always recommended eating real butter. Even when the chemical "geniuses" came up with so-called "healthy" spreads. Mainly, it's because any artificial food--no matter what "good stuff" is added to it--contains chemicals.

2012-09-17 - I can't believe the giant disservice Stanford University did when they released the food news story "heard round the world." According to their press release and mainstream news headlines everywhere, organic fruits and vegetables are not healthier after all. Really?!?

2012-09-14 - Previously I've told you how important exercise is. And how it can save your life if you've got diabetes. But I've also written recently about how few doctors ever recommend exercise to their patients.

2012-09-13 - There have been lots of reports lately on strength training. How important it is for helping you lose weight and improve blood sugar control. But a new study shows that aerobic exercise still has its place

2012-09-13 - I made a firm commitment to exercise two years ago. And I never deviate--even on vacation. I'm not saying that you have to be that strict (this is simply what works best for me). But it is imperative that you do something. Because there's mounting evidence that exercise can save your life...

2012-09-11 - Hold onto your hats for this latest bit of groundbreaking news... Children who consume a healthy diet during childhood may have higher IQs than those who are fed junk food.

2012-09-11 - In the June issue of my newsletter, Logical Health Alternatives, I wrote about the link between inflammation and pain. I explained how the Standard American Diet--and all the packaged, processed foods it contains--is the primary culprit. These products are loaded with omega-6 fats, which promote inflammation.

2012-09-10 - A new study in the August issue of the journal Clinical and Experimental Allergy showed that fish oil may help reduce allergies in infants. It's a "gold-standard" study with all the right bells and whistles. And the results were impressive.

2012-09-10 - Fall allergy season will be here before you know it. So it's time to get a head start. Because I've found that taking a few simple steps before the season is in full swing can make a big difference in your symptoms.

2012-09-07 - Most people think of folic acid as the anti-birth-defect nutrient. (If they think of it at all, that is.) And while it is critical for pregnant women to make sure they're getting plenty of this essential nutrient to protect their unborn babies--that's not folic acid's only benefit.

2012-09-06 - When it comes to sex, mainstream medicine is always focused on men. I say, what about women? The machinery may be different. But there's one common denominator involved in sexual dysfunction in both sexes.

2012-09-06 - Yesterday, I told you about some impressive new research on a few "old standby" antioxidant supplements. Today, I want to take a minute to tell you about some recent developments with another old standby--fish oil.

2012-09-04 - I've been talking about the benefits of dark chocolate for years. Study after study has shown that the antioxidants in cocoa and chocolate are abundant. And in July, an impressive review of chocolate's antioxidant benefits appeared in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology.

2012-09-04 - There are some forms of cancer that are just really difficult to treat. And pancreatic cancer ranks at the very top of that list. Sadly, it has the worst survival rate of any form of the disease. So, anything that can help cut the risk of this deadly enemy ought to be front page news. But what did I hear after the results of a groundbreaking new study that came out in July? Crickets! So allow me to tell you about this exciting new research.

2012-09-03 - We need to sit less and move more. It's a message I can't stress enough. Back in February, I told you about a new medical condition known as sitting disease. Researchers coined this new term after they discovered that sitting for too long--behind a desk, at a computer, in front of the TV--can actually increase your risk of cancer.

2012-09-03 - There's been a lot of bad press lately about the PSA screening test for prostate cancer. Maybe you caught my message awhile back, when I came out pro-PSA amid all the naysayers. Well, it turns out I'm not the only one who sees the value in this so-called "useless" test.

2012-08-31 - Cheese may very well be the healthiest "comfort food" there is. And not just because its fat content will keep you satisfied longer than most other snacks. According to some new research, cheese can actually help you avoid today's deadliest epidemic--diabetes.

2012-08-30 - There's a new movement underway by the Council for Responsible Nutrition--a really excellent group of watch-dog researchers who take their job seriously. The CRN is urging the Feds to change their official "dietary guidelines" regarding vitamin D.

2012-08-30 - There are very few diseases more heartbreaking for family members than Alzheimer's. There's no cure and the drugs that are currently available are little more than a placebo. That's why I was so happy to see the results of this new study, which used some very common nutrients to significantly improve memory in Alzheimer's patients.

2012-08-28 - It looks like fad diets have gone high-tech. There are a few laboratories out there advertising "DNA dieting." And according to research by Stanford University scientists, subjects who ate a diet tailored to their genetic type lost more weight than those whose diets and genes were not in sync.

2012-08-28 - I remember it well. The landmark day in 2006 when Mayor Bloomberg declared that New York City would lead the nation in the first ban on trans fats in restaurant food. And, according to a new study in the Annals of Internal Medicine, it worked.

2012-08-27 - Onions don't get much attention in mainstream science--but that seems to be changing. A new study in the journal Nutrition found that onions may help protect the brain from damaging swelling linked with a stroke. And, while it's just a mouse study, it is compelling.

2012-08-27 - I just read an article predicting that by the year 2018, spending on food away from home will exceed food at home for the first time. This saddens me on so many levels I don't even know where to begin.

2012-08-24 - Anyone who's ever tried to lose weight has heard the advice to write down what you eat. If you've ever had a job taking inventory, it's the same concept. Each and every item gets documented.

2012-08-23 - They're popping up at the farmers markets now--bell peppers in every shape and color. I love them all.... The colors alone are enough to draw me in. But peppers are also one of the best antioxidant packages going.

2012-08-23 - In yet another blow to the fat-free industry, recent research shows that using fat-rich salad dressings may help your body absorb even more nutrients from salad. So, once again, you can crave your fat and eat it too--just choose wisely.

2012-08-21 - Listen up, guys. There's new incentive to shed a few pounds. It might just give your testosterone levels a good swift kick in the right direction.

2012-08-21 - I've always been suspicious of aspirin. I just don't think it's as benign as mainstream medicine wants us all to believe. In fact, I don't think it would ever pass the scrutiny of the FDA if it were up for approval today. And a new study published recently in the Journal of the American Medical Association proves my point.

2012-08-20 - There's been some encouraging news emerging about dementia prevention recently. And according to four new studies presented at the Alzheimer's Association International Conference held this summer in Vancouver, exercise may be one of the best ways to protect yourself.

2012-08-20 - I am hoping that this latest study, published in the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association, puts to rest any lingering notion that a calorie is a calorie.

2012-08-17 - Previously, I told you about how widespread pesticides are in the produce you get at the grocery store. Even after they've been washed, many of the common fruits and vegetables you eat every day still have high levels of chemicals. On the flip side of that coin, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) also put together a list of the least-contaminated produce items. They call it the "Clean Fifteen" list.

2012-08-16 - Did you know that there are still trans fatty acids in our food? The government started regulating trans fats in 2006. So I'm actually shocked that this is still a problem.

2012-08-16 - I wrote about berberine in the January 2012 issue of my newsletter, Logical Health Alternatives. Scientists have found that this herb is a powerful nutrient that supports many aspects of your health, including healthy blood pressure and mental cognition.

2012-08-14 - If there was still any doubt lingering in anyone's mind that vitamin D is good for bones, this should put it to rest. A recent study published in the New England Journal of Medicine is as close to a definitive answer as you can get.

2012-08-14 - As much as I believe in a gluten-free lifestyle, I've been wary of all the "gluten-free" products that are taking supermarkets by storm. Most of them seem like they're just the latest gimmick food manufacturers are using to make a buck (or billion).

2012-08-13 - As you know, one of my primary missions in life is to set the record straight about what's truly healthy--and what isn't. Because, unfortunately, it's not all that easy to tell these days. Even things that should be good for you--like vegetables and fruits--can pose some hidden risks...

2012-08-13 - A new study in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives shows that the chemicals in skin creams and makeup significantly increase the risk of diabetes in women.

2012-08-10 - I'm savoring every last bite of this season's tomato crop. Not only do they taste like summer, but, as you probably know, tomatoes are packed with lycopene. Lycopene is a phytonutrient that may prevent cancer, especially prostate cancer.

2012-08-09 - In case you weren't already aware...government agencies are constantly trying to force physicians into the "mold" they've created. Perhaps it's so one day they can replace us with iPads or whatever the latest technology is. What better way to save money? And help make sure the bigwigs of the pharmaceutical companies, food companies, and insurance companies can all fly around in private jets, making nine-figure annual salaries?

2012-08-09 - They've got to be kidding. The American Diabetes Association (this time in conjunction with the American Heart Association) released a statement recently that may very well trump every piece of terrible advice they've given to-date.

2012-08-07 - Somehow, every woman in America, seems to be in on the natural secret for curing urinary tract infections (UTIs). But men get these infections, too (as I wrote in the October 2011 issue of my newsletter, Logical Health Alternatives). And it's high time everyone knew about the power of cranberries.

2012-08-07 - You didn't think I'd let this one get by me did you? Of course, I'm talking about the recent Swedish study that looked at the effects of a low-carb diet on cardiovascular risk in young women. The researchers looked specifically at the Atkins-type, low-carb diet.

