After agonizing chemo failed...
Blistering radiation fell short...
And invasive surgery only bought him 3 months...
Bill cheated death
with the brand new "Halo Cure"
that’s pulling cancer patients back from the brink!
And seven years later he's still cancer-free and loving life!

Discover how—ABSOLUTELY FREE with this newly released, 10
-VOLUME medical library featuring Bill’s “Halo Cure” and over 180 more life-giving breakthroughs


There's no other word to describe what you're about to hear.

An independent investigation has found that in 2011, the FDA reviewed studies for a treatment that cured or put in remission some of the most aggressive cancers known to man...

Without chemo, without radiation, without surgery and with no side effects...

And then…kept it as quiet as a church mouse on Sunday.

But you’re about to hear how one brave doctor is finally releasing every last detail on this revolutionary cancer solution… Absolutely free.

Its code named the Halo cure and its
absolutely saving lives

Take the story of Bill Fowler...

In the summer of 1980, Bill had the best day of his life when he was handed the Olympic gold medal for cycling...

And his worst day 20 years later when he was handed an MRI showing an aggressive tumor in the frontal lobe of his brain.

Given just 6 months to live...he endured agonizing rounds of chemotherapy, scorching radiation and had a golf-ball-sized chunk of his brain removed through surgery.

But even after all that conventional therapy, the cancer came roaring back with a vengeance.

It’s the milky white substance in the upper left portion of this MRI.

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His doctors simply threw in the towel and told him he’d be dead in 3 months.

But instead of getting his “affairs in order,” Bill took his chances on an alternative fourth option... The Halo cure.

This simple, at-home treatment allowed Bill to continue working as an in-demand cycling coach, while spending as much time with his family and friends as he liked. There were no time-consuming appointments and none of the pain, fatigue and nausea associated with chemo and radiation.

And to his amazement…

After just 6 months his tumor had shrunk to half the size, and 12
months was gone.

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It’s now been over 7 years and Bill’s still cancer-free, working with future Olympic cyclists and describes himself as “the happiest person in the world!”

And Bill is far from the only one.

The Halo cure has been successfully tested on patients diagnosed with some of the deadliest cancers imaginable.

Patients in whom countless rounds of chemo, radiation and surgery failed to put the slightest dent in their cancer.

And like Bill, they were cured or put in remission without the crushing side effects of chemo, radiation and surgery.

Why? Because...

The Halo cure uses a revolutionary technique that specifically targets cancer cells while leaving healthy cells...healthy!

You see, normal cells in your body are constantly maturing and dying off...

But cancer cells dont die—they multiply—again and again and again...

Endlessly making carbon copies of themselves until…they’ve taken over completely.

But the Halo cure is able to lock in on those multiplying cancer cells and essentially freeze them in place, paralyzing their deadly ability to divide and conquer!

The cancer cells try their hardest to free themselves and continue multiplying but they eventually self-destruct under the strain!

The result is, tumors shrink to nothing
in months while you continue to live like you were never sick in the first place!

And this stunning reaction has been repeatedly proven in lab tests on over 20 different strains of deadly cancer.

So why haven’t you heard about the Halo cure when our own government reviewed the life-saving experimental trials themselves—over 3 years ago?

Why isn’t the FDA singing the Halo cure’s praises at the top of their lungs?

Why is the full truth about this revolutionary cancer cure being withheld from you and the American public?

Because with every new brand of nauseating chemo or deadly radiation therapy sent to the FDA for approval...

The government rakes in hundreds of millions in fees....

So they’d rather shield these side-effect laden cash cows than spread the word about safe, revolutionary breakthroughs like the Halo cure.

But today, one doctor is leaking every last detail about this groundbreaking cancer treatment free of charge.

Including how to find the 76 oncologists throughout the country who are quietly saving lives with the Halo cure.

But first, allow me to introduce myself…

My name’s Karen Reddel, and I have the extreme privilege of working with one of today’s most sought after natural physicians, Fred Pescatore, M.D.

(Picture of Fred)

You may have seen him exposing mainstream health myths on the Today show, Extra, The Rachael Ray Show, The O’Reilly Factor or The View…

Or read one of his New York Times bestselling books on natural healing cures.

He’s a doctor that everyone from normal hardworking Americans to international royalty are traveling hundreds (sometimes even thousands) of miles to visit at his renowned clinic in New York.

