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Half of all pet owners feed their dogs to death--don't be one of them. - 4/18/2014
Stop whatever you're doing. Go find your dog. Give him a good look. And tell me... is he overweight?

A scalpel can shave years off your memory, too - 4/17/2014
With all the marvels of modern medicine, so many people are fooled into thinking that surgery is a largely risk-free endeavor. But the truth is shocking, to say the least.

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Missing Piece Discovery for Blood Sugar
A jaw-dropping new breakthrough that finally addresses one of the biggest roadblocks to sugar support...Glucynergy Advanced
Balance energy and vitality
Designed to support proper functioning of the adrenal glands by countering stress, promoting healthy cortisol levels and supporting the immune system... Adrenal Logic

Nutritional powerhouse
If there is one nutritional powerhouse that Dr. Fred would call an absolute "must-have," it's pycnogenol. He has championed its remarkable circulatory, skin, endurance and blood pressure benefits for years and now, he's bringing you this incredible nutrient from a source he trusts... Pycnogenol 50 mg
Help fight stress and support metabolism
Support your nervous system, heart health, and brain function, plus steel your immune system against the daily insults of chronic stress... Balanced B Complex
Logical Health Alternatives
These solutions are SO EFFECTIVE, yet SO SIMPLE you'll find yourself saying, I can do this – IT MAKES PERFECT SENSE – and it's fun! Find out for yourself!
With Dr. Fred Pescatore's Logical Health Alternatives, you can discover a new generation of solutions that are easier, faster, more effective, and more enjoyable than ever before! These solutions are SO EFFECTIVE, yet SO SIMPLE you'll find yourself saying, "I can do this – IT MAKES PERFECT SENSE – and it’s fun!"

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