2012-08-06 - If you have diabetes, your risk of just about every other disease goes up. But one of the most unrecognized--but common--risks is a condition called pancreatitis.

2012-08-06 - Here's another reason to get your couch potato teenager away from the computer and out playing sports. According to a recent study, lack of physical fitness at age 18 is associated with an increased risk of serious depression later in life.

2012-08-03 - Just two hours. That's all it takes for air pollution to damage your heart.
It's a disturbing finding, published in the July issue of the journal Circulation. And researchers point to ozone as the primary offender.

2012-08-02 - It must be the Olympics that have me in such an international frame of mind this week. So we might as well turn our attention to the city hosting the games this year. Because it's not all torches and medals going on in London these days. There are also some significant health-related initiatives happening there recently.

2012-08-02 - Citrus fruits are a good source of antioxidants called flavonoids. And a new study shows that a particular flavonoid in citrus fruits--called flavanones--can help women maintain healthy circulation and blood vessels.

2012-07-31 - If you read the June issue of my newsletter, Logical Health Alternatives, you know how much I hate NSAIDs. They relieve pain by reducing inflammation. But they're also the leading cause of liver failure in this country. Including cirrhosis of the liver and chronic liver disease.

2012-07-31 - A friend of mine who does work in diabetes clinics in Africa several times a year recently told me that he was going to Qatar to do the same thing. I was surprised by this announcement. Not because Qatar is in the Middle East--but because diabetes is a significant enough problem there to warrant his intervention.

2012-07-30 - Magnesium is the Rodney Dangerfield of minerals. One that doesn't get the respect it deserves. Yet it's critical for bones, nerves, the immune system, energy metabolism. And it's known to relax muscles, even regulate blood pressure.

2012-07-30 - You would think that the United States of America--the pillar of strength and virtue-- would want to export things that improve the health and lifestyles of those less fortunate than we are. But our leading export these days is anything but virtuous...

2012-07-27 - Of all the potential consequences and side effects of diabetes, one of the most common is also the most overlooked. I'm talking about foot ulcers. And a new study in the journal Diabetes shows just how prevalent they are among people who have blood sugar problems.

2012-07-26 - They don't call it the most important meal of the day for nothing. I've found that my patients who take the time to eat breakfast every day fare significantly better than people who don't when it comes to shedding excess weight.

2012-07-26 - I came across an interesting headline the other day. It said, "Is obesity caused by a virus?" My first thought was, "Now, that's stretching it a bit." But hey, you never know until you look into it. So I did.

2012-07-24 - I get a lot of questions about coffee. And rightly so. It's one of those foods/beverages that has been controversial in the health world. And it's an addiction that people take somewhat of a delight in having. Everyone seems to feel it's the one vice that somehow is ok. And, as it turns out, they may be right.

2012-07-24 - I've always been a big fan of resveratrol. It's a powerful antioxidant that offers significant protection from any type of chronic disease. Heart disease, diabetes, dementia, cancer. You name it, and resveratrol can help you avoid it.

2012-07-23 - It's just too much. In one week, the FDA approves not just one, but TWO prescription diet pills! Yes folks, on the heels of Belviq, we've now got Qsymia.

2012-07-23 - The American Diabetes Association always seems to consider it some sort of miracle when an individual can control their diabetes--or even reverse it--on their own, without Big Pharma's "help." So, the outcome of this study was on par with something from Lourdes to them. (Even though you and I have known the truth for ages.)

2012-07-20 - Just two weeks ago, I told you about the new warnings regarding bladder cancer risk in people taking the diabetes drug Actos. But it looks like the problems don't stop there.

2012-07-19 - Despite its decadently sweet flavor, watermelon is actually very low in sugar. But that's just one of the reasons it's a staple in my fridge each summer. It also has some significant health benefits

2012-07-19 - Study after study has shown that Pycnogenol is a powerful natural antioxidant and promotes a healthy inflammatory response. Which makes it key in supporting heart health in particular. Now, an important new study has taken a closer look at those heart-health properties. And researchers found that Pycnogenol can help keep arteries and blood vessels healthy.

2012-07-17 - After 13 suspenseful years, the FDA has approved a pill that they believe could help to fight the raging obesity epidemic. Buy stock now, because I have no doubt Belviq (lorcaserin) will be the next blockbuster drug.

2012-07-16 - The first time I had organic beef was well over a decade ago. And I never looked back. If you've ever tried it, you know why. Taste-wise, it's unlike any of those "regular" steaks or burgers in the local supermarket.

2012-07-16 - I was really happy to read the results of a new study published in the most recent issue of Biological Psychology. Because it involves a group of patients that are very near and dear to my heart--those on the pervasive developmental disorder (PDD/Autism) spectrum.

2012-07-13 - I rail against Mickey D's (aka, McDonald's) for fueling the nation's obesity epidemic with all those sugary sodas and starchy carbs. But today the story is about the "other" Mickey. Or at least his parent company.

2012-07-12 - Well, folks...I wasn't sure I would live to see the day. But the so-called "experts" at the carb-loving American Diabetes Association may finally be seeing the error of their ways.

2012-07-12 - The other day I got to thinking (again) about the importance of setting good examples for kids. And how essential it is to set their health on the right track now. But it's not just about what they eat...

2012-07-10 - You know how invested I am in helping the youth of our nation avoid the fate that's been set out for them...A future filled with obesity, diabetes, and disease.

2012-07-10 - You've heard me say it over and over again. That you can lose weight without suffering. Without denying yourself the joy of eating delicious, decadent foods. Sizzling steaks, juicy burgers, gooey cheese, succulent melons, creamy avocadoes--even rich, dark chocolate.

2012-07-09 - The sun exposure/skin cancer debate has been going on for years. But one Boston University researcher has reviewed all the relevant studies on this topic. And after sifting through the data in all 129 of them, he finally came to a conclusion.

2012-07-09 - Obesogens. How's that for the word of the day? These are chemicals that can program your body to put on weight no matter how much you exercise or how well you eat. Under certain conditions and in certain quantities they can send your hunger hormones into overdrive. And direct your body to create more fat cells.

2012-07-06 - I've been prescribing Pygeum africanum for prostate concerns for years. And in almost every instance, it's helped alleviate some of the most troublesome symptoms. Particularly impaired urinary flow.

2012-07-05 - Ask anyone who's ever had one, and they'll tell you... You don't want kidney stones.

2012-07-05 - Health is my biggest passion in life. But, I'll admit it--reality TV comes in a close second. And when the two are combined I find it absolutely irresistible. So when I came across this story I knew I had to share it with you.

2012-07-03 - If you're getting together with friends and family tomorrow to celebrate the 4th of July, chances are you're going to come face-to-face with some familiar temptations. Bags of chips...trays of cookies...and, my personal kryptonite--ice cream. Somehow, they always find their way onto the picnic table.

2012-07-03 - I don't know anyone who hasn't had a case of heartburn at some point. Every once in a while is one thing. But if you have it on a regular basis, it can lead to some serious problems. You can wind up with a condition called esophagitis. Which, in the worst case scenario, can turn into Barrett's esophagus. Which can turn into esophageal cancer.

2012-07-02 - Food manufacturers have been fighting over how to hide the amount of sugar they actually put into foods for years. It's been going on at least as long as I have been in this business of trying to make people healthier. For 18 years, I've been doing my best to stay one step ahead of these nefarious food manufacturers. And to keep my patients one step ahead as well.

2012-07-02 - If you or someone you know is taking the diabetes drug Actos, please stop everything and read this now.

2012-06-29 - Lots of studies have shown that good deeds reduce stress. Helping others is good for your emotional health, which is good for your health all-around. But a group of scientists has revealed an interesting twist on one good deed in particular.

2012-06-28 - I like to make things easy for my patients. Show them the little steps that can make a big difference in their health. Like this latest study.

2012-06-28 - It turns out chocolate isn't as bad for you as you may have thought. In fact, there has been lots of research on its health benefits over the past few years. In the most recent study, researchers found that chocolate not only helps lower blood pressure. But it may also help to prevent cardiovascular events in high risk patients.

2012-06-26 - In our crazy world, there's no shortage of things to worry about. And unfortunately, that stress can shorten your life.

2012-06-26 - Problems with the thyroid gland (which is primarily responsible for regulating metabolism) prompt MANY visits to integrative medicine practitioners--including myself. It's just inevitable, because diagnosing and treating thyroid problems can be a real conundrum to those who aren't in the know.

2012-06-25 - Amid all the talk of cholesterol (and all the misplaced emphasis on it), homocysteine often goes unnoticed. Yet homocysteine is a critical indicator for artery damage.

2012-06-25 - I can't deny that I spend a lot of time talking about what we should be eating. I can't help that because what we eat, how much of it we eat, and the quality of food we eat is of utmost importance in every medical condition.