Why? Because…

Dr. Pescatore has his finger on the pulse of natural medicine’s most
cutting-edge cures

He’s spent over 3 decades studying, researching and practicing medicine around the world alongside some of today’s most well respected physicians.

Through his non-stop research and unique medical connections across the globe he hears about the most groundbreaking natural discoveries and healing techniques as they happen…sometimes decades before they trickle out to the mainstream.

And today you’ll learn how to get all the details on them for free…in your 10-volume Library of Shockingly Simple Healing Miracles

In this never-before-released free library you’ll get full details on…

  • The groundbreaking new Halo Cure that’s pulling cancer patients back from the brink
  • Japan’s leading natural cancer cure shown in vitro to kill tens of millions of cancer cells in weeks finally available in the U.S.
  • The “Mediterranean miracle molecule” that strips cancer cells of their super power and kills them on sight!

But cancer is only the beginning…this free library is filled-to-capacity with cures, tips and treatments for heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, arthritis and so much more…

In the past, physicians who’ve spread the truth about life-saving natural cures like these have been raided, sued and even jailed by the federal government…

But when you learn how quick and easy these cures work, you’ll see the real crime is in keeping them from the public.

Because these cures are beating back some of the most dreaded illnesses of our time, like…

The 30 cent all-natural “cocktail” that slams the brakes on Alzheimer’s

After decades of research and billions of dollars spent, mainstream medicine has come up empty-handed on Alzheimer’s.

The best you can hope for is delaying symptoms for a year or two…if you’re lucky.

Why? Because they’ve missed the forest for the trees…

They’re so hung up on plaques and tangles that they’ve utterly ignored the most obvious symptom of Alzheimer’s that shows up 10 years before the disease really starts to take hold.

I’m talking about Brain Shrinkage.

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©2013 Alzheimer's Association. All rights reserved.
 Illustrations by Stacy Jannis.

It’s a fact, a brain riddled with Alzheimer’s shrinks up like a grape in the summer sun…utterly devastating areas involved in thinking, planning and memory.

And what does mainstream medicine have in its paltry arsenal to combat this? Nothing! Zero! Nada! It’s almost a crime.

But just months ago, an Oxford University study proved that a “pennies-per-day” all-natural cocktail that Dr. Pescatore has been recommending for years, can halt brain shrinkage in its tracks!

The astonishing results, showed that patients with early signs of Alzheimer’s who took this natural treatment slowed brain shrinkage by an unheard of 90%!

Yes, I said 90%! Put simply, this treatment is pulling patients back from the abyss of Alzheimer’s.

And if that sounds crazy to you, I can assure you no one was more surprised than the researchers themselves.

Even senior author of the study, A. David Smith was caught totally off guard, saying…

“It’s a big effect, much bigger than we would have dreamt of, I find the specificity of this staggering.”

And it’s an effect you can see with your own eyes.

Researchers took MRI scans of patients’ brains and highlighted the specific areas that were protected by this natural cocktail…and amazingly, they all lined up perfectly with areas normally ravaged by Alzheimer’s disease.

Halo Cure - Can't view this image? Click here to view it.
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After viewing the MRI’s, Paul Thompson, professor of neurology and head of the Imaging Genetics Center at UCLA School of Medicine said…

“I’ve never seen results from brain scans
showing this level of protection.”

In fact, the only thing more impressive is the effect these 3 natural ingredients can have on your memory!

Jason Hardy, a participant in the trial, described the day he received his invitation to participate as a “God send.” Even his wife is astounded with the difference she sees in his memory.

And they’re far from the only ones reaping the benefits.

An earlier study performed in 2012 showed that…

Patients taking this natural miracle trounced their placebo-taking peers
by a whopping 69%
on memory tests!

And Dr. Pescatore has seen it work again and again for patients at his personal clinic.

As lead researcher David Smith of Oxford University puts it…

“It’s the first and only disease-modifying
treatment that’s worked.”

And with rates of Alzheimer’s expected to skyrocket from 36 million to 115 million in coming years…it couldn’t have come along at a better time!

Jess Smith, a communications officer for the U.K. Alzheimer’s Society, says this simple treatment could have  the power to “halve the number of people dying from [Alzheimer’s].”

But don’t expect your doctor to recommend anything but pharmaceuticals anytime soon…Why?

Because the money generated from those Band-Aid-like treatments adds up to over $600 billion dollars a year.

If Alzheimer’s care was a company, it would be the biggest in the world…

Almost double the size of both Wal-Mart and the Exxon Corporation.