2012-06-22 - Plenty of people come from an overweight family. I'm certainly one of those people. Every one of us tipped the scales far higher than is healthy. For us, it was due to a great Italian tradition--eating too much pasta. In fact, eating too much everything.

2012-06-21 - This bit of news has me shaking my head in disbelief... A group called The National Council on Patient Information and Education (NCPIE) has launched a major effort to promote the safe use of acetaminophen. You know it better as Tylenol. It's also an ingredient in some 600 prescription and over-the-counter medications.

2012-06-21 - We've known for many years that heart disease can start in adolescence, and even sooner. But according to newly-released statistics, the numbers have become truly staggering. The risk factors for cardiovascular disease in adolescents have sky-rocketed. And it's all thanks to our incredible obesity epidemic.

2012-06-19 - A group of French scientists has theorized that obese people have gut bacteria that upsets their metabolism. That's right, "bad" gut bacteria may make them gain weight.

2012-06-19 - The 19th annual European Congress on Obesity was held last month. And one of the studies presented there got me so worked up, I can't help but vent...

2012-06-18 - I've witnessed the devastating toll colorectal cancer can take on its victims. Not only in several of my patients, but in my own father and two of my uncles as well. So it's something I take very seriously. And why I follow the research so closely.

2012-06-18 - I was reading the latest news on supplements and medical therapies and came across the following great headline: "Results that cannot be ignored." How can you not stop and read that story, right?

2012-06-15 - My mother chastised me more than once to “chew your food slowly.” I always thought it had more to do with good manners than anything else. But now, there’s evidence that wolfing your food increases risk of type 2 diabetes.

2012-06-14 - The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has released new data that they say is proof that the nation is getting healthier. Their statistics show a 27% decline in number of adults with high cholesterol.

2012-06-14 - Recently, Citizens Medical Center, a hospital in Texas, announced that it is not going to hire anybody--doctors, nurses, staff--who is overweight. For them, that means a body mass index of over 35 (which still classifies as “obese,” mind you).

2012-06-12 - I don't usually get involved in politics. At least not in this setting. But, I really have to tell you about something happening in California as we speak. They have managed to get a groundbreaking new initiative on the ballot for election day this year. It's called the California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act.

2012-06-12 - I know I've mentioned it numerous times before, but it bears repeating that vitamin D is truly one of the most critical nutrients to overall health. It's something I think everyone should be taking every day. But you need to be careful about which form of vitamin D you choose.

2012-06-11 - Just in case you need more incentive to head diabetes off at the pass, there's some new evidence showing that diabetes increases risk of breast cancer. And not just a little bit...

2012-06-11 - Of course, the reigning theory had been that the more HDL (good) cholesterol in your blood, the lower your risk for heart disease. So, bringing your levels up should be a good thing. Except that a new study found that theory doesn't hold true. The researchers found that people who have naturally higher HDL levels have no less heart disease than those with lower levels.

2012-06-07 - I’d be willing to bet there’s a bottle of Tylenol in 90% (or more) of the medicine cabinets in America. In fact, acetaminophen (the generic name for Tylenol) is one of the most commonly used medications worldwide. Because it’s so common, people think it’s safe. But I’ve been warning my patients against it for years.

2012-06-07 - I wrote awhile back about the power of hot chili peppers for reducing blood pressure. Now, now there’s evidence that black pepper has its own health benefits.

2012-06-05 - I test all of my patients for hemoglobin A1C (HgbA1C). This test tells you how well controlled your blood sugar has been for the past six weeks. And a new study shows just how important it is to keep tabs on it...

2012-06-05 - Just when you thought the "pink slime" controversy was over, us carnivores now have something else to contend with... "Meat glue."

2012-06-04 - As if sugar's effects on your weight (not to mention your diabetes risk) weren't bad enough, some new research shows that eating it can actually damage the brain.

2012-06-04 - I just can't seem to write enough about sugar--aka, public enemy No. 1. But at least I'm not the only one anymore--lots of other well-respected sources are finally exposing sugar for the poison it is.

2012-05-31 - I've been telling my patients it's safe to eat eggs for years. Even at the height of the Great Egg/Cholesterol Scare. "Believe me," I said. "The truth will come out some day. Science will prove eggs are good for you."

2012-05-31 - I'd like to take a moment to set the record straight. By no means was I indicating that I believe this factor is the primary cause of the dramatic increase in autism. In fact, the second line I wrote actually reveals my true position on this particular finding: "Or is [this] just another cover-up to mask the real reasons behind this raging epidemic?"

2012-05-29 - Here's some "groundbreaking" news just in from the American Cancer Society: The United States still needs lots of cancer prevention. That's the conclusion of the 2012 edition of their Cancer Prevention and Early Detection Facts and Figures report.

2012-05-29 - I'm not big on snacking. In fact, I really don't think humans need to snack. If you're eating the right types of food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you shouldn't really feel hungry between meals.

2012-05-28 - It's interesting to me that the so-called health "experts" continue to demonize salt--and even eggs for that matter. Yet they continue to give sugar a pass.

2012-05-28 - Broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower--they're some of my favorite vegetables. And not just because they're low in carbs. They're also packed with disease-fighting antioxidants. In fact, these cruciferous vegetables have strong evidence supporting their ability to fight breast cancer.

2012-05-25 - I've received a couple of questions about why milk never appears on my lists of nutritious foods for kids. There are several negatives with cow's milk that few parents realize (and most doctors, too).

2012-05-24 - It's final. The US Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) now officially recommends against routine prostate-specific antigen (PSA) tests.

2012-05-24 - School nutrition is in the news again. A new survey shows that most people support healthier options in vending machines and school stores. But they might be surprised what the government considers "healthier." (Although the whole "pizza is a vegetable" debacle should give them a hint.)

2012-05-22 - A new study links retinopathy with a decline in brain function. The study, published in the journal Neurology, examined this link in older women.

2012-05-22 - I was so excited to get some letters from readers who are normal weight--and even "underweight." You guys are like the Holy Grail. People kept telling me you were out there. But because I so rarely see people like you, I put you on par with the Loch Ness Monster or Yeti.

2012-05-21 - Big news from the FDA. And for once it's good news. Or at least decent news. The agency is cracking down on use of antibiotics in food-producing animals.

2012-05-21 - Obesity should be treated the same way we treat cigarette smoking, alcohol, recreational drugs, and texting while driving. These behaviors are already heavily regulated because of the risks they pose. But the fact is, obesity kills far more people than any of these things.

2012-05-18 - The CDC will begin to air the NYC Health Department's "Man Eating Sugar" spot--a 30-second video that originally aired on YouTube. It will be part of a national obesity prevention media effort.

2012-05-17 - Increased consumption of blueberries and strawberries may also slow mental decline in older women. And not just in a small way. According to the author, increasing berry intake appears to slow memory decline by up to 2.5 years.

2012-05-17 - Read this one on an empty stomach. Let's add this one to the file that reads, "you just can't make this stuff up!" A young New Zealand woman (just 30 years old) drank herself to death by drinking 2 gallons per day of Coca-Cola.

2012-05-15 - New natural compound for fighting diabetes. Finally. New promising research on an anti-diabetes ingredient that doesn't involve drugs! It turns out a compound found in licorice root could help in the fight against diabetes.

2012-05-15 - A new study has shown that two drugs were better than one when it came to treating type 2 diabetes in children. And even then, researchers still concluded it's incredibly difficult to get children to respond to treatment once they've developed the disease.

2012-05-14 - Here's some "shocking" news: White rice consumption was associated with a significantly elevated risk for type 2 diabetes. In fact, each serving per day of white rice was associated with an 11% increase in the risk of diabetes.

2012-05-14 - Believe it or not, I actually get quite a few questions from readers who consider themselves "healthy." They don't have to lose weight, they don't have diabetes, or heart disease, or other concerns. So they wonder if the New Hamptons Health Miracle is for them.

2012-05-11 - It's finally spring, a time when hopeful lovebirds walk down the aisle. When brides-to-be get feeding tubes inserted into their noses for 10 days. So they can lose weight for the Big Day.

2012-05-10 - Countless studies point to the health benefits of the flavonoids in berries. Blueberries, strawberries, cranberries. They're all jam-packed with all-important flavonoids called anthocyanins, which give the berries their color.

2012-05-10 - Phthalates are found in common plastics, cosmetics, scented candles and even some pharmaceuticals and medical devices. And a new study shows that phthalates are associated with the development of diabetes.

2012-05-08 - It's a routine part of a doctor visit--getting a blood-pressure reading. Many people even do it at the drugstore while they're waiting, which is great. It's important to stay on top of your reading, as high-blood pressure is a risk factor for heart disease, kidney disease, and stroke.

2012-05-08 - This study showed that those who work on a shift schedule often get a shorter amount of sleep on a disrupted schedule. This was shown to significantly increase blood-sugar levels. And of course, we know what that leads to...obesity and diabetes.

2012-05-07 - Food can be powerful medicine. It can also be powerful poison. Which is why it's so important to choose wisely. Unfortunately, many people don't. And it can have deadly consequences.

2012-05-07 - Could we have finally found out the reason for the increase in the rise of autism? Or is it just another cover-up to mask the real reasons behind this raging epidemic?

2012-05-03 - Here's more research to support my recommendations...more exciting news about green coffee bean extract.

2012-05-03 - If you ever thought a calorie is just a calorie, they're all created equal...guess again. And yet another new study proves me right.

2012-05-02 - It's interesting to me that the so-called health "experts" continue to demonize salt--and even eggs for that matter. Yet they continue to give sugar a pass.

2012-05-01 - I was reading through some research updates this morning, and was stunned by a large-scale study coming out of Spain. Scientists actually concluded that fried foods aren't unhealthy.

2012-05-01 - If you've ever felt dizzy standing up, there's a name for that. It's called orthostatic hypotension. And it happens when your blood pressure drops suddenly. It may seem like nothing, but new research shows that it's possibly something. It may mean undiagnosed heart failure.

2012-04-30 - The heat in chili peppers can relieve that internal sinus pressure. Research has shown that chili peppers also help improve blood pressure and cholesterol... are good for your heart... even helpful in preventing strokes.

2012-04-30 - It's just been announced that apple cider vinegar can reduce blood sugar. And while it's a big surprise to the scientific community, it's certainly not to those of us who live in the world of practical, complementary medicine.

2012-04-27 - Here's a study from the United Kingdom I had to share with you--as it sums up pretty much what I oppose in the world of "diets." Scientists at Newcastle University claim that a low-calorie diet--600 calories--could potentially cure type 2 diabetes. They say this offers hope for millions of people in the UK suffering from the condition.

2012-04-26 - Why is it so hard to fight the internal urge to grab and gulp? Scientists have spent years trying to figure out what's going on.

2012-04-26 - Did you know that stress tests, chest x-rays, and EKG's are now considered "dubious" tests? The medical boards are calling for them to not be done as a means of saving health care dollars.

2012-04-24 - Today I'm not going to talk about weight loss or diabetes, but something that scares me just as much. The prevalence of autism has increased by 78% since 2002. That's according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

2012-04-24 - With the local farmers' markets opening up, it's time to take a field trip--and get reacquainted with all those great local organic veggies in the produce section.

2012-04-23 - Here's another reason to resist fast food and pastries--a new study shows they are linked with increased risk of developing depression.

2012-04-23 - Here's supposedly great news for the diabetics in the room--you don't need to exercise everyday in order to see an effect on your blood sugar level.

2012-04-20 - Two new studies have taken a closer look at vitamin D. One group of researchers has discovered exactly how it protects the brain from Alzheimer's disease. Another report finds that vitamin D even keeps elderly people living longer.

2012-04-19 - I love it when mainstream medicine jumps on board with things I've been talking about for years. The latest example is physician-monitored exercise.

2012-04-19 - Let's examine the two latest studies to report that bariatric surgery performed considerably better than traditional medical therapy in obese patients with type 2 diabetes.

2012-04-17 - Some women really suffer with menopause. Including hot flushes, loss of sex drive, and vaginal dryness. Now it turns out, one of my all-time-favorite supplements-Pycnogenol(r)--may help ease those symptoms.

2012-04-17 - We've known that diabetes increases risk of stroke. But how soon does that risk set in?

2012-04-16 - Here's a great way to offer an alternative dessert your kids will love. Try chocolate!

2012-04-16 - Despite dire circumstances, people are still opposed to making changes to the way kids eat. In fact, there is an entire "Happy Meal" debate waging right now.

2012-04-13 - I can't come out and say curry is a cure-all... But so far, the evidence is pretty promising.

2012-04-12 - There's some new legislation on the table in Ohio. And it's so crazy it just might work... If it passes, men in that state who request "the little blue pill," may have to jump through several hoops first.

2012-04-12 - A patient came into my office this morning and said, "I've got to hand it to you doc. You always tell me things about health that I then hear about in the news two or three years later."

2012-04-10 - The stories are out there. One person after another with memory problems related to statin drugs. Just awhile back, the New York Times reported on three men who experienced this "brain fog" while taking statin drugs.

2012-04-10 - Here's another news flash on red meat: Eat more! That's right, despite all the recent hype about the dangers of eating too much red meat, the latest health warnings come from eating too little.

2012-04-09 - I think I may have told you before that ice cream is my favorite food on the planet. But I only eat it a few times a year. Because I'm well aware of just how dangerous it can be. In fact, the latest research reports that ice cream is as addictive as illegal drugs.

2012-04-09 - If you think you don't have anything to worry about until you actually have full blown diabetes--think again. I've been talking about the dangers of prediabetes

2012-04-06 - I love getting questions from my faithful readers. And even though I can't personally answer all of them, from time to time I like to try and answer some of the more frequent ones.

2012-04-05 - Imagine my surprise when I sat down to watch 60 Minutes this past weekend, and their big expose was on the very topic I've been railing against for years. Sugar--and all of its evils.

2012-04-05 - Unfortunately, there's nothing you can do about the pollen. But there are some things that might be making your allergies worse that you CAN control.

2012-04-03 - This isn't something I would normally address. But it's getting a lot of attention in the media. So I just wanted to give you my take on the whole H. pylori/diabetes hoopla.

2012-04-03 - The perception that Whole Foods' organic enterprise is based on locally grown produce? Well, it isn't entirely accurate.

2012-04-02 - Researchers recently found that vitamin A can cut your risk of melanoma. But, in an interesting twist, the protection only comes from supplements.

2012-04-02 - Is it just me or will the pharmaceutical companies stop at nothing to get everyone on a prescription drug? Right now, they're doing their best to eliminate the one remaining stumbling block...Me.

2012-03-29 - Basically, they're claiming that cheese makes you chubby. Well, yes and no. When you combine it with curly fries, yes. Eaten as a one- or two-ounce snack or made into a delicious sauce to serve with vegetables, no!

2012-03-29 - The processed foods industry is still trying to figure out new ways to seduce you. They know you're into "healthy" products now. They know you want "whole foods"... "wholesome ingredients"

2012-03-27 - Diabetic retinopathy is one of the scariest consequences of type 2 diabetes. One that most people don't think about until it's too late. Which might explain why rates are skyrocketing.

2012-03-27 - All the headlines and news stories failed to mention a couple of important details... The highest-risk people in this study were more likely to be overweight smokers. Hmmmmm... Aren't those independent risk factors for cancer, heart disease, and death in and of themselves?

2012-03-26 - When you hear the word exercise, you probably think of biking, walking, jogging, etc. But there's another form of exercise that gets less attention. It's called resistance training. When you do hear about it, it's usually in regards to keeping your muscles and bones strong. But this type of exercise also helps balance blood sugar.

2012-03-26 - According to the much-hyped research, beef increased risk of dying by 10%. Apparently, it was enough to put the media on red alert. So I'm wondering why there was barely a blip about the fact that sugary drinks increased risk of dying by 20%.

2012-03-23 - Turns out, a doctor who is in good physical shape is far more likely to address patients' weight problems.

2012-03-22 - Your internal clock is a 24-hour-cycle known as the circadian rhythm. It's why you feel sleepy at night and alert during the day. And why Daylight Savings Time can wreak havoc on your system. This natural clock also regulates hormones and biological processes, like body temperature, blood pressure, appetite, and thirst.

2012-03-22 - I've had more than one patient blame genetics for their weight problems. And there's no denying that you can be genetically predisposed to gain weight more easily than people who are "naturally thin."

2012-03-20 - If you're not familiar with pink slime and the controversy surrounding it, here's a quick recap. Pink slime is something called ammonium hydroxide. Which is ammonia mixed with water. And it's used to convert fatty beef "offcuts" into filler for ground beef.

2012-03-20 - Three recent studies highlighted just how strong the link between pollution and health really is.

2012-03-19 - Somewhere along the line, health became a numbers game. And as far as conventional medicine is concerned, the lower the better. No matter what the number. Unfortunately, it's not always that simple. In fact, this approach can be downright dangerous.

2012-03-19 - Resveratrol is a polyphenol found in red wine and grapes. Research has suggested it has anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties. That it lowers blood sugar. That it aids heart health. And that it helps prevent Alzheimer's disease. Studies have even shown that resveratrol mimics the effects of calorie restriction. And it can potentially lengthen lives.

2012-03-16 - It turns out those crazy games your kids and grandkids play on Nintendo and their Smartphones may actually have some redeeming value.

2012-03-15 - Big Brother is alive and well in the field of medicine. And the fact is, it very well may be influencing how your doctor treats you. A few years ago I got a notice from Medicare telling me I wasn't giving my patients enough flu vaccinations. Say what?

2012-03-15 - A new study shows that it can literally lengthen your life line. I don't mean the line on your hand that palm readers look at. But the real, scientific way of determining how long you'll live. And that involves your telomeres.