Put another way,

Alzheimer’s disease is simply
too big to cure

And as you’ve seen—it’s only going to get bigger.

Pharmaceutical companies (and the FDA who gets paid to approve their products) simply have too much to lose by publicizing a pennies-per-day natural treatment with the potential to wipe out Alzheimer’s for good.

But today, Dr. Pescatore is giving away every last detail on this wallet-friendly Alzheimer’s breakthrough in your second of 10 free reports: Back From the Abyss: The 30-cent, all-natural “cocktail” that slams the brakes on Alzheimer’s disease

If you or a loved one are worried about Alzheimer’s, you need this never-before-released report today. In it, you’ll discover…

  • The 3-ingredient natural cure that may end Alzheimer’s for good
  • Where you can easily find each ingredient
  • The specific dosage information

This is your first real chance to help prevent Alzheimer’s relentless assault on yours or a family member’s memory.

You’ll find this first-time-ever-released report in your free, 10-volume Library of Shockingly Simple Healing Miracles.

This never-before-released, free library is brimming over with more than 180 cutting-edge cures you’ll never get
 from the government

In it, you’ll find the latest, greatest and easiest natural cures and treatments for cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, chronic fatigue, depression and much, much more!

Dr. Pescatore has uncovered some of the most jaw-dropping discoveries of our time, including the stunning revelation that…

In 1999, Harvard University discovered one
common link for every single heart attack studied…but U.S. doctors still
aren’t testing for it!
Learn how you can help defuse it naturally and slash your heart attack riskup to a stunning 150% for just .99 cents a day

Studies show it’s now possible to defuse a heart attack before it happens. And you’re about to find out exactly how.

I’ve been in the health publishing business for decades, but even I was surprised when I first heard about this technique…

But then I saw the evidence…and when you consider the fact that this technique has been verified by the American Heart Association itself…

The only thing that’s surprising is that the American government and mainstream medicine haven’t alerted the public.


How in the world is it possible to help defuse a heart attack for just
.99 cents a day?

The answer came to light almost 15 years ago, when Harvard University made a strange discovery.

While studying a group of 14,500 people for over 5 years, they found that the participants who suffered from heart attacks during that time…didn’t fit the “mold.”

They weren’t the ones with the highest cholesterol, ballooning blood pressure or sagging waistlines.

Or even the ones who bellied up to the bar after work to unwind.

No, they found that unbelievably…

The people most likely to drop dead from a heart attack had elevated levels of what’s now known as the “widow protein”

It was a blood marker that had previously gone overlooked by most doctors.

In low levels, they found this protein helped to clot small nicks and scrapes in the arteries…

But in high levels, it can churn your blood into sludge like a cement mixer, turning those tiny little blood clots into huge, artery clogging masses that can stop your heart cold.

And this can happen regardless of how perfect your cholesterol, how controlled your blood pressure, how healthy you eat or how many hours you spend at the gym.

It doesn’t matter! This one rogue protein is the single hair trigger that activates a heart attack

But here’s the good news… Their study also found that when you keep levels of the widow protein in line…

Even aging, overweight beer drinkers
are up to 150% less likely
to have a heart attack!

So how can you do it?

As you can imagine, that very question has Big Pharma seeing dollar signs.

But for the last 15 years, their best efforts have turned up zilch.

Not a statin, not an ACE inhibitor…

Even mainstream clot-busters like aspirin and warfarin have been proven powerless to control this runaway blood protein.

But the news isn’t all bad, unless you’re a pharmaceutical rep, because…

Natural medicine has
gotten there first!
With a .99 cent “cardiovascular cleanser”
that helps keep arteries clear for life!

The American Heart Association broke the news themselves with a peer-reviewed study which scientifically proved an incredible natural substance can clear away the “widow protein” like never before……

They showed that anyone from the fittest gym nut to the laziest couch potato can quickly slash their heart attack risk

And all it takes is one simple, natural substance that Dr. Pescatore has routinely given his patients for decades!

Yet even in the face of this head-slappingly simple breakthrough…most mainstream doctor’s still turn up their noses and say…

“Not Cholesterol?
Not interested.”

Because it’s hard to stop the $20 billion dollar runaway train that is the statin drug industry.

It’s crazy, most mainstream doctors aren’t even testing for the widow protein… Not because it’s not a critical blood marker, but because they haven’t found a profitable way to prevent it!