2012-03-13 - The USDA is buying 7 million pounds of beef containing pink slime. And they're planning to serve it to kids all across the country in school cafeterias.

2012-03-13 - Cravings. Everyone has them. Even me. That recurring chorus your brain keeps sending you--that you simply "must" have that cupcake. Or donut. Or whatever. But, as I've said before, the particular food isn't as important as the psychological process behind the craving.

2012-03-12 - Exercise may not be the very first thing involved in my New Hamptons Health Miracle. But it is something you have to do eventually if you want to stay healthy. Even if it doesn't lead to more weight loss.

2012-03-12 - I got a few questions about last week's Reality Health Check "A spoonful of sugar." A few readers wanted to know why I included maple syrup on my list of sugars. They'd been under the impression that maple syrup didn't contain any sugar.

2012-03-09 - The first book that I ever wrote was called Feed Your Kids Well. So I take what and how we feed our kids very seriously. And I was appalled this week to find out that virtually force-feeding kids potatoes every day isn't the only way schools are contributing to the childhood obesity epidemic.

2012-03-08 - As if obesity wasn't already related to enough health issues... Now, a recent study published in Arthritis and Rheumatism links it to back pain too.

2012-03-08 - Have you taken your Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) today? That's one of the first things I ask my each of my patients when they come in for an appointment. CoQ10 has been a fixture on my "Desert Island" list of supplements for years. Longer, even, than my other favorite-Pycnogenol(R). And I recommend it to everyone who walks into my office.

2012-03-06 - Just when I finally agreed with the American Heart Association on something they had to go and say something stupid again. No, worse than stupid. Downright dangerous.

2012-03-06 - Once again, researchers are proving that I'm right! A new study published in the Journal of Nutrition showed that complex carbs help pave the path to better blood sugar, better weight...better health in general.

2012-03-05 - I've mentioned before that chocolate is my favorite "prescription" to give patients. And not just because it never fails to make them do a double-take. Of course, it's no secret these days that chocolate has a long list of health benefits.

2012-03-05 - I can't count the number of times we've seen this in the news. Dire warnings about a pharmaceutical drug that the FDA probably should never have approved in the first place.

2012-03-02 - You know I always encourage you to fight the good fight. To take control of your weight. To get your blood sugar in balance. When you achieve those goals, it's like winning the lottery. Today I read even more evidence showing just how dangerous it is to let yourself go.

2012-03-01 - You know I've never really bought into the salt issue. But that's exactly why I had to take a minute to comment on this. A couple of weeks ago, the CDC released some new figures. Apparently, nine out of 10 adults in the US consume more sodium than government health authorities recommend.

2012-03-01 - As if all the excess sugar in packaged, processed foods wasn't bad enough. It turns out there's another way these products are contributing to the obesity crisis going on everywhere you look. And it's got nothing to do with what's IN the products. Nope. Apparently, even the packaging can make you fat.

2012-02-28 - You've got to wonder about a substance that needs its own PR campaign. You know the commercials I'm talking about. The ones that try to convince you that high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is fine because it's "the same as sugar." There's new evidence that HFCS may actually be worse for you than sugar.

2012-02-28 - I know I focus heavily on the obesity angle. But too much sugar has been linked with health problems, even in people who are normal weight. And, no wonder. Sugar actually depletes the body of vitamins and minerals. In other words, it can literally leech the "good stuff" that CAN keep you healthy out of your body.

2012-02-27 - Here's more evidence that a small change can make a big difference in your health. A major study concluded that one simple nutrient might be the key to preventing the most common type of stroke.

2012-02-27 - I don't often agree with the American Heart Association, but this time they actually got something right. They came up with a list of seven health goals. And the more of them you achieve, the lower your chances of dying early from a stroke or heart attack.

2012-02-24 - I've said it before. And I'm sticking to it. There should be a "sin tax" on sugar. And believe it or not, a major scientific journal agrees with me.

2012-02-23 - If you don't have a lot of time for exercise, here's an option that might work: Sprinting. I know what you're thinking. "Dr. Fred, I can't even jog, let alone sprint." But hear me out...

2012-02-23 - McDonald's agreed to alter the ingredients of their hamburger after their current recipe was exposed. Which contained an ingredient that can really only be called "pink slime."

2012-02-21 - Ever found yourself in a bad mood for no apparent reason? Turns out, there may be a simple explanation. And an incredibly easy way to snap yourself out of that funk.

2012-02-21 - In December I told you about a study that confirmed one of my long-held beliefs. That aspirin is downright deadly. Researchers found that the risk of bleeding associated with aspirin outweighs the potential "life-saving" effects.

2012-02-20 - Did you know people with type 2 diabetes are twice as likely to get Alzheimer's? And people with pre-diabetes are 35% more likely to develop dementia? These statistics both came from a study published last year in the journal Neurology. Another recent study found that diabetics are 52% more likely to be depressed.

2012-02-20 - In December, health authorities started recommending hepatitis B vaccines for all adults with diabetes.

2012-02-17 - I know you love them. I know they're the least expensive fruit you can buy. But I have to tell you--bananas are bad news. They have one of the highest sugar contents of any fruit. And the riper they get, the more sugar they have.

2012-02-16 - Here's one of my biggest pet peeves: Scientists that manipulate foods in an effort to make them "healthy."

2012-02-16 - In fact, according to a new study, eating plenty of antioxidant-rich foods can significantly cut your risk of stroke--even if you've already had one...and even if you have heart disease.

2012-02-14 - If you thought "senior moments" were just for old people, think again. Experts used to think that cognitive/mental decline started around age 60. But in a recent study, researchers found proof of mental decline in people as young as 45.

2012-02-14 - If you're taking the diabetes drug Metformin (or if anyone you know is), listen up. There's a huge health risk associated with taking it. And chances are, you haven't heard about it.

2012-02-13 - A diet rich in MUFAs (monounsaturated fatty acids) is the best way to lose weight and keep it off. These are some of my go-to foods that can satisfy just about any craving. Whether you're longing for something creamy, salty, crunchy or sweet.

2012-02-13 - I read this awhile back and had to pass it along. Apparently, there's a new name for couch-potato syndrome: Sitting disease.

2012-02-09 - Around Christmas, a group of Australian researchers published a study titled "How fast does the Grim Reaper walk?" in the British Medical Journal. And their message rang loud and clear: Older men should walk a brisk pace if they want to stay alive.

2012-02-09 - I saw a recent article in Prevention magazine about what to eat when you get diagnosed with diabetes. Guess what they said? Foods that are packed with monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs). These include: oils, olives, nuts, seeds, avocados, and even dark chocolate.

2012-02-07 - Your spouse's snide remarks aren't the only risk of snoring. Snoring is often a symptom of sleep apnea, which is a serious health problem during which your breathing stops briefly. The loss of oxygen it causes puts a strain on your heart and increases your blood pressure.

2012-02-07 - Did you know that 60 percent of people have tried to lose weight in the past and that 50 percent are currently trying to lose? Obviously, they could use a little help. And, apparently, Medicare is stepping up to the plate.

2012-02-06 - Research has suggested pancreatic cancer, like colon, prostate, and breast cancer, may be linked with vitamin D deficiency.

2012-02-06 - According to a new study from Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) sponsored by Coca-Cola, daily supplements of calcium plus vitamin D may help trim fat around the waist.

2012-02-02 - In an interesting study published recently in the Journal of the American Medical Association, the authors tried to distinguish what actually causes weight gain. Groups were placed on either a low-protein diet, a regular-protein diet, or a high-protein diet...

2012-02-02 - Back in November, I told you about a study that found curcumin, the primary spice in curry, could help diabetes. Now there's some new evidence, published in the journal Antioxidants and Redox Signaling, that curcumin also helps heal gastric ulcers.

2012-01-31 - A new study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine showed that seeing a chiropractor or trying a little light exercise are your best bets for treating neck pain. Much more effective than popping a pain pill, the researchers say. Natural solutions for neck pain. And I agree whole-heartedly!

2012-01-31 - It's not as sexy and it's not the stuff people want to hear...but it is critical if you want to achieve your lifelong goals. And not just the ones relating to the number on the scale. Keeping weight off directly impacts just about every aspect of your health as well. Behavioral and emotional factors that lead to regaining weight

2012-01-30 - I was watching a bit of TV last night, and saw a commercial that made me cringe in utter disbelief: There are antioxidants in artificial sweeteners now. How did I miss this? Did I fall off the planet? Or just go someplace not completely controlled by agribusiness?

2012-01-30 - I've been recommending dehydroepiandrosterone--or DHEA--for years. And the first time I mention it to a new patient, the response is always the same: "What exactly IS it?" A healthy HRT alternative.

2012-01-27 - Here's something that should be on your radar: heartburn, bloating, nausea after meals--all of the symptoms of acid reflux. It's a fairly common occurrence that most people don't think too much about.