But you don’t have to twiddle your thumbs until mainstream medicine and the FDA find their own way to “cash in” on your cardiovascular health.

Because Dr. Pescatore is releasing every heart-healing detail about this natural miracle today in your free report: Cholesterol’s Silent Partner: The statin-free guide to dodging a heart attack

Inside you’ll find all the information you need regarding this amazing natural cure absolutely free!

Including full details on how to easily test your levels for the widow protein and how you can slash your risk of heart attack and stroke as much as 150% with this simple .99 cent cardiovascular cleanser.

And don’t worry, Dr. Pescatore isn’t stopping there…

If you’re still worried about cholesterol, diabetes, your weight or your blood pressure… You can learn how to cover it all without the mainstream methods of starvation and statins.

It’s all thanks to…

Dr. Pescatore’s savory-6-week
“Metabolic Makeover”

Dr. Pescatore didn’t seek out fame, but his patient list reads like a who’s who of entertainment, Wall Street and politics.

People who don’t have the time, patience or frankly the will power to make huge changes to their lifestyle and diet.

This forced him to come up with a quick and easy solution to turn every aspect of their health around while leaving their lives intact.

And this simple method has kept his A-list patient list growing and growing for years…

But now, for the first time, you can gain exclusive, free access to the same secret that’s helped countless patients…

  • Drop 20, 30, even 40 pounds
  • Slash blood sugar levels by 40 points or more
  • Cut cholesterol levels by 100 points or more

But fair warning, your eyes may pop out of your head when you see how easy (and delicious) it can be to accomplish.

Dr. Pescatore has seen it a hundred times, like when his patient …

Randy laughed when he heard he could ditch diabetes with fried chicken,
hot dogs and cheeseburgers…
But then his blood sugar
started to drop!

It was a transformation that could give Cinderella a run for her money…

When Randy first sat across from Dr. Pescatore he was 55-years-old, 90 pounds overweight and recently diagnosed with diabetes. He felt weak, exhausted and scared for his life.

He worked as a peace keeper for the U.N. and with his busy travel schedule, he didn’t have time to make major changes to his lifestyle or his diet…

And to his great surprise, he didn’t have to!

“I was shocked when he told me what I could eat, and how much!”

But he was even more surprised by the lightning-fast results…

His blood sugar plummeted 35 points, he shaved 90 pounds off his waistline and started to look years younger.

Today he’s diabetes free and completely off medication!

“Dr. Pescatore’s secret works wherever I go…I can choose the most delicious meals at restaurants worldwide.”

Imagine a secret so powerful it allows you to lose weight, lower your blood sugar, drop your cholesterol and even ditch your medications… While still eating the foods you love.

Sure, it flies in the face of every mainstream mantra you’ve ever heard…

Mantras that were designed to make Big Pharma and the government billions by making the public skeptical that anything else could possibly work!

That’s exactly why Dr. Pescatore’s patient…

Sarah scoffed when she heard she could lose weight with steak, lobster
and cheese cake
But two weeks later the pounds
started pouring off!

And not a moment too soon!

Sarah, a well-known screenwriter, had just been nominated for an Academy Award and sought out Dr. Pescatore to make herself “Red-carpet ready” in a flash.

But when Dr. Pescatore looked at her numbers, she had bigger problems than a bulging waistline.

Her blood pressure was through the roof, her cholesterol was sky high and her triglycerides were out of control… It was a classic case of metabolic syndrome.

Big Pharma LOVES patients like Sarah, because they can cash in on prescriptions for each and every symptom… And drugs are exactly what her mainstream doc recommended!

But Dr. Pescatore’s “metabolic makeover” covered every one of her many symptoms with just one simple (and savory) secret!

And after just 12 short weeks…

  • Sarah lost a breathtaking 35 pounds…
  • Her cholesterol plummeted to 167…
  • Her triglycerides were slashed to 34…
  • And her blood pressure was under control…

In short…

Sarah had cured herself of metabolic syndrome
while eating like every day was a holiday!
And now you can too!

You’ll get every single detail of his savory-6-week metabolic makeover in your free report: Diabetes-free in Just 6 Weeks: Your complete and exclusive, step-by-step guide to Dr. Pescatore’s stunningly easy diabetes cure.

Whether you suffer from metabolic syndrome or full blown diabetes…you can beat it in just 6 weeks while still enjoying steak, bacon, cheese, ribs, desert—all the great-tasting foods you love—with this simple, free report.

And when you consider that Americans shelled out a whopping $176  billion on diabetes medication alone in 2012…

This is one report Big Pharma and their government puppets do NOT want you to get your hands on!

In it you’ll find details like…

  • The 5 biggest diabetes myths that are silently killing you
  • A 20-minute-trick that crushes your cravings
  • Why Dr. Pescatore deliberately leaves exercise out of this solution

But this amazing diabetes solution is only one of over 180 natural, underground cures you’ll get in this filled-to-the-brim Library…

And when it comes to government cover-ups, a cure for diabetes is just the tip of the iceberg.

In your free library, Dr. Pescatore is also exposing this whopper…

The World Health Organization is urgently warning citizens to avoid these 7 immunity destroying household items!
But the U.S. government
is activity ignoring
their plea.

In September of this year, the World Health Organization released shocking findings that everyday household items contained what they consider one of the top ten most dangerous chemicals to your health (Hint: it’s not lead).

Exposure to this deadly compound slowly strips away your immune system’s ability to fend off attacks from bacteria, viruses and infections…

And it’s of such a dire concern that in October of this year, an international convention was held in Japan where …

Over 90 countries signed a global treaty to cut their citizens’ exposure to this
 immune-killing chemical…
But guess who’s not
on the list!

You guessed it, the good old U.S. government.

Virtually every industrialized country you can think of recognized the danger to its citizens: Canada, the UK, Germany, France, Japan… Heck even China—where pollution standards are so low the surgical-mask has become a fashion staple—signed this treaty! 

Meanwhile, you’re still more exposed than ever. And the danger is right in your own home!

But in your free library you’ll find a report entitled: Dr. Pescatore’s guide to a cold & flu proof immunitywhich tells you everything you need to know about this growing health menace.

You’ll learn the 7 biggest immunity destroying household items which are putting you at risk…

But more importantly, you’ll hear about the .33-cents-a-day, all-natural ingredient shown in lab studies to counteract it!

If you read only one report in your free library, you should make it this one… Every day you wait is another day this world-wide threat is chipping away at your immune system.

But you won’t just hear about today’s most imminent health threats in Dr. Pescatore’s free library, you’ll also hear about tomorrow’s most promising health advances.

Like the fact that…

A cure for the common cold may have been discovered by a scientist and
and a Bull Shark in 1993!

It all started over 20 years ago when one researcher set out to answer a question that’s stumped scientists for decades…

Why are sharks completely immune
to all known viruses?
The answer could make you
“cold- and flu-proof”
in just hours!

It’s a mystery that’s kept sharks at the top of the food chain for hundreds of millions of years...

And when Dr. Michael Zasloff of Georgetown University studied the shark’s remarkable immune system…he found the key.

It’s an extraordinary compound now known as “the golden particle.” And according to Dr. Zasloff, it’s…

“Like nothing else that has ever been described or discovered.”


Because unlike vaccines, which need to be specifically tailored to each and every individual virus…

The golden particle works by exploiting a weakness shared by every virus known to man—the need to feed.

From the common cold to HIV, when a virus enters your cells, the first thing it does is feast on positively charged proteins in your cell walls in order to replicate and spread.

But when the golden particle enters a cell, it pops these proteins off without harming the cell... Leaving nothing behind for the virus to feed on!

“There is no other compound known to science that does this—this is a remarkable property.”
-Dr. Michael Zasloff
Georgetown University
Medical Center

And to prove it, the golden particle was lab-tested on some of the most deadly viruses known to man…

And to everyone’s surprise, it not only prevented, but killed viruses such as Dengue fever, Yellow fever, Hepatitis B and D, and even (just to name a few)!

You heard that right…

Lab tests show the golden particle can prevent and kill viruses that currently have no known vaccine!

In fact the golden particle can effectively defend against and eradicate over 194 different viruses in the lab... And fast!

In fact, studies show the golden particle can go to work in just hours!

So you may be asking yourself, if this was all discovered in 1993… why haven’t you heard word one about it until now?

Because for the last 20 years the golden particle has been kept under wraps while pharmaceutical companies try their hardest to synthesize it and make billions!

The golden particle could quite possibly
lead to the world’s most profitable
pharmaceutical drug ever…
But you can get the natural
equivalent right now!

It’s all detailed in Dr. Pescatore’s free guide to a cold and flu proof immunity!