2012-01-26 - Clearly Weight Watchers has jumped the shark. And not just for using washed-up celebrities and sports "heroes" to hawk their program. No, apparently they've made a deal with the devil...I mean McDonald's.

2012-01-24 - A couple of weeks ago, I passed along a tip on an all-natural green algae mouthwash that can help keep your gums healthy. Here's another secret - Schisandra helps fight gingivitis (inflamed and bleeding gums)--and short-circuiting the chain reaction it sparks that increases your risk of heart disease and stroke.

2012-01-24 - I am proud to be a native New Yorker for many reasons, but this one is a big deal in the city's ongoing anti-obesity campaign. It's a disturbing image of a man whose legs have been amputated because of his addiction to soda--and all the horrific diabetic complications that can lead to.

2012-01-23 - University of Connecticut researcher has been charged with more than 100 acts of data fabrication and falsification regarding his findings on resveratrol, which has become the most famous antioxidant in history. The headlines that followed this scandal cast a huge shadow on resveratrol itself, and left people wondering if it was really any good for you at all. Resveratrol has tremendous health benefits!

2012-01-23 - Vitamin C has taken a backseat to some other headline-grabbing nutrients (like vitamin D) in recent years. But one new study is bringing some much-deserved attention back to this critical vitamin.

2012-01-19 - Pycnogenol is a blockbuster antioxidant--capable of boosting your heart health, maintaining healthy blood sugar levels and improving skin tone. It's a tremendous roster of benefits, but this latest finding is particularly impressive...

2012-01-19 - An ongoing investigation by Congress recently revealed that the ADA receives over $1 million a year in payments from pharmaceutical companies and an undisclosed amount from companies such as Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, and Hershey. In addition to receiving payments from industries with obvious conflicts of interest...ADA's continuing education courses for [registered dieticians] are being taught by the Coca-Cola Company's Beverage Institute," stated Darrell Rogers from Alliance for Natural Health-USA.

2012-01-17 - I mentioned going back over all the tips and strategies you've gathered to help you get back on track with your New Year's Resolutions. Here are some of the great tips to reduce cravings other readers have sent in.

2012-01-17 - According to new data from the Women's Health Initiative, post-menopausal women taking statins have a 48 percent higher risk of diabetes than women who aren't on these cholesterol-lowering drugs. And when the researchers factored out what they referred to as confounding variables, that rate skyrocketed to a whopping 71 percent.

2012-01-16 - Statistics show that by the second week of January, nearly a third of people who made resolutions have slipped up. If you're one of them, don't feel bad. There's one important factor most people fail to realize when they make resolutions

2012-01-16 - In this particular study, researchers examined data from 21 other studies--involving close to 350,000 people--to determine the role saturated fat plays in heart disease. They based their research on the premise that, A reduction in dietary saturated fat has generally been thought to improve cardiovascular health.

2012-01-13 - The government won't let vitamin manufacturers say on a bottle of vitamin C that it may help keep your immune system healthy and ward off colds and flu, but they let Chocolate Cheerios say that they may ward off heart disease

2012-01-12 - Just about everyone has heard of frankincense as one of the gifts presented to baby Jesus by one of the three Wise Men. But that seems to be about all most people know about it. Well, as it turns out, this ancient incense from Asia was used for thousands of years to aid digestion, heal wounds, kill germs, and more. But it's healing properties aren't just the stuff of ancient legends.

2012-01-12 - ADA theory on moderation is misguided. The ADA is suggesting instead that "a little bit of this" and "a little bit of that" can be a successful strategy for weight control. This is the same old, tired approach that has been tried over and over again.

2012-01-10 - The seaweed secret to healthy gums. Gingivitis is a pesky, irritating, and extremely serious problem. It's characterized by inflamed, bleeding gums, but the damage it causes doesn't stop in your mouth. In fact, it can trigger a chain reaction that increases your risk of heart disease and stroke.

2012-01-10 - Manufacturers want their processed, packaged foods placed near healthy foods to give them the illusion of health

2012-01-09 - Since I know many of you have resolved to make this the year you shed some excess weight, I thought it would be a good idea to give you some tips for losing weight.

2012-01-09 - Some new research shows that Choline can help improve brain function and may even protect against memory loss.

2012-01-06 - Health benefits of green coffee bean

2012-01-05 - According to a report published by Australian scientists in the journal Human Psychopharmacology taking a daily multivitamin may help boost your mood.

2012-01-05 - Call me crazy but I'm all for a "sin" tax on unhealthy foods. After all, there's already one in place for other potentially deadly substances like cigarettes and alcohol. And recreational drugs have been outlawed altogether.

2012-01-03 - Exercise improves insulin sensitivity so it essentially works like the drugs you are taking to bring down your blood sugar. In other words, it helps your body's production of insulin to work better so you need less of it to do a better job. Less burnout = less diabetes.

2012-01-03 - You're much better off getting 20 minutes or so of physical activity each day.This consistent approach will help stabilize your blood pressure, your blood sugar, and your weight.

2012-01-02 - Sleep is one of the most critical--and most overlooked--parts of losing weight (and of good health in general). And bad sleep habits can wreak havoc on your efforts to slim down. For instance, according to a new study in Obesity, people who tend to sleep late are more likely to gain weight.

2012-01-02 - I'd go so far as to say that sugar is the direct cause of the diabetes epidemic. Not to mention obesity, heart disease, and oxidative stress in the body that leads to many other damaging consequences. It's also the leading cause of tooth decay. And cancer cells feed on sugar in the body. So, I ask you--why do we have such a love affair with the stuff?

2011-12-30 - As if chicken McNuggets weren't stomach-turning enough, I just read an article revealing one of the "secret ingredients" that goes into them at the manufacturing stage.

2011-12-29 - ADA okays pancakes with sugar free syrup for blood sugar control?

2011-12-29 - One of the biggest problems with mainstream medicine is the ever-lengthening list of medications most patients find themselves taking as they get older. Individually, each of these drugs poses risks of their own. Combined, they can actually contribute to even more health problems. Medications contributing to an increased risk for erectile dysfunction.

2011-12-27 - I've mentioned before that snacking has become a huge problem in this country (no pun intended). Somewhere along the line, we all got brainwashed into thinking that we can't get through the four hours between meals without eating. But the fact is, most people don't need to snack at all. Humans used to go days without eating any food. So, clearly, cutting out snacks isn't going to kill you.

2011-12-27 - Not since the great potato blight in Ireland in the mid 1800's has this topic garnered so much attention. But we've gotten a lot of feedback about the "potatoes in school lunches" issue. Don't get me wrong, I love a good potato gratin...In fact, I made an amazing one for Christmas. Yes I sometimes eat unhealthy carbs--on very special occasions. But when I do eat them, it's my choice--they're not being force fed to me like they are in school lunches.

2011-12-26 - I've mentioned the mind-body connection in regards to eating before--how your emotions can influence your food cravings. When you're in a negative frame of mind, it's all too easy to reach for the chips, dive into a mound of French fries, or chow down a pepperoni pizza.

2011-12-26 - Dutch researchers found that there are very few women who will actually benefit from taking aspirin--and the side effects can be potentially deadly. In fact, they found that the risk of bleeding associated with aspirin use is far greater than the potential life-saving effects

2011-12-22 - Increased blood sugar destroys small blood vessels, resulting in a shortage of blood to areas of the body critical for everyday functioning--including the nerves.

2011-12-22 - In an interesting turn of events, a Swedish study recently published in the journal Stroke found that women who eat an antioxidant-rich diet may significantly cut their stroke risk.

2011-12-20 - According to a scientific survey commissioned by Consumer Reports, using CDC survey data, people who reported drinking apple juice or grape juice have about 20 percent higher levels of arsenic in their urine than those who didn't drink juice.

2011-12-20 - Earlier this year, the FDA admitted that chicken meat sold in the U.S. also contains arsenic. In fact, arsenic is added to chicken feed on purpose.

2011-12-19 - Some recent research suggests that if you have diabetes, simply getting a little more vitamin D might cut your risk of heart attack.

2011-12-19 - If someone's levels do happen to be a bit high, I don't worry much about it--because when you follow my New Hamptons Health Miracle, your cholesterol goes down naturally (as do your triglycerides, which is even more important). Eating this way eliminates the foods that contribute to "excess" cholesterol.

2011-12-15 - A number of studies have suggested that there's a link between diabetes and precancerous colon growths and colon cancer. A new study indicates that there's not just a link, it looks like diabetes actually directly contributes to the growth of adenomas or colon cancer.

2011-12-15 - Liver cancer is very rare in the United States but, guess what? It has been on the rise since the use of statin drugs. Coincidence? You be the judge...And think twice before you reach for your daily dose of a statin.

2011-12-13 - I've always believed that the scare tactics over salt have been way overstated. So every time a new study comes out posing the same old questions, it makes me roll my eyes. And the latest one is no exception...