And remember, this is just one report in Dr. Pescatore’s giant, cure-packed Library of Shockingly Simple Healing Miracles.

This completely free, 10-volume library is brimming over with simple natural healing secrets that have the power to topple both Big Pharma and mainstream medicine as a whole.

In addition to the groundbreaking cures and treatments for cancer, Alzheimers, cold, flu, heart disease and diabetes you’ve already heard…

Your free healing miracles library also includes details on…

  • The 20 minute outdoor trick that’s curing high blood pressure
  • The all-natural “quintet” that stops macular degeneration cold…
  • How to slash your depression and anxiety by 72% with the rare, Indian “good mood root”…
  • A “women’s only” diet trick that reduces hot flashes by 20%!
  • One common food that makes you 56% more prone to allergy attacks
  • The “kitchen sink secret” for banishing painful kidney stones
  • How sitting a certain way for just 10 minutes a day can reduce arthritis flare ups, asthma attacks and even cancer!

And those are just drops of water
in an ocean of natural cures!

Your free Library of Shockingly Simple Healing Miracles is overflowing with more than 180 natural cures, tips and solutions to beat some of today’s most deadly illnesses.

And each and every one of them can be at your fingertips in seconds when you RSVP for your free 10-volume, exclusive copy today.

Plus when you do, you’ll also get…

Our most wallet-friendly offer on your subscription to Dr. Pescatore’s
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Logical Health Alternatives

Each and every cure you’ll read about in your free 10-volume library was first reported to members of Dr. Pescatore’s exclusive monthly newsletter as they happened.

It’s one of the most sought after and exclusive newsletters in natural medicine…

Why? Because it’s nearly impossible to find truth and clarity from mainstream doctors. And natural medicine has its own set of challenges….

There are natural health newsletters out there that are nothing more than glorified blogs from people who are merely “interested” in natural health. Or if you’re lucky they might have a chiropractor’s license. Seriously!

But Dr. Pescatore doesn’t just have a medical degree from one of the most prestigious schools in the country…

In his 30 years of research and practice of natural medicine, he’s been…

  • Named President of the International and American Association of Clinical Nutritionists
  • The author of five groundbreaking medical books, as well as a New York Times bestseller…
  • The past host of the No. 1 health radio show in New York City, The Logical Alternative

Plus, we’ve already talked about his countless appearances on network television shows like The View, The O’Reilly Factor, The Today Show and Rachel Ray.

Logical Health Alternatives is your direct pipeline to one of the most respected
minds in natural medicine

Each month you’ll be rushed private details on the most cutting-edge cures and techniques natural medicine has to offer directly from Dr. Pescatore!

Plus, you’ll also receive exclusive access to the subscribers section of Dr. Pescatore’s website. This gives you real-time access to the latest breakthrough cures for cancer, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, arthritis, diabetes and more…as soon as they’re reported!

But we’re not stopping there, when you RSVP for your free Library of Shockingly Simple Healing Miracles right now…

You’ll also get exclusive access
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An exclusive catalogue of every single back issue of Dr. Pescatore’s Logical Health Alternatives as well as Dr. Pescatore’s daily e-letter Reality Health Check.

This gives you the ability to keyword-search every single cure, tip and technique Dr. Pescatore has ever published through Logical Health Alternatives and the Reality Health Check.

It’s a veritable gold mine of natural healing at your fingertips!

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When you RSVP for you Library right now, you’ll start receiving the same cures, tips and techniques that once were only exclusively available to Dr. Pescatore’s patients …

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But the best part is you can still keep your
Healing Miracles library free of charge
no matter what!

That’s right, no matter what happens, Dr. Pescatore wants you to keep your free 10-volume library as his gift to you.

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Remember, your free library is jam-packed with cutting-edge cures and information that won’t trickle out to the mainstream for years.

Like the stunning revelation that…

Your gallbladder holds the key to lifelong vitality but doctors are cutting
them out like cancer!

Warning! At the first sign of gallstones your doctor will trip over himself to schedule a wallet-busting surgery…

But before you or a loved one goes under the knife, you need to consult your free library!

In it, Dr. Pescatore reveals why removing your gallbladder should be a last resort for treating gallstones…

As well as the shocking reason he feels…

Your gallbladder may be more important
to your health than anyone ever
thought possible!

You’ll also learn his simple, all-natural solutions for preventing and quickly dissolving gallstones that have kept his patients off the operating table for decades!

It’s all right there in your free 10-volume library, but that’s not all…

Dr. Pescatore doesn’t shy away from the more, well…embarrassing health issues you may face from time to time. That’s why in your free library you’ll also find…

Dr. Pescatore’s pill-free
pooping solution!

I know, it sounds funny but I promise you it can change your life… Just like it changed Dr. Pescatore’s patient Brady John’s…

Brady was a 28-year-old Wall Street trader with one heck of an embarrassing problem.

He had constant gas and bloating that only got worse after he ate… And even worse, he had the urgent need to move his bowels after every single meal.

As you can imagine, this got pretty embarrassing with all the power lunches and schmoozing on Wall Street.

And to make matters worse, Brady had a horrible case of acid reflux. His mainstream doc had him choking down a useless purple pill every day. But nothing was helping!

Dr. Pescatore immediately recommended a simple, natural solution…

And after just one week Brady’s
pooping problems were gone!
Not to mention his acid reflux,
bloating and gas!

And to top it all off, Brady dropped 20 pounds and 4 pant sizes (from a 36 to a 32)!

And if you’re wondering what Dr. Pescatore recommended to achieve such dramatic results, every last detail is waiting for you when you RSVP for your 10-volume Library of Shockingly Simple Healing Miracles!

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This amazing free library is jam-packed with cures, tips and secrets you can’t find anywhere else. Like how you can…

Cut your daily trips to the men’s room
by 73% with this passed-over
peeing secret

If your prostate has you losing sleep and running back and forth to the bathroom like a whirling dervish, then you need to hear how Dr. Pescatore’s simple secret is curing countless patients of that urgent need to “go”!

Like Ron, who was 67 and peeing so much his prostate became the focal point of his life…

He had even started a daily log, and by his count he was running to the bathroom sometimes as much as 23 times a day!

His urologist prescribed the usual pharmaceutical suspects which helped a little but mostly just made him feel horrible.

So Dr. Pescatore gave him a tasty, natural solution he’s seen work wonders for countless patients. And after just 60 days Ron had tossed his daily log out the window because, as he puts it…

“I was down to about 6 trips to the bathroom
per day (from 23), which for me was
a fantastic improvement.”

That’s a 73% improvement to be exact! And Ron is just one of thousands of men who have found prostate relief with this simple, natural miracle…

And multiple scientific studies have backed this up as well. But don’t expect your doctor to mention it anytime soon… Despite the evidence, mainstream doctors are sticking with the Big Pharma mainstays.

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No matter how dire your medical concern or how many options you’ve already exhausted, you’ll always find a new, natural approach in Dr. Pescatore’s amazing collection of cures… Just like Ivy Posner.

When Ivy’s oncologist gave her 6 months to live
she just wanted to see her children get married…
But 20 years after visiting Dr. Pescatore
she’s seen 2 grandchildren
march down the aisle!

In 1993, Ivy’s doctor sat her down and gruffly gave her the dreaded news every woman fears… “It’s breast cancer, and it’s bad.”

By that point it had reached stage 4… Her doctor gave her just 6 months to live and suggested the typical regimen of chemo and radiation.

But after seeing chemo and radiation slowly suck the life out of countless friends and family, Ivy knew she had to take a different route.

That route led her directly to Dr. Pescatore. And 20 years later, Ivy tearfully declares…

“Dr. Pescatore saved
my life!”

And he did it without the slightest bit of radiation or chemo.

Ivy will be 81 in February… She now has 7 children, 4 grandchildren and still works every day at her job as a librarian.

Dr. Pescatore’s patients have been taking advantage of the unique, natural cancer solutions that cured Ivy for decades.

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Dr. Pescatore has an uncanny knack for finding a solution where other doctors never in a million years thought to look.

Consider this stunner…

If nothing works for your arthritis pain it may
have nothing to do with the remedy and
everything to do with how you…chew!

Even Dr. Pescatore was blown away by this find!

After years of hearing patients complain that nothing eased their arthritis symptoms he noticed a funny pattern…

These patients had a very specific way of eating and sometimes even chewing that was causing problems with their digestion.

Again, in many of these patients it wasn’t what they were eating…but how!

And when they made a simple correction to this habit their digestion kicked in, their pain remedies began to fully breakdown and their pain vanished like magic!

Imagine your neck, back, knees, fingers, hips
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Claim my FREE Bonus Library Now!

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Bill cheated death
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