2011-12-13 - Lipitor, the best-selling drug in United States history (sad to say) has finally gone generic. For the few of you who may not know what Lipitor is (in which case--good for you! It means you're not one of the millions of people on it), it's one of the statin drugs, which are medications to lower cholesterol.

2011-12-12 - FDA cracks down on human chorionic gonadotropin, HCG

2011-12-12 - Wal-Mart is rolling out its "healthy" food line in a few months, and you've gotta note the irony. Here's a company that put a Mickey D's in nearly every store...and now they're going to tell America what's healthy and what's not?

2011-12-08 - It's certainly beginning to look a lot like Christmas here in Manhattan. I can see the lights twinkling in every direction when I look out my office window. But it turns out making it smell like Christmas could be a big problem if you've got allergies or asthma...

2011-12-08 - Just when I thought "Potatogate" was finally over, it's rearing its ugly (starchy) head once again.

2011-12-06 - According to a recent survey, many overweight and obese patients seen in hospital emergency departments don't believe their weight poses a risk to their health.

2011-12-06 - Coenzyme Q10 is a well-known nutrient in the natural medicine world for its heart health benefits. A recent study published in Nutrition backs up that long-held stance--and shows even more good news about CoQ10.

2011-12-05 - Head out for your 15-minute walk after dinner, then warm up afterwards with a nice, hot cup of green tea. You'll boost your overall health even further...not to mention your fat-burning efforts.

2011-12-05 - Here's another brilliant observation made by one of the speakers at the Obesity 2011 conference I told you about last Thursday: "The environment that we live in really does encourage a lot of the wrong things from a weight control standpoint."

2011-12-01 - In a nutshell, the physicians in attendance (who all specialize in treating obesity) concluded that education to promote prevention and lifestyle improvements aren't enough to reverse the obesity epidemic. Instead, we need drugs and surgery.

2011-12-01 - You've heard me talk about the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids before (in fact, earlier this week, I told you about a recent study showing their potential to slow--or even prevent--prostate cancer).

2011-11-29 - I love news like this, because it reinforces that there's no need to deny yourself tasty foods in order to have a long, healthy life...

2011-11-29 - There's one aspect of National Diabetes Month that no one has addressed yet. So before it comes to an end tomorrow, I want to take a second to point out the corporate sponsors that contributed to this campaign by the American Diabetes Association...

2011-11-28 - It's almost too good to be true, but I've pinched myself several times, and I'm not dreaming. A group of professors from Harvard, one of the most prestigious--and most mainstream--organizations in the country, really admitted, "Judged by its impact on health, the American food supply is a disaster."

2011-11-28 - A new study, published in Cancer Prevention Research, finds that fish oil supplements may slow the growth of prostate cancer.

2011-11-24 - Sometimes we lose sight of the fact that holidays are a time of communion, renewal, and purpose, and of course, a celebration of your traditions--both religious and secular. Somehow, it becomes about how much food to eat; how much to prepare; the food shopping that goes on for days; and the leftovers...

2011-11-24 - Of course, no Thanksgiving is complete without turkey. The smell of it cooking all day long is downright mouthwatering, and it makes a gorgeous centerpiece when it comes out of the oven roasted to golden brown perfection. But what I like best about turkey is that it makes protein the focus of the Thanksgiving meal.

2011-11-22 - I like to give my patients simple tips for balancing their new healthy lifestyles with the challenges of everyday life. And we're coming up on what might be the most challenging day of the whole year--Thanksgiving.

2011-11-22 - Sure, we joke about "senior moments"... walking into a room, and forgetting why. But still, everyone wants that magic bullet to keep their brain in tip-top shape. And it looks like a vitamin B supplement just might help...

2011-11-21 - Is it just me or is the word "artisan" stamped on just about everything these days? Nope, not just me...I just did a quick Google search and it turns out over 800 store-bought items now claim to be "artisan," according to a recent report from

2011-11-21 - The little things we do in life can often lead to big and dramatic results. That's why it always bothers me when a patient comes to my office and thinks they haven't lost enough weight that month, week, day--whatever.

2011-11-18 - I've been warning my patients and readers about it for years, but this week, my predictions about diabetes were confirmed by a report from the International Diabetes Federation (IDF). And their findings were so startling, they made headlines all over the world...

2011-11-17 - Icing-coated, gumdrop festooned gingerbread houses are all most people think of when you say the word "ginger." But if you can look past all that, the truth is, there's a great deal of healing potential packed into this spice.

2011-11-17 - There have been entire books written about this subject, but none of them ever went far enough. They all focused solely on weight loss, but taming your carb cravings can do much more for you than simply help you slim down. In fact, this may be your own personal "get out of diabetes free" card.

2011-11-15 - Believe it or not, our bodies are actually designed to be very efficient at processing the foods we eat. The problem is, our genetics haven't caught up with the mass quantities of fast foods, simple carbohydrates, and sugar that we face on a daily basis. Hence, the current diabetes epidemic.

2011-11-15 - Berberine is shaping up to be one of the most promising new natural treatments for blood sugar problems...but there's not really anything "new" about it. In fact, berberine was used 1,400 years ago in China to treat what they referred to back then as "wasting thirst syndrome." Today, we call it diabetes.

2011-11-14 - I don't buy into every new "superfood" that gets hyped in the health media. But there is one superfood in particular that does get my stamp of approval--blueberries. They're not the newest or the most exotic...but they do pack a whole lot of health benefits into a tiny package.

2011-11-14 - Before you focus all your awareness on diabetes itself, there's actually another--even more important--condition you need to know about...

2011-11-11 - If you haven't heard, November is Diabetes Awareness Month. While any extra awareness brought to this devastating disease is a good thing, the truth is, we need more than a single month if we're going to conquer this disease. Every month... every day, for that matter...we should take steps to be free of diabetes.

2011-11-10 - Not only do we have bad advice from the American Diabetes Association to contend with, but now the "other" ADA--the American Dietetic Association--is getting in on the act, too.

2011-11-10 - While heart-disease risk has a strong genetic component, a new study finds that certain foods can actually help cut the risk from "bad genes."

2011-11-08 - Conquer those cravings and get off the emotional roller coaster they can cause with just a few simple tricks...

2011-11-08 - My patients are always asking me how I manage to stay so young and to keep so trim and lean. My usual answer is that I follow my own advice. But to give you a better sense of what I mean, let me walk you through a day.

2011-11-07 - It's true that potatoes do contain some vitamin D3. But here's why you should consider them a "last resort"...

2011-11-07 - Eating fish because it can be difficult to know whether the seafood in supermarkets is really fresh. Here are a few simple tips that make it easy to eat more fish without worrying about the freshness factor...

2011-11-04 - A study out of India, published in the journal Natural Product Research, showed that found that turmeric, the primary spice in curry, helps control diabetes.

2011-11-03 - It's relatively easy to find organic produce these days--even in regular supermarkets. But finding organic meat is a little bit trickier...

2011-11-03 - Recently I've heard from several of you wanting to know more about a topic that's been plaguing me for years...

2011-11-01 - You may not want to hear this but you can't take exercise out of the equation if you want to be healthy, get rid of diabetes, and live to be 100 (or more). But that doesn't have to mean running yourself ragged for hours on end every day...

2011-11-01 - For the most part, I'm not as salt-phobic as most physicians. However, there is one fact about salt that most people don't know...

2011-10-31 - If smothering it in cheese is what it takes for you to eat more broccoli, by all means--go right ahead. Because this vegetable is one of the most important foods you can eat.

2011-10-31 - The reality of what's going on in this country is much scarier than any ghost story I've ever heard. On average, people consume 860 more calories per day than in 1984. But what's worse is that the quality of that food has decreased significantly.

2011-10-28 - The days are getting shorter, and while everyone’s busy gearing up for cold and flu season, there’s actually an even bigger health risk that rears its ugly head this time of year...

2011-10-27 - I never get tired of seeing my patients' eyes widen in disbelief when I tell them that they should eat more chocolate. But it really is one of the healthiest substances on earth--if you're indulging in the right kind, of course...

2011-10-27 - Here's an interesting bit of medical news that the media missed during its recent smear campaign against supplements...

2011-10-25 - First there was the 700 pound woman. Then there was the man who decided to sue White Castle because he couldn't fit into the seats. And now, there's the Lift Seat 600--a toilet seat that lifts up to 600 pounds, for people who can't get up themselves. These stories are just a few examples of a frightening trend occurring in this country...

2011-10-25 - As you know, I believe supplements are an indispensable "secret weapon" that can make it even easier for you to get--and stay--healthy. Now, a new study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, backs me up. But this study revealed an even more interesting fact...

2011-10-24 - I love when studies come out that prove things I've been talking about for almost two decades. The most recent one to hit the news is that lifestyle modifications may curb Alzheimer's disease risk. But you don't have to turn your life upside down to do it...

2011-10-24 - I think I can safely speak for men everywhere when I say that if your manhood is at risk, you take notice. Which is why a recent study from researchers at the University of Chicago Medical Center got my attention...

2011-10-21 - By October, a lot of local farmers' markets have closed for the season. You'll still find the ones selling apples and pumpkins... and that sugary cider... but when you're watching blood sugar, the best thing you can do is to keep on driving. The simple carbohydrates in pumpkins and apples make them a dietary disaster.

2011-10-20 - The new Happy Meal is making its debut across the land--and McDonald's execs have muscle strain from patting themselves on the back.

2011-10-20 - And here I thought that sex ed was the most controversial topic in our nation's schools. But that's nothing compared to what's going on in the cafeteria...

2011-10-18 - This year's cold and flu season is just around the corner. But I'm going to give you the inside scoop on a secret weapon that could help get you through the winter sniffle-free...

2011-10-18 - Two new studies spouting doom & gloom findings on two very popular--and important--vitamin supplements. It would be easy to brush these off, but you deserve to know the FULL story.

2011-10-17 - According to a new survey people actively looking to buy healthy foods gravitate towards things that have been “fortified.” Unfortunately, what many people don’t realize is that there’s a very good reason why these foods needed that enrichment…

2011-10-17 - Every week, I see a new list of ways to "eat more and weigh less." I've got no problem with this concept. The problem is, most of these lists are getting it wrong...

2011-10-13 - Thanks to years of brainwashing from the so-called health authorities, our society has become totally confused about fat. But the truth is, it can actually be GOOD for you. It's just a matter of knowing which fats to choose...

2011-10-13 - The Glycemic Index is a hoax. There I've said it--and I'm sticking to it. There's a much more important way to evaluate the food you eat...

2011-10-11 - Call me a crazy optimist. Call me a dreamer. But I think the tide has finally turned--and America has made a huge step forward into a healthy future...

2011-10-11 - I often get accused of not emphasizing exercise enough when I talk to patients. It's not that I don't think exercise is important. Just the opposite, actually

2011-10-10 - While the government is spending millions of research dollars on studies to find ways to rank overweight people, they're not spending a dime to actually solve the problem...

2011-10-10 - Americans are eating far fewer products with added sugar these days. While this is good news, unfortunately, the numbers are still too high. The trouble is, food manufacturers often add sugar to foods you wouldn't suspect.

2011-10-07 - Before you hit that trendy new spot or your local dive, consider hosting everyone at your place. Believe me, you can do a MUCH better job...

2011-10-06 - According to a recent survey, this health threat beat out drugs, teen pregnancy, smoking, and alcohol as the leading concern amongst parents for their children. Here's one of the simplest things you can do to protect your child...

2011-10-06 - A new study promotes chewing gum for fighting food cravings, but there's a much better, longer-lasting way to combat your cravings. Here it is, in three simple steps...

2011-10-04 - If this isn't incentive to kick the sugar habit forever, I don't know what is...

2011-10-04 - I've been saying for years that getting--and staying--healthy doesn't have to be hard work. Now, there's a new study that proves my point...

2011-10-03 - New research suggests that some specific, sinfully indulgent foods can actually change the way the nerve cells in the brain respond to sadness...

2011-10-03 - If I could change just one thing about modern medicine it would be the completely misguided notion that fat is bad for you. Numerous studies have proven the exact opposite! Here's the most recent example...

2011-09-30 - Have you visited your local farmers' market lately? If not, you should go before they're gone.

2011-09-29 - New research shows that refined vegetable oils--specifically soy and peanut oils--are highly unlikely to trigger allergic reactions. Which seems like great news for people with peanut allergies...But just because they won't put you into anaphylactic shock doesn't mean these oils are good for you.

2011-09-29 - If there was one lesson I learned in the last few weeks, it was about letting go. I've been traveling all across the country for work--from meetings in LA to a medical conference in Baltimore. But what does that have to do with letting go, you wonder...

2011-09-27 - We are waging a war right now--and not one you are probably thinking of. I'm talking about the war against high blood sugar.

2011-09-27 - If diet soda contributes to obesity, just imagine the horrors regular soda can lead to...

2011-09-26 - If I ever want a good laugh all I have to do is look at the medical news--especially the news dedicated to nutrition. According to a recent study, "U.S. Guidelines for the Consumption of Sugar May be Too High." Ya think?!

2011-09-26 - If you head straight for the couch after dinner every night, you might want to re-think your route. A new study finds that even a little exercise after you eat... just a walk around the block... can improve blood glucose levels.

2011-09-22 - Anyway, the National Cancer Institute is about to spend 45 million of your tax dollars to "prove" something that anyone with even a shred of common sense already knows...

2011-09-22 - One recent study examined the number of sugar sweetened drinks consumed by the teenage population. However, the study failed to mention two of the biggest offenders...

2011-09-20 - Every now and then, the American Diabetes Association (ADA) changes its guidelines. And the latest set borders on malpractice, if you ask me.

2011-09-20 - Diet soda might seem like a logical alternative to the regular, sugar-laden varieties But, unfortunately, while it may be free of calories, diet soda isn't free of consequences...

2011-09-19 - Your primary care doctor knows this is an important health issue. But whether he actually talks to you about it--or gives you any practical advice for managing it--appears to be another matter entirely...

2011-09-19 - Of course there are some well-known food aphrodisiacs. But there are also some foods that can have a negative impact on your sex life--and the list might surprise you...

2011-09-15 - I know I come down hard on food manufacturers. And for good reason. There's a lot of underhanded tactics going on in the food industry, and they're a major contributor to our country's worsening obesity problem (not to mention all the horrors--like diabetes--that eventually leads to). But it's not just factory-produced foods that are turning us into the most overweight yet simultaneously malnourished nation in the world.

2011-09-15 - I can't remember the last time I had a snack. When I tell people this, I usually get a dumbfounded stare in response. We've become so used to snacking in this country that people simply can't believe I can make it through the day without a snack and not be starving.

2011-09-13 - I told you the other day how I struggle with comfort-food cravings just like everyone else. And I'm the first to admit that just because I have an M.D. after my name, it doesn't give me superpowers. But I do believe that physicians should lead by example.

2011-09-13 - I've been writing about misleading food labels for years. Just last week I told you how junk foods like Fruity Pebbles are disguising themselves as health foods by plastering claims like "gluten-free" on their packaging. But there's another claim some packaged foods are making that's worse than misleading--it's downright dangerous.

2011-09-12 - Not many doctors would admit this to you, but here it is: I'm only human. I have my fair share of bad days. And when I do, sometimes I get the same overwhelming urge you do---to turn to food for comfort. But I found a way to satisfy my cravings.

2011-09-12 - Researchers recently discovered that strawberries contain a unique flavonoid that appears to reduce both kidney damage and neurologic complications associated with diabetes (at least in mice).

2011-09-08 - As you've probably gathered by now, I'm a true believer in keeping things in good working order before they need repair. I do it with my home and my car without hesitation--and most of you probably do, too. So why is it always so much harder to do the same thing when it comes to our health? Or at least to do it consistently?

2011-09-08 - So, I open my emails this weekend and there's one from Amazon, giving the rundown of its top-sellers for the week. Do you want to take a guess what the site's best-selling gluten-free cereal was?

2011-09-06 - It's not impossible to find healthy food in restaurants, but it is more difficult, and usually requires some special requests and modifications to the items you see on the menu.

2011-09-06 - Diabetic men are significantly more likely to require invasive therapies to manage erectile dysfunction such as penile suppositories or injectables

2011-09-05 - You might have been a little surprised to hear me say above that even thin people need a reality check when it comes to nutrition. The problem is, far too many thin people are living an illusion. They think that since they're not overweight, they must be healthy. Unfortunately, that's not always the case.

2011-09-01 - Mouth-watering Blueberry Pancakes – Macadamia, too!

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2010-05-01 - What a revelation! There is a critical MISSING PIECE to keeping healthy blood sugar levels in place. Without it--the dieting, the exercise routines, all of the tips and tricks you try can crash and burn. Scientists have discovered…your body is harboring "stowaway sugar." One of the world's leaders in blood-sugar health, Dr. Fred Pescatore, has finally found a way to tackle it. It's exclusive, it's potent, and you won't believe what it can do for you, starting in just 5 weeks. Tear down the giant roadblock preventing you from winning the fight against sugar with the missing piece discovery to easy blood sugar support!

2010-05-01 -

2010-01-01 - When one of his patients says… I follow my diet to a tee and I keep gaining weight. Or… I can’t remember the last time I slept through the whole night. Or… I can’t explain it—but I just don’t feel right. A screaming red flag flies into the air for one doctor… It’s an unseen source of aging which could be affecting up to 80% of Americans. And it can stall even the most diligent dieter, sabotage your sex life, sag your skin, muddle your memory, and even amp up stress. And while nearly every other doctor ignores this source of aging—it’s the first thing he looks for when he meets with a new patient—and it’s changed his practice.